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An avid gamer nerd's dreams come true in another brutal yet lucky? fashion. Follow him as he does his best not to die in laughably humiliating ways, all while trying to escape his abrupt and unwanted servitude. Will his knowledge of the world he finds himself help him succeed? Will he return home? Will evolve past his title of 'Dog'? Read and find out! This will be another multiversal world-hopping story, similar to my other one, EBW. I'll not spoil the surprise of the first world, but Skyrim will eventually be involved... And no, I'll not be adhering to plot, instead destroying it and hopefully not butchering the original story in the process. Feel free to join my Discord : https://discord.gg/EJxRKkwtDm Also, if you enjoy my stories, want to read ahead, and or support me. Take a look at my Patreon : https://www.p.atreon.com/Nagross Also, I've 'borrowed' the picture from : greenmapple17, on Deviant Art.

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"LET ME ANNOUNCE THE BEGINNING OF THE FINALS FOR THE SEAT TO BECOME EMPEROR OF THE UNIFIED EMPIRE!" a large orc man shouts from atop the floating platform he was standing upon. He whizzes around the giant area waving and riling up the large crowds that'd gathered to watch the event, this was after all, the second time it was occurring in this age.

The Fourth Era had abruptly ended at the command of their gods surprisingly, that'd come down from the heavens to announce a new Pantheon that would lead mortals to the property they rightfully deserved.

The Fifth Era was the time of the Unified Empire, with the help of Ymir who'd basically become the 'Police' of the gods, conflicts everywhere had basically ended all at once. Her army of titans that comprised not only the giant city-crushing ones, but also the minuscule bug-sized ones had eliminated any and all crime from the Empire.

That's not to say crime didn't happen, only that anyone who committed it would instantly be caught and either executed or imprisoned, depending on what they'd done.

It wasn't long after this that the First Emperor of this 'Glorious' new Empire had been announced... Ennura was terribly surprised to be given the role, the woman almost storming to Michael's Spire to rant at him over the paperwork he'd just cursed her with.

Thankfully, after much pacifying on Irarus' part, she'd agreed. Unfortunately for her, while Michael wanted Winterhold to become the centre of the new Empire, Cyrodil was the obvious choice, especially since all the infrastructure was already there.

What was left of the Thalmor and Psijic Order after Michael's [Thundergod's Wrath] had tried to resist this change, but they were forced into submission via the titan army. Nothing put fear into people more than huge giants that could swim faster than any boat ever conceived.

Michael kicks his feet up from the highest point in the arena, a place only designated for gods or the Emperor themselves. Currently, Ennura was planned to debate Brynjolf for the position of Emperor. While the Divine Pantheon had the final say in it, they usually just left it to the popular vote to decide.

He wraps his arms around a visibly pregnant Tiffania and Saeko, the duo had become competitive in regards to conception and who could birth his child first. It was usually adorable, but when combined with Saeko's sadistic tendencies and both of their chaotic hormones, Michael had almost dropped to his knees and begged Mara to grant him mercy.

Thankfully, Charlotte, Megumin, and Ymir were there to absorb much of the crossfire, their ever-short statures providing the pregnant women adequate targets to smother. Not to mention Maria who'd been cooking a variety of disgusting food combinations that somehow suited their palette... Fish fingers and custard, ketchup and pickles, or even the accursed mayonnaise pizza...

"Think Ennura's gonna win this one?" Saeko asks as she leans into his warmth, humming contentedly.

"Probably? She's done such a good job already, I don't get why anyone would replace her," he shrugs.

"It is Brynjolf..." Tiffania reminds him.

"Uh, yeah... That guy's got a platinum tongue, doesn't he. I wonder what snake oil he's trying to peddle today?"

"Didn't he promise to make 'The Empire Great Again'?"

"Like what? We've literally got Talos, as in the First Emperor backing this shit. Tamriel's never been so well off, even during his age." Michael snickers to himself.

"I don't think that matters to the public." Tiffania unsurely states.

"Yeah well, sheep gonna sheep I guess. Did we ever get around to that 'voting test'? Youknow, not allowing mongoloid retards who can't even name the Provinces from deciding the next Emperor?"

Tiffania slaps him on the arm, "Don't be rude."

"What? It's true isn't it? You wouldn't let a guy with no arms or legs babysit your kids, or someone with room-temperature IQ drive a car."

"Cars haven't been invented yet..." Saeko remarks.

"Still applies, or can I only make this point a hundred years in the future when automobiles get introduced?... Maybe I should just give everyone BMW's and be done with it."

"What would they fuel them with? I can see people trying to pull them with horsepower..."


"Stop being silly..."

The trio watch as the debate begins, Ennura basically just brings up a huge powerpoint and explains the stupid amount of progress Tamriel had made during her tenure.

In response to that, Brynjolf chose the 'charm the audience and hope they forget everything they just heard' tactic.

Michael wasn't really sure if that would work, but by the way the sheep were lapping it up, looks like they'd have a new Emperor soon enough. Ennura would probably cry tears of joy...

Brynjolf was a good pick, regardless of the fact that nothing he did could truly harm the things Michael and his Pantheon had in motion.

"So," looks to his girls, "Either of you decided where you wanna vacation? I for one don't wanna be around here when the kids come... They'll technically be new gods for the Pantheon, a 'Divine' event.

"I was thinking about that Anime, 'Food Wars', was it?" Tiffania questions.

"Eh, I wanted Demon Slayer..." Saeko complains.

"Of course you would... I was thinking we visit my sister, she'd never let me hear the end of it if she missed this..."

They both smile tenderly at him, "Of course, I want to see how Lillith's doing too. Also... I want to meet your parents..."

"No." Michael instantly rejects.

"Oh come on, if they turn out to be complete assholes you can just rub your success in their faces." Saeko presses.

"... That does sound like fun..."

"Please?" Tiffania pleads, smooshing her breasts against his chest.


"Fine, but don't blame me if I end up killing them."



"I'll limit myself to crippling only, happy?"

TBH, I'm not really sure how to end this series, it's been going for so long that children have literally been conceived and born while I was writing it.

Anyway, hope this is a good enough end to the story. Thank you all for reading!

Hope you bois liked the chap, if I missed anything please let me know. Thanks!

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