Under the Oak Tree

The official English translation is finally here! A flawless love story of the flawed. Stuttering lady Maximilian is forced into a marriage with Sir Riftan, but he leaves on a campaign after their wedding night. 3 years later, he triumphantly returns, ready to cherish her. As life with her husband finally begins, she only has one question — does she deserve this love and happiness? [The first season's spin-off and the second season of "Under the Oak Tree" will resume in the last week of August. Thank you for your support and patience in the meanwhile.]

Suji Kim · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
451 Chs

Chapter 151

"We should get going, my lady," Elliot said after peering into the mouth of the tunnel.

Maxi picked up the bag she had previously tossed aside and turned to follow the knight. They had only taken a few steps when Elliot abruptly pulled her behind a large rock.

With his watchful gaze fixed on the wall above, he murmured, "The monsters are starting to gather."

Maxi slowly peered up, her eyes shining with fear. True enough, dozens of torch lights converged atop the towering wall. Her heart dropped like a lead weight. The gale carried the haunting sounds of bones clattering on steel, followed by the piercing whistle of a pipe.

A cry of dismay escaped her as she realized the noise was to alert their monster comrades to the presence of intruders. Despite all her efforts, they had been discovered.

"W-What should we do? Should we go help—"

"There is little we can do in this situation, my lady," Elliot said matter-of-factly. "They are on their own now."