1 Finding HIM

Maya and Allison had finished their final class today and were exhausted. As they walked by the hallway they always seem to sense the notion of being watched. At first Maya never really said anything, until she found a small camera under her locker. She told Allison and Lilla, who was both surprised and shocked, even with no emotion being shown. They talked about their similar experiences and agreed to keep a more distant, and careful notice to everyone. Later that day there was a blackout. The school's lights went out in broad daylight during their science project around the school. Maya, Allison, and Lilla were all in the far-right corner of the hallway and looked at one another with the same surprised look. The whole school was dark and awfully quiet. As Allison stood up to turn on a hallway light, the only locker in the whole school that was deserted and no one had used because of the horrific stories of it shook. Allison slowly sat back down and all 3 girls were looking at the locker waiting for something to happen. The whole room suddenly felt darker and lighter. Lilla, being the most cautious one, took out her flashlight and gleamed it at the locker. "If you're there, come out." She didn't know exactly who she was directing it to, but she was sure someone was there. Suddenly, the locker shook again and it started to slightly open. Maya and Allison stood up, and Lilla kept on shining the light. " Come out now, or we will come to you," Maya said as she walks towards the Locker. "Don't be worried, I'm not here to hurt you." A low male voice says from the slightly open locker. "Come out, and explain," Allison says in a stiff and impatient tone. "ok, ok, alright. Just hear me out." He says before fully opening the locker door. It was a man with a black tuxedo, black sunglasses, and a red tie, and seemingly ready to go to church. " So?" Maya says as she rolls her eyes. "I am a member of the Lilitane Security Society, and I've come to recruit you- all of you. Now don't be alarmed, but I have been watching all of you for the last 4 months and watching and reading your every move and choice." He says as he puts his sunglasses to his nose, and looks at them with his dreary brown eyes." So, you've been stalking us for 4 months?" Lilla says as she starts to sweat a bit. "Not exactly, now let me explain."

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