1 Prologue

In the year 2035, The Scientists were finally successful in finding a way to prolong the life span of humans. The Magical fluid was invented by the top geniuses of the World. Using this liquid would add up exactly 500 years of Life span to a human. They Called it the 'Holy Water'.

To spread this 'Holy Water', The creators joined hands with the Leading VR Game Companies as the Liquid whilst taken directly would lead to instant death. Soon a game called 'NIRVANA' was released, which everyone had to buy to live another 500 years.

From that moment, Humanity knew their lives were not going to be normal anymore. The 'Holy Water' was infused into every' Game Capsule and would be directly integrated into the brain. Therefore slowing down age tremendously.

The Threats of Global warming made humans bow. Therefore from the next year 2036, Humans were to live their life inside the game 'NIRVANA' and were only allowed to sleep outside the capsule.

Therefore a new virtual world was created for humans to dwell in and that too is a world in which the LEVEL OF A USER MATTERED THE MOST.


Levi Horosa was not your typical 16-year-old boy who was good at games. Rather he was a ball of energy, a very very big ball of energy. Whilst most of his friends spent their after school time in Game Centres 'Grinding' as they say. Levi was out in the fields running or climbing up huge trees!!.

His energetic charisma and will was up to a point that it was maxed out. Levi Horosa was quite popular in his school too. He had the looks to be the Main Character in a movie. His Elephant trunk haircut which covered his left eye part, his smooth acne-free face with a stunning Jawline, and his perfectly symmetrical body were a total dessert for the girls. The green irises were a sight to behold. Altogether Levi was gifted both in Looks and fitness.

"Later, Levi"

"Later, Mark!"

Levi waved his friend goodbye and rushed his way to the School Gate. Another school day was over and unlike every other day, he had plans today.

"Ah, shit it's almost 4!!"

Levi groaned as he looked at his watch. He had challenged some college boys from the neighborhood for a 200 meter dash at 4.15 in the public stadium.

Rolling up his sleeves, Levi took in a deep breath. He forced his leg muscles to his control and started running, slowly accelerating. Whilst he was running, he grabbed his Elephant Trunk and tied it back into a man bun.

The stadium was quite close to his school, so he had no trouble reaching there. The College boys were sitting on a bench beside the Track and were in their Track and Field outfits.

There were 3 of them, One had a Manbun like Levi and the other two had a Buzzcut and a partitioned blonde haircut. All of them looked at Levi like he was an insect. But Levi had a handsome grin on his face. He knew they were underestimating him. Little did they know, the high schooler in front of him could run at a speed of 25mph.

Levi was in his Tracksuit in a second and was lining up with the other 3 college students. The stadium was mostly empty, with the attendance of only 3 or 4 people along with the referees who were the colleagues of the College students.

Levi took his place on the field and bend down. The Rest of the 3 beside him did the same. The referee took the whistle from his pocket and held it in his mouth. He asked the runners if they were ready and motioned to the other referee.


The boys were up as soon as the referee whistled. Levi was blazing through the track as he left the Collegers behind in the dust. The College dudes were gaping at Levi who was miles ahead of them.

Levi finished his round within 23 seconds while the College Students finished theirs at 28 seconds.

"Ah cmon dudes, Don't make me wait"

Levi sarcastically smirked as the college students finished their 200 meter dash.

Levi opened his Palm and extended it to the dude who had the Manbun.

"Now for the Bet as promised."

The Awestruck Colleger made his way to his bag and pulled out his money. Handing it over to Levi he apologized politely for underestimating him.


They laughed as they rested and got together pretty well. It was getting dark and the sun was setting slowly on the horizon. Levi gave his goodbyes to his new friends and walked down the pavement.

It was 7 pm when he reached his home and soon was greeted by his little sister.

"Give me your bag, brother"

Reva, 10 years old, younger sister of Levi, The Caring and Lovely type.

"Not needed my little sis"

Levi pinched her cheeks gently and she blushed.

He removed his shoes and made his way to the living room where his father and mother, both were staring at the TV. His father had just gotten back from his office as he was still in his shirt which was loose now and pants that were on his knees now.

His Mom was a housewife, so she usually did households work and used to be busy cooking dinner at this time.

But why the hell were they staring at the TV as if there was no tomorrow.

The News channel was on and Levi peered at the Television from the doorway. His eyes waltzed around to find what his parents were frantically looking at.

"What Happe..."

Levi's words suddenly faded when his eyes caught the breaking headlines on the TV.




Then Came the words from The Prime Minister.

"All the Best to My citizens, Hoping to meet you soon, Let's change the world together"

From then on the world, Levi Horosa knew was never the same again.

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