258 Chapter 19

Riftan had been in the Gaisa Mountains for almost a month. When Livadon had discovered a sizable troll settlement in its easternmost region, they immediately dispatched a raid party, only to find that the monsters numbered far more than their predictions. They were soon overpowered. The trolls managed to push Livadonian forces out to the nearby villages, prompting the royal family to request reinforcements from its ally, Wedon.

It was a thoroughly excessive appeal. Livadon could have easily dealt with a settlement of this size with its royal knights. Mindlessly tapping a severed troll's head with his foot, Riftan irritably furrowed his brow. Ever since the war three years ago, the monarchs of each kingdom panicked at every troll sighting in their territories. More fearful still were their subjects, who worried that a monster army would once again invade their homes.


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