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Unbound Purpose


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Uuh, so I am not at all confident in my English and my writing goes really abrupt and I am trying not to do that so please stick with the story and not with the quality of the writing. The main character's name is Keir G Garcia. He was born into a noble family but his life wasn't really noble-like nor luxurious. He lived in a forest and learned how to survive on his own, why? He doesn't know why, his father would often give him a visit and drop fragments of knowledge on how to survive, into his mind and leave. Then his mother, after he became around 13-14 years old, taught him about the politics of the continent of Raim and things that an ordinary person would find hard to take in. Keir was an odd boy, his emotions didn't seem to be visible, maybe because of how his parents brought him up or something related to the second consciousness in his mind.(I don't know how the second consciousness would be but I planned a major role for it in the story)


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