197 Side Story Chapter 3

Riftan shook off the guard's hand and made to stride past him.

"Did you not hear me?" said the guard, grabbing Riftan by the nape. "You can't go in there!"

Riftan glared back at the man. These were the same people who had allowed a defenseless child to wander the forest with nothing but a hound for protection. What right did they have to stop him? He was the one who had rescued her, therefore should be allowed to see her recovery.

He was about to lash out when he noticed the guard giving him a strange look. Not only that, but a knight had arrived upon hearing the commotion.

After a brief exchange with the guard, the knight turned to Riftan and asked in an interrogating tone, "You say there was a monster? Where is it now?"

Riftan immediately stiffened as he picked up on their suspicion. To them, he was merely a soot-covered servant boy who had appeared with the half-dead young lady in his arms while claiming a monster attack.


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