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This story is amazing and very recommended author, exciting, thrilling. I want more author [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend] Regards from Vienna Gu,author of penyusup cantik and Love In Taipei.


It's honestly been a while since I've read a story in this genre, but you've reminded me just how addictive these types of stories can be. As a Chinese person myself, I can empathize with quite a few of these sentiments. The writing quality is above average compared to the norm for this site, and the overall plot is cohesive and consistently engaging. Best of luck.


Wow, an amazing read! I am deeply impressed with the author's writing style. This is on par with published hardcover books! I could learn from this author's work and I am jealous about it. Kudos! I like it so far! ❤️


This is a high-quality story with excellent descriptions! Highly recommended! I really like that each chapter begins with a dialogue between the narrator and the police officer. It is a new writing style!



hiiii!!! when are you going to update??? I really miss reading your chapter!! I've had no choice but to read the last two chapters twice. I miss Sunny!!!! please please update more. this is such an amazing story.


Hey author. When are you going to update again? I've really missed your content!!! I totally get it if you are busy, but i just wanted to say that your writing inspires me to get up in the morning every day, and i really hope you continue to write Under Her Skin. It's such a beautiful book. I love Sunny and Selena, and all their flaws. Please update soon!!!! Love you, and congrats on half a million!! You deserve it/


I really, really enjoyed this story so far! It's so mysterious and intriguing that I couldn't put it down. I love the way you set up your scenes because it creates a nice flow and progression, one that's not too fast or too slow. The characters are also well developed so far, and I love it! Also your writing is far better than most on this site. It was like I was reading a hardcover book! Awesome job author!!!


A fascinating and well-written story. The story developed pretty well in each chapter. The story is not fast nor too slow. The characters personality well portrayed. Highly recommend it for reading. Keep up the good work, Author!


Reveal spoiler


The author writing style is different than any other author. Are you from Shanghai, author? I hope someday I can visit Shanghai cause I really love Chinese culture 😄 Your English was great, the story developed smoothly. The story is little bit complicated, so I need more time to finish all chapters. You did a great job!


Want to thank you for the review the author made, I read the author's story and so far I can say the author is pretty much great, writing words than me. The author's descriptive narration is great too, I don't see any errors from it, from the first note-- It's already a read to everyone. Give this a read, guys!


This is a really well-written story with a host of colorful characters that has you hooked right from the start. Spelling and grammar are top notch, prose flows brilliantly and each chapter progresses the plot along nicely. Anyone opening up this page should definitely give this work a go. Highly enjoyable, original and technically sound. Great effort. I'll be sure to keep a close eye on this one.


Hi guys, I just wanted to say: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 100K!!! This literally means the absolute world to me. For so long, I have been writing for myself, but now I have a family to share and connect with. So thank you all for reading and supporting me. I'm really touched by all your comments and inspired by your kindness. You guys are my angels.


Congrats on 100k!!!! I knew this book would blow up from the start though!!!! AMAZING I LOVE IT I LOVE IT. please keep writing. i will die waiting!!


Finished all your chapters and I just wanted to preach the amazing quality and depth of all the chapters. I'm very impressed with this book. It's so meaningful and beautiful to read. All the characters are so realistic, and I can really find parts of myself in all of them. Thank you for such a wonderful last few days. Really a truly beautiful message. If you ever come out with a physical book, I'm def perchansing. Love UNDER HER SKIN!!!


WOW! This story was eye-opening. I really loved all the complexity in the characters and the way the scenes were set up, some rich in description, others with beautiful dialogue. Honestly, reading your chapters has been the highlight of my week! This is high-caliber work! I can't wait for more.


Frickin love this story so much. I've been on the edge of my seat since the beginning. Boy the tensions are so good and the characters! Ah, my heart melts for both Sunny and Selena. I can't wait to read more. Literally, EVERYBODY MUST CHECK THIS OUT. It has a very important and the novel is really deep. Can't wait to read more.


Hi author. Just letting you know that I absolutely love your story so much!!!! It's so inspiring and as a Chinese person living in America, I feel a lot of Sunny's struggles. Keep up the amazing work. I love all your characters, your scenes, YOUR DESCRIPTIONS WOW !!! and also the content that you are putting out there!!! Under Her Skin is one of the best novels out here on web novel, and you're such a talented writer. LOVE YOU!!!!