Unanticipated Love

Author: ScarletHeart995
Contemporary Romance
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What is Unanticipated Love

Read ‘Unanticipated Love’ Online for Free, written by the author ScarletHeart995, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Althaea Cassidy Muestra, who pretended to be as Athena Zerene Muestra, her twin with the boyfriend Wexford Greige Escori...


Althaea Cassidy Muestra, who pretended to be as Athena Zerene Muestra, her twin with the boyfriend Wexford Greige Escorial. Her sister had an accident that she should be the one to sign the contract because their business is already bankrupt and needs to be kept immediately. Their parents had no alternative plan but let Althaea do her character as Athena Zerene. It is painful for a lady because it will detach from her partner, Troezen Rioja Ricafort but she considers doing it and sacrifice their relationship. Althaea is feeling annoyed about Greige because of his being worthless partner, moody and workaholic without even caring about her sister’s feelings. The moment arrived, the lady fall in love with her twin’s sweetheart so she limits herself from bringing it worse. Until Greige spotted out the truth about her impersonation, the young man became annoyed and criticized her for all. A few days have passed. The man thought that he already loved Althaea. He came back in apartment where the lady occupied to confront her, but he failed. Despite his rejection, he has not even given up on the lady. They only changed it when she found out that Althaea’s ex -boyfriend, Troezen, had a relationship. He could not agree with what he knew, so all he did is to ignore the girl and get the woman to replace for her, but his feelings remained. Troezen likewise revealed Greige of what Althaea’s feelings about him. As an end, he had courage again to court his lady until he made it: he had expected for long.

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The life of the elites. I like this story because it bridges me to the lifestyle of the chosen few and I feel like one of them, why not even if it's just in a book.. Love this highly recommended


This is a must-read every one, it's amazing and the author is so talented plus the writing style is fabulous, the characters are well designed, well written keep it going


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