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Unbreakable Spear


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They came and invaded the planet. Neither kingdoms nor empires could fight against the devils. One after another they fell until there was only one city left standing. Mankind's last sanctuary. They held their ground for years, fighting to defend it even as the devils transformed the planet into hell. But they struggled desperately even when it was a hopeless fight. First, the people without any strength died then the defenders who couldn't hold on anymore. All except for him. For he was still fighting. Even when everyone around him died he continued to fight. Finding and researching techniques so that he could even fight alone. Learning inscription, formation and battle techniques so that he could continue to fight. He fought until he forgot all about his past. Not remembering his friends and family or even his name. All he knew was that he wanted to defend the resting place of his loved ones. He didn't think about it but just fought. he fought alone for decades. his family and friends died one by one. For years he was alone and defended an empty castle. He fought against the devils. Even when he lost his hand, he struggled. Even when he stopped being human he continued to fight. Because that was the only thing he knew. Even at the end, he continued to fight. Even death must have been impressive because he got a second chance at life. Reborn as the first son of the war minister of the Blue Empire. Surrounded once more by enemies on every side. This is the story of the last survivor who got a second chance. Will he find peace and find a place to belong? Or will he continue to fight? ____________________________________________ I am a beginner and will certainly have lots of grammatical errors, so please be nice to me. I appreciate all criticism and will try to improve this story.


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