Under The Alpha's Shadow

Author: DaoistZpct2F
Contemporary Romance
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  • 67 Chs
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What is Under The Alpha's Shadow

Read Under The Alpha's Shadow novel written by the author DaoistZpct2F on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering weaktostrong, mystery, dark, superpowers, revenge. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Selena Riley's life seemed perfect, until her home was attacked by werewolves. She soon learns that her father is a werewolf, and she is a hybrid with special powers. With her life in danger, her father makes a deal with the mysterious and powerful alpha, Kelvin Benjamin. Selena is thrust into a world of danger and magic, where she must learn to control her powers and navigate the treacherous waters of the supernatural world.

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90 Chs
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I love this book to bits the character development is too notch and the storyline is amazing and intriguing all at once.Keep the chapters coming.


I dig wolf stories bit this one is just over me,can't stop reading


A very good novel in my opinion, I never really liked female leads, but the Author managed to captivate me entirely. I can't wait to continue this book.


I read chapter 1 and I have to say the book has this corporate, steel and glass feel that I just love. Apart from a few and I mean a very few grammatical errors which I feel could have been corrected if you bothered to proof read your work, I impressed and looking forward to more catch up with the rest of the story.


Not done reading it yet. Your character development is beautiful,.way to go dear🥰❤️


I sincerely hope that the author won't put Selena into a hellish encounter before giving us a good ending. Loving d gal already


I already like Selena and looking forward to more updates!


keep it up, you have a good thing going.


Very good novel.The author is very talented. keep it up


The story line is very captivating. Its so engaging. I can't just imagine what Kelvin went through seeing his parents die infront of him. I wish to further engage to find out who truly killed his parents and why and how he's gonna revenge. Great story. Keep it up author. Kudos😊😊


The story 'Under the Alpha's Shadow' is an interesting book with a captivating story line and also with a lot of intriguing scenes. It is worth to read and is very fascinating.


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