1 Crossing

In 2150, the technological development of the earth has reached its limit; at this time, overwhelming mechas appear on the earth, like locusts.

  From small mecha insects to large mecha aircraft carriers, some people even live their entire lives without leaving the mecha city where they live.

  At this time, mechas have become an inseparable part of human beings. Working mecha engineers, guarding mecha fighters, fast-moving mecha vehicles, everything is inseparable from mechas.

  At this time, almost everyone on the earth is an expert in mechas; if a person cannot create an ordinary mecha warrior by himself at the age of eighteen, then he is not worthy of living and will be looked down upon for the rest of his life.

  The pollution of the environment has turned the ground into a garbage dump; almost all the mechs are floating in the air, with everything on them, including fields and rivers. Naturally, there is no need to care about the garbage below.

  At this time, in the deserted mountain forest, a thin figure was constantly advancing; around him were more than a dozen mech fighters, armed with submachine guns, ready to attack at any time.

  His name is Ding Nuo, he is twenty-six years old this year; he is a very ordinary commoner in this world, so ordinary that no one knows him.

  To be precise, he is an orphan; he grew up in an orphanage, and since he was sixteen, he was driven out of the orphanage to live alone.

  Due to malnutrition, his face was pale and his body was very weak; his frail appearance even made others doubt whether he could live until tomorrow.

  Although his body is thin, he is very energetic; his eyes are calm and firm, like an adult.

  In terms of his obsession with mechs, he completely surpasses everyone; and his talent definitely surpasses most geniuses; it's just that no one appreciates him, and he doesn't need others to appreciate him.

  The reason why his health is so bad is because he has put all his energy into researching mechas since he was able to read characters; if he is given enough materials, he can even create a mecha carrier at this time .

  The reason why he appeared here was because he deciphered an ancient text; he found an ancient civilization from three thousand years ago, and this ancient civilization is said to have extraordinary value.

  The dozen or so mecha soldiers around him are all multi-functional mecha fighters made by him; even in terms of today's technology, they can be regarded as high-level mecha fighters; whether it is combat assistance, they are absolutely no problem.

  "Blow up this place."

  Ding Nuo carefully inspected the surrounding terrain and ordered, pointing to a depression not far away; the unquestionable voice seemed to not come from Ding Nuo's thin mouth at all.

  "Crack, creak, creak!"

  A few mecha soldiers stepped up and raised their right hands; then there was a click sound, and the palm was hollow, turning into a cannon.

  Immediately afterwards, an energy ball the size of a ping-pong ball shot out from the inside, and the moment it hit the ground, there was a loud bang; The mech soldiers attacked continuously for a minute, and a huge hole appeared in front of Ding Nuo.

  Seeing the huge deep pit in front of him, Ding Nuo showed a smile on his face; then with a wave of his hand, more than a dozen mecha soldiers stretched out simple aircraft wings from their backs, grabbed Ding Nuo, and flew directly into the huge hole. middle.

  After entering the cave, Ding Nuo soon smelled a musty smell; the next moment, several huge beams of light filled the entire cave, and it was like daytime in the cave.

  Ding Nuo had a calm demeanor, not worried about any danger around him, and walked into the cave step by step, and within a short while, he came to a cave with a radius of hundreds of feet.

  This seems to be the end of the cave, but apart from the strange carvings around the cave, there is nothing else.

  There is a huge bunker above the carving, suspended in mid-air; the sun is on its left, the moon is on its right, followed by a sky full of stars, as if aliens descended a long time ago.

  Ding Nuo didn't care about these; what he cared about was that there were many mechas in this huge bunker.

  Mecha fighters, mecha vehicles, mecha battleships and even mech aircraft carriers.

  And on top of these mecha-shaped sculptures, there are countless dense and strange lines; like stars, and like energy conveyor belts.

  Ding Nuo was completely attracted by this scene, and he felt himself completely immersed in it; as time went by, he gradually discovered that all the mechs were actually moving.

  That's right, it moved; after those lines shone with crystal light, all the mechas moved.

  In an instant, the entire huge bunker seemed to come alive; it turned into a savage behemoth, emitting a terrifying breath; it was like a monster that had been dormant for countless years, waking up in an instant.

  At that moment, Ding Nuo felt the powerful breath of these mechs; they seemed to have life, and instantly possessed the energy to destroy the world.

  "Alarm, there is a threat, turn on the autonomous attack mode."

  At this moment, all the mecha fighters immediately issued an alarm; powerful beams of light focused on the bunker mecha statue.

  However, after the light beam hit the bunker mecha, it was completely absorbed; then those lines became brighter, as if they had absorbed the energy of the light beam and restored their own energy.

  Immediately afterwards, what Ding Nuo didn't expect was that with the running and flickering of those lines, a tyrannical suction force suddenly came from the bunker mecha, and then he and all the mecha fighters had no resistance at all was sucked up directly.

  Ding Nuo's body dried up in an instant, turning into fly ash; while those mech fighters turned into a pile of scrap iron, falling directly to the ground.

  The mecha bunker statue flickered, and soldiers emerged from the cave; while the original place changed instantly, becoming an ordinary cave; everything just now seemed to have never happened.

  Ding Nuo didn't know what was wrong with him, he only had those messy lines in his mind; it seemed chaotic, but there were special rules, which made him sink into it and couldn't extricate himself.

  He felt that those lines should be the key to the mecha; if controlled, a more powerful mecha could be made.

  It's just that he has never seen those lines, or even heard of them; and the most important problem now seems to be that he is dead.

  Yes, he died, he clearly remembered that he was sucked to the mecha bunker by a terrifying suction force; at that moment, he felt his own death.

  He died so easily, without any highlights; he was not surprised, nor was he unwilling at all; what made him strange was why he was still conscious now.

  That's right, he still has consciousness; he clearly feels that his consciousness still exists and has not died out.

  Could it be that he was unwilling to study those lines, or that he only exists in the state of soul now?

  He doesn't know the specific reason, but he knows that his consciousness has not subsided; or, he can still survive.

  Slowly he found that his consciousness began to wake up, and then he had a sense of the surroundings; but, it was a cold breath; this feeling was very familiar to him, but it was a little strange.

  Soon, he felt that he was lying on the bed, and it was still a big bed covered with animal skins; the warm feeling was as if he had warmed himself by the stove in the orphanage before.

  It felt very warm, which made Ding Nuo a little intoxicated; but he also quickly realized that he was not dead, but seemed to be saved.

  Consciousness slowly came to him, but Ding Nuo put his head in his hands and let out a scream; a lot of information appeared in his mind, followed by twitching all over his body, his hands and feet straightened, and it took a long time to react.

  Kenolite, the third son of the Wright family in Tianlan City, God and Demon Continent, elves, orcs, dwarves, humans, warriors, magicians, assassins, and archers.

  Messy information appeared in Ding Nuo's mind, causing his headache to last for half a day; he didn't realize until he realized that he seemed to have time-traveled!

  His soul crossed over to Kenolite, the third son of the Wright family in Tianlan City; and this guy seemed to be fighting with his cousin, but because his body was too weak, he was killed by the third-level swordsman cousin brother and was punched to death.

  And the reason why he was able to be beaten to death with a single punch was because he was the weak of the family; without the cultivation talent of a swordsman, although a magician was very talented and had a perfect affinity for elements, his spiritual power was really poor.

  According to the tester, Kenolite's elemental affinity is simply a godsend; but his mental power is so poor that he is not even at the level of a baby; if he is practicing magic, the simplest backlash can probably kill him.

  In such a situation, Kenolite instantly became a useless person; apart from hiding in his own small dark room every day, there was nothing else to do at all.

  But no matter what, Kenolite is also the third young master of the Wright family. As a business family, the Wright family will naturally not let this third young master go hungry; it's just that no one cares about him.

  It's just that others don't know that this young master Kenolite has never given up his strength; although he can't practice magic, he continues to study magic.

  He hope that he can find a shortcut to make himself stronger; thus, he can get the approval of his father and two older brothers.

  The reason why he left his little black room and was beaten to death by his cousin that day was because he knew his magical attributes; as long as he found meditation methods and spells, he could practice.

  It's just that he didn't expect that after he rushed out excitedly, he accidentally bumped into his cousin who was sulking; in the end, the other party punched him casually without looking at it, killing him.

  He was helpless just seeing Kenolite's magic attribute; thanks to Kenolite's excitement, this magic attribute is not something to be excited about.

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