1 Prologue

A long time ago, humans and werewolves co-existed together in harmony. All was good and great until one day their peace was broken. A very powerful werewolf went rogue and started a killing spree.

His name was Valei and he was bloodthirsty. He killed humans and werewolves alike not sparing anyone that came in his way. At a point it seemed as if all hope was lost until the “Supreme Alpha” was awakened from her sleep.

When she awakened, she punished Valei for disturbing the peace of the earth. No one knew her name so they gave her the name ‘Celestia’. After these events had unfolded, the humans could no longer trust the werewolves anymore and so they asked the werewolves to leave their world.

Seeing what was happening, before returning to her sleep, Celestia granted the remaining werewolves special powers. The werewolves were cast out even though they had helped the humans so much. The werewolves went to another world and called it “Eliandra”.

And so, the humans lived happily on earth. Valei had been destroyed and Celestia had gone back to her sleep waiting to be reborn.

Everything was great.

Or so they thought.

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