Under the Oak Tree

The official English translation is finally here! A flawless love story of the flawed. Stuttering lady Maximilian is forced into a marriage with Sir Riftan, but he leaves on a campaign after their wedding night. 3 years later, he triumphantly returns, ready to cherish her. As life with her husband finally begins, she only has one question — does she deserve this love and happiness? [The first season's spin-off and the second season of "Under the Oak Tree" will resume in the last week of August. Thank you for your support and patience in the meanwhile.]

Suji Kim · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
451 Chs

Chapter 67

Ruth snatched the parchments from Albern before Maxi could get a proper glimpse.

"You shameless dog!" Albern fumed, leaping to his feet. "How dare you take those from me?!"

"Oh, give it a rest. It's not like I'll piss on them."

"Don't test me! Do you have any idea the trouble I went to copy those?! I won't have the deserter reap the fruits of my labor!"

His face red with rage, Albern snatched the parchments back.

Ruth glowered sullenly at him. "Aren't we supposed to study the runes to figure out how to negate them? I should think I would be our best bet."

Albern snorted as he rolled up the parchments and shoved them into his bag. "Why would I ask for the help of a man who abandoned the Tower, saying he couldn't bear to waste away his life on research? Especially when there are others who have dedicated their lives to this very cause without once doubting their commitments!"