Unable to Cultivate, I Can Only Raise Soul Pets

The former Immortal Ascension Realm Cultivator Wang Che failed to overcome the Heavenly Tribulation, and as a result, his soul transmigrated to a world of the Martial Soul where soul beasts and humans lived together peacefully. After confirming that he could not cultivate in this world, the depressed Wang Che had no choice but to adapt to this world. So… “Caterp… Green Caterpillar, million years evolution!” “I choose you! Rayquaz… Wait no, Sky Dragon!”

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506 Chs

Battle of Attrition?

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With that, the battle commenced.

The green caterpillar and the Cloud Cap Snake both rushed towards each other at almost the same time.

Streaks of green coloured light outlined the arena.

However, the green caterpillar was no match for the Cloud Cap Snake's speed.

Wang Che had already expected this to happen.

"The species potential of an extremely rare soul pet is unparalleled. As long as its soul power cultivation increases every year, its body's strength will too. Thus, no matter how hard the green caterpillar trains, it'll still be hard to go head to head with an extremely rare soul pet. Lin Xi's Cloud Cap Snake already has a soul power cultivation that surpasses 80 years… even nearing 90 years now… its growth is rather quick… and her nurturing isn't slacking either."

It was as if Wang Che knew the outcome of this match.