2 The Necromancer

In the Continent of Gods and Demons, magicians are a very noble profession; their number is very small, almost one in 10,000 people; and most of the magicians are junior magicians, and their status is not very high.

  There are only a few attributes of a magician, nothing more than light, darkness, lightning, ice, wind, water, fire, and earth.

  Among them, the most respected ones are naturally Lightning Thunder and Ice Wind, while Water, Fire, and Earth are not as good; and in the Continent of Gods and Demons, there is also a powerful organization, the Holy See of Light, which uses light magic.

  Opposite to the Temple of Light is the Temple of Darkness, and all the people inside have learned dark magic; they have been hostile to the Temple of Light for thousands of years, and they have never failed.

  There is also an Ice and Snow Temple, which is a place dedicated to practicing ice attribute magic; although its strength is inferior to that of the Light Temple, it is not much worse.

  The status of any magician is very high, but there is an exception, that is, the necromancers in the dark department; because necromancers often need to work with the dead, collect souls, and dig up human bones, so they are subject to all human hostility.

  Whether it is a magician, a warrior or an ordinary person; or people of different camps and different races, when they encounter a necromancer, they will be killed uniformly.

  The training conditions for necromancers are very strict, and they are all handed down from generation to generation; because of this, their number is very small; like rats crossing the street, everyone shouts and beats them; but there is no doubt that their strength is beyond doubt.

  In terms of heads-up, the necromancers of the same level are the most powerful; even the light mages who restrain them are no match.

  It's just that necromancers have very high requirements for mental power; usually, the spiritual power of undead magic apprentices is two or three times that of ordinary magic apprentices; in this way, it is strange that they are not strong.

  Unfortunately, Kenolite has the attribute of undead; moreover, he can only be a necromancer; if this matter is known to others, he will probably die again soon.

  Now that the body belongs to Ding Nuo, he naturally changed his name to Kenolite; not many people know his previous name; it is not good to use his own name when possessing others.

  While accepting the other party's body, he naturally also received the other party's magical talent; although Kenolite's mental strength was extremely weak, but it should be changed when he was replaced by the twenty-six-year-old self.

  If he can cultivate one more ability, Kenolite will not let it go; but what he really wants to revive is of course the mecha; those magical fighting spirits are indeed very powerful, but if there is a mecha aircraft carrier, everything is no problem .

  According to his comparison, the strength of magicians cannot keep up with submachine guns.

  However, practicing magic can also strengthen his physical and mental strength; more importantly, increase his lifespan; In his memory, if his strength reaches the holy level, he can even live to be five hundred years old.

  Five hundred years old, what kind of concept is that; even if you build it yourself, you can also create a mech aircraft carrier.

  It's just that the next two major problems are in front of him, and these two problems have made his progress enter a bottleneck; if he doesn't break through, all his ideas are empty dreams.

  First, he doesn't have the method of necromancer training; originally, necromancers were handed down in one line, and the number is extremely rare; except for some incomplete necromancer training methods that can be found in some ancient ruins, there are no other ways to find them at all.

  If Kenolite's current situation is to try his luck, even if he has a lifespan of 500 years, it will not be easy to find the necromancer; he is powerless to do anything with his strength.

  The other one is the programs, components, wiring connections, etc. required by the mecha; although these things are not complicated for him, but without computers and networks, he can only make the lowest level of mecha fighters; Smart mecha warriors, that is definitely hopeless.

  With such two major problems in front of him, Kenolite has the confidence to solve them; but it will take time and opportunity, but now he is the first to solve the problem of his own safety.

  His body is too weak and needs to be strengthened; He didn't have the time or ability before, but this is not a problem now.

  The other is to quickly create a mecha warrior to ensure his own safety; he doesn't want any cat or dog to be able to destroy him one day.

  God gave himself a chance to survive again, and he would naturally take good advantage of it; and for the lines in the cave, he felt that it seemed to be a formation; perhaps, magic and mechs were also related.

  After lying in the room for a whole day, Kenolite only felt that his chest was sticking to his back; it was just that he was a young master anyway, so why didn't anyone come to serve him?

  It seems that Kenolite's treatment in the Wright family is not very good; there is not even a girl, is this still the young master?

  In his memory, the level of Gods and Demons Continent is very strict; not only can the master beat and scold the servant at will, even if he kills the servant, it is only a compensation of a dozen gold coins for the settlement.

  As for those slaves of lower rank, it goes without saying; if they are all killed, no one will say anything; the people here are colder than those on Earth.

  "Come here, I'm hungry!"

  After receiving everything from Kenolite, speaking is naturally not a problem; although it is a bit rusty, it can still be said.

  There was a sound of hurried footsteps, but it was a middle-aged butler; with blond hair and blue eyes, Kenolite felt uncomfortable.

  "Master Kenolite, you are awake, it is really the protection of the God of Light; I will go and inform the owner, he will be very happy."

"Wait a minute, Chief Karama, go and get me something to eat; I don't want to wait for my father to come before, I will starved to death here."

  "Master Kenolite wait a moment, delicious food will be delivered soon."

  Karama finished flatteringly, and immediately turned and left; but Kenolite could see a trace of annoyance from the back of Manager Karama; although he felt strange, but he trusted his feelings; honed in countless battles.

  "It seems that this family is not as simple as I thought; my cheap father probably doesn't want me to drag the family down."

  "Father", Kenolite couldn't help laughing; since he can remember, everything is on his own; the so-called parents, he doesn't even have much time to think about it; what's more, this cheap father now belongs to Kenolite, or A father who doesn't even care about his own son's life or death.

  But in a short time, a glass of milk and some snacks were brought up by a maid; Kenolite couldn't care less about the rest, and immediately gobbled it up; he has never been entangled in eating.

  The maid looked at Kenolite's gobbling, and suppressed a smile; feeling Kenolite's gaze, she immediately lowered her head and fell silent.

  "What's your name?"

  "Master Kenolite, my name is Nisi, and I'm the girl of the second lady."

"Oh, the girl of the second lady."

  This Nisi is also considered smart, and she announced herself as soon as she came up. It is the identity of the second lady; naturally, she is afraid that Kenolite will ask her to serve as a 'maid', so it is estimated that the second lady will not have any objections.

  It's just that Kenolite didn't have any thoughts about her at all, but just wanted to ask some other things, to find an excuse.

  "Nice, logically, I am the third young master. It seems that I shouldn't be like this!"

  "Master Kenolite, according to the family rules, you have a monthly payment of one hundred gold coins, two guards, and four maids; You were deprived of it when you were fifteen, and you may have to ask the head of the family for the specific reason."

He was deprived of it at the age of fifteen, and then he remembered, but the real reason was that the second wife played tricks on it, as for himself the gold coins are all used to research magic.

  More than 100 gold coins may seem like a lot, but with the salaries of the guards and maids and the study of magic, it is not much.

  For a moment, Kenolite didn't know what to say; this Kenolite was really good before, and he didn't even understand a little bit of worldly knowledge; the entire Wright family, except for the elder who paid the monthly money, probably didn't know him.

  But making the mech by yourself requires gold coins, and there are a lot of gold coins; so I have to find a way to get it from the second lady.

  As for his cheap father, he didn't care about his life at all; Kenolite really wasn't interested in looking for him.

  There was a slight sound of footsteps, which clearly entered Kenolite's ears; at this moment, he felt that his perception was much stronger, at least he could tell that the person outside was a woman.

  Coming here at this time, it should be the second wife; it seems that my affairs are completely controlled by the second wife.

  "Keno, my child, I really made you suffer; look at your weak body, how could you not be able to block even a single punch from little Alex!"

  Little Alex, hearing this name, Kenolite almost vomited. No; his cousin Alex was already nineteen years old, and he was still called Little Alek.

  But thinking about it carefully, it seems that the second wife and Alex's mother are from the same family; the second wife is so polite to herself, she probably doesn't want to magnify the matter.

  After all, Kenolite is still the third young master of the Wright family, and his identity is here; and although Alex is his cousin, he is just a side branch; the side branch hits the direct line, which is not a small crime.

  If this is the case, he can blackmail her; after all, he needs gold coins very much now, and he doesn't even have the power to protect himself, that would be very miserable.

  His character does not allow his life to be caught by others.

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