Under Secrets Book

novel - LGBT+

Under Secrets

Adam Carlos

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  • 37 Chs

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Archie was forced to marry Dylan Montgomery to make peace between his homeland, the Promor Empire and the Kingdom of Greavaria. He agreed to marry Dylan but with the secret purpose of avenging the death of his mother, who died in a trap set by Greavaria soldiers during the war. However time passes and due to several things that happened between them, Archie falls in love with Dylan, but for some reason Dylan remains resilient and firm without showing any feeling toward Archie which made him more frustrated, after all Archie was the most desired man by the maidens of Promor. In the end Archie discovers that the woman he had married was actually a man. In desperation to get Dylan to accept him unconditionally, he forces Dylan to accept that he feed his carnal desires on condition that he does not reveal Dylan's true identity to his father and the entire Empire.