17 A Kind Little Lad(?)


Anyways, Lily couldn't find any other good reasons to take the steak so she conceded. Tina happily took the last Grass Cow's Steak, she was about to start eating it before she remembered the lone Sizuin. He had not much food and used most of it to feed the dog.

Tina's mood went down, she looked at the steak hesitantly. She pondered if she should give him the steak.

'He barely had any food and still fed the dog without any complaints nor hesistents. He also smiled as he did it… should i give him some?'

Tina thought deeply, the steak was super delicious but she already had plenty. The nice boy also barely had any food on him but still fed his dog until it was full.

'Let's do this, I will give him the steak but he has to answer a lot of my questions! Yes, let's go with this.'

She found an excuse and decided to visit the kind and big hearted boy.

In truth, Sizuin fed the alpha cub till it was full was because he wanted to see if it would let it grow stronger. He also didn't need much food now since his VIT was quite high and could last weeks without any food while only one week without water.

Food wasn't an important resource for him. As for the smiling, Sizuin wanted her to think of his persona highly and when he sensed her gaze, he did any nice thing he could but also didn't make it too nice since a perfect human is the most suspicious human.

Don't believe me? Then why don't you think of all the 'perfect' and 'kind' celebrities that later got found out that they did unacceptable things? Too many. Every human have flaws, some much more than others.

Seeing Tina's mood going down, Lily asked her worriedly

"Tina? Are you okay? Did something happen?"

Tina shook her head as her spirit was lifted,

"It's nothing. Anyways, i got to show you this one interesting guy! He's so mysterious! When you know one thing about him, two other things you didn't know just popped out from nowhere! C'mon! follow me!"

Tina dragged Lily to where Sizuin had set up his mini tent, which was actually his robes tied together. It was pretty shabby.