1 I have the System, I’m the Best

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A single ray of sunlight shone down and pierced through the eyelids of Xu Que who was asleep but was abruptly awoken by it.

He felt an itch on his face and noticed that he was lying in a field of grass.

"Didn’t I die in a car accident? How could I still be alive?"

He was astonished and was still unable to wrap his head around on how he managed to escape death. All these thoughts paled in comparison to the sight before him which made his eyes gape wide open in shock.

After that, his expression turned perplexed!

He could see a girl which looked like an immortal, dressed in ancient clothes and was facing the spot he’s lying at. She was gently pulling down her olden day clothing as she squatted down…


That girl. Could she be trying to…

No way! She can’t do that!

Such a gorgeous looking girl. How could she urinate just about anywhere? And such an upright and straightforward person like myself, how can I peep at her relieving herself?

Xu Que opened his eyes wider.

His eyes remained transfixed upon that gorgeous looking girl as she lifted up her outer skirt completely before slowly pulling down her undergarment bit by bit. As she pulls it down, he could see more of her fair and tender flesh and along with it came a fragrant, womanly scent.

Seeing this scene unfold before him rendered him unable to remain calm.

He noticed that by the way she faced him, she would probably end up urinating all over his head. Xu Que hurriedly stuck his head out of the dense and tall grass and shouted loudly.

"Miss, what do you think you’re doing? How can you just urinate anywhere you feel like!?"

Everything seemed to freeze as the tension rose.

The girl was still in a squatting position while her entire body froze in shock. And then…


She let out a shrill shout and released the outer skirt which she had lifted up, her entire body seemed to be shaking with that extended shout. She then stepped onto a flying sword and flew up into the sky.

Fuck. What the hell is that? An actual flying sword?

So it seems like she’s really a damned immortal, huh?

Xu Que was taken aback. At the same time, a great number of memories, both foreign and familiar, welled up within his mind. These memories were so lifelike that they almost felt as if he had experienced them himself.

Crossed over! I’ve fucking crossed over!

He then hurriedly screened through the memories that didn’t belong to him, gaining a clear understanding of his present circumstances.

This was a cultivation world. Just like the furious looking immortal who rode on a flying sword before him, people could cultivate and become immortals with different powers and abilities.

And this body which he now owned belongs to a Prince Consort. However, this Prince Consort was an extremely unlucky person.

He was just a poor orphan boy, yet possessed a special, one in a million type of spiritual root.

When he was younger, the Emperor saw his innate talents and thus decided to raise him to the position of Prince Consort to marry his daughter. He thus provided him with countless of treasures and materials for him to utilize in his cultivation efforts. In a short span of six years, he managed to condense the abdominal core and crossed into the Golden Core stage.

The day he managed to cross into the Golden Core stage was the same day he finally consummated his marriage to the Princess. Thus began the seven consecutive days and nights spent on the marital bed, which concluded with the beautiful Princess stealing away all of his cultivation essences away from him in his weakened state. Even his spiritual roots weren’t spared as she acquired them all.

The newly wedded Prince Consort was thus turned into a cripple without his spiritual roots and essences. As a cripple, he was no longer of any value to the palace and therefore, he was secretly dragged out of the palace in the dead of the night and brought to a deserted place. He was killed there and his body remained in ruins.

"Ai, what a shame!"

After separating his own memories from those of belonging to this body, Xu Que’s face was full of regret. He shook his head and sighed regretfully, "Damn it! Why didn’t I crossover earlier to the time when I could have those crazy bed exercise with the gorgeous princess?"

Just recalling the memories of the beautiful looking Princess in bed, with her ecstatic eyebrows creased up, her wonderous figure, and that ragged breathing was enough to make Xu Que feel it was a pity to not have been there earlier!

"What audacity, you pervert. How dare you peep at me while I’m relieving myself. I shall claim your life for this!"

At this point, a cute sounding voice rang out, coming from that immortal from earlier on.

Her face was a deep shade of red from shame and anger. In addition, an unmistakable killing intent radiated from her eyes. The sword beneath her feet was hovering over the ground, looking sharp and deadly as it charged towards Xu Que, trying to kill him.

"Damn it. Miss immortal, this has to be a misunderstanding. It was clearly you who aimed your pink butt at where I was sleeping in. And… Even if you wish to kill me to relieve yourself of the anger, can you please pull up your skirt first? With you looking this way, it takes all the energy out of my legs, making it hard for me to run away!"

Xu Que then gave a loud cry as he turned around to flee.

The expression of the girl changed and her ears turned red. She then bent over to pull up her skirt before making a spitting sound in contempt. "Damn pervert, you’re looking for death." The sword beneath her feet started moving faster as she soared towards Xu Que with a whooshing sound.

Xu Que ran like a madman, as he thinks a way to escape.

All of a sudden, an inspiration flashed across his mind.

He halted and pulled out a familiar looking tile from his robes and turned to the girl, shouting as loudly as he could, "How dare you, demonic woman. I am the Prince Consort of Fire Country. You dare to be disrespectful to me? Watch your step, or I shall kill off nine generations from your family tree.

At this point, Xu Que could hear a series of "dings" in his head, coming from the system.

"Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for activating the Acting Tough, Face Slapping System. This system shall help you to survive, protect you, assist in your acting tough and ensuring that you shall soar to the heavens!"

"Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is 1 acting tough point. Do you wish to enter the store to exchange points for rewards?"

"The system detects that the host ‘Xu Que’ is too weak, and would be unable to survive in such a world of advanced difficulty. A special bag is thus given in order to increase your survivability. Do you wish to open the bag?"

Just as the message rang out, he could see a window pop up before him, as information could be seen scattered across the screen.

Host: Xu Que

Cultivation Stage: Normal Person (His arms are as weak as chickens)

Experience Points: 0/100

Acting Tough Points: 1 point

Skill Path: None

Occupation: None

Status: Prince Consort of Eastern Fire Country

"Ss… Hahahah!!!"

Xu Que first sucked in a deep breath of air before laughing out uncontrollably.

What is this acting tough, face slapping system? Just by the sound of it, it seemed like it was customized specifically for me. This system shall help me to break the rules of heaven to rebel against it! This is going to be fun.

"Pervert, your death is fast approaching. What are you laughing about?"

All of a sudden, a sweet sounding voice interrupted Xu Que’s laughter, bringing him back down from his madness.

The girl had already moved towards him ‘till she was standing just ten meters away from him. The flying sword which she stood on was now in her hands. Her huge eyes were looking at him warily.

Xu Que’s eyes squinted as he thought for some time before bursting out in cold laughter once again. "I am the Prince Consort of the Eastern Firelands! I can look at the highly esteemed Princess anytime I wish. You look quite pretty yourself and for the Prince Consort to look at you is your good fortune! Don’t think that just because you wield a flying sword, you can shout loudly about slaughtering me. The Prince Consort standing before you has the talent that was only seen once in hundreds of years. Why should I be afraid of a mere servant such as yourself? Come, come, come… You wish to fight me don’t you? If you have the guts to, take one more step towards me."

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is one acting tough point."

Just as expected, the system rang out within his ears once more as he burst out in another fit of uncontrollable laughter.

So, it seemed like this acting tough, face slapping system takes its name very literally. As long as I act tough, I can gain acting tough point. With these points, I can ascend through the ranks and earn the different rewards from the system…

"Oh, that’s right. There seems to be a gift I haven’t unwrapped." Xu Que could see a flash in his eyes as he shouted out in his mind, "Open the gift."

Instantly, the page in his vision changed and a box appeared. The box opened as several beams of light streamed out before disappearing.

"Congratulations host ‘Xu Que’ for obtaining the Beginner’s Experience Pill. Using the pill would give 10,000 experience points."

Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for obtaining two pieces of Beginner’s Divine Escape Emblem. Using this emblem would enable the host to teleport to a random place within 5 kilometers."

"Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for obtaining the beginner’s <Ancient Five Elemental Arts>. <Notice : Beginner chapters can only cultivate up to the Foundation Building Stage. The next chapters must be purchased from the store.>"

"Ding! It’s been detected that the host ‘Xu Que’ has damaged spiritual roots and doesn’t fulfill the requirements for cultivation. The system shall help repair your spiritual roots."

Instantaneously, Xu Que felt like a surge of electricity passed through his entire body, causing his scalp to go numb.

Following that strange sensation was a feeling of extreme comfort. The pores all over his body opened up completely, greedily devouring Qi from all around.


Soon, he could feel his body his body undergoing a tremendous change as it started becoming closer to nature. It was almost as if he could integrate with nature and even control it.

However, he was very familiar with this feeling. All those years ago, before his fire spiritual roots was taken away by the Princess, he felt that same familiar feeling with fire. Today, not only did the system repair his broken fire spiritual roots, it also gave him all the other elements.

Metal, fire, water, wood and earth. Each and every single element was granted to him. In fact, all of these elements were upgraded to the highest, "Celestial" level.

This is the best for me to rebel against the heavens!

At this point, Xu Que couldn’t hold it in any further and shouted loudly as he waved his arms, "With the system in my hands, this world belongs to me! What dogshit Emperor of the Fire Country. Wait till I, Xu Que, attain the highest level and return for my revenge. Then, I shall trample upon all of you and crush you into fragments."

"What audacity, you pervert! You claimed to be the Prince Consort of the Fire Country and yet you dare to speak such crazed words and insult the Emperor?" The girl beside him was stunned by his words. Was this Prince Consort crazy? How dare he speak such words of rebellion against the Emperor.

"Ding, congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully acting tough. The reward is one acting tough point."

Xu Que then regained his senses as his lips twitched. Damn it. I was looking too far ahead into the future of acting tough that I almost forgot the trouble before me. I have to hurry and think of a way to escape.

"Right, the experience pill!"

He then recalled the existence of the Beginner’s Experience Pill within his new inventory.

Without any further hesitation, he hurriedly used his mind to operate the information interface to open it. Three items then appeared from within.

"Use it, use it." Xu Que eyed two of the three objects and shouted in his heart.

In his mind, he could hear a series of messages from the system:

"Ding! Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for successfully cultivating <Ancient Five Elemental Arts>

"Ding! Host ‘Xu Que’ used the Beginner’s Experience Pill and received 10,000 experience points."

"Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for levelling up. The current stage is Qi Refining Level 1."

"Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for levelling up. The current stage is Qi Refining Level 2."

"Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for levelling up. The current stage is Qi Refining Level 3."

"Congratulations to host ‘Xu Que’ for levelling up. The current stage is Qi Refining Level 10."

In just a short span of time, Xu Que evolved from a normal person with strength like a chicken to a cultivation being, straight into the Qi Refining Stage. He was just a step short of transcending into the Foundation Building Stage.

In addition, he was much stronger than a normal cultivator at level 10 of the Qi Refining Stage.

The reason was because he had all five different elements of spiritual roots. This meant that he had five times the strength of a normal person.

Furthermore, with five different elements of spiritual roots that could combine together and supported each other, the amount of force that could be exerted was more than just five times. It was much greater than that.

"At this point, there’s nothing more to say. If I’m not unrivalled, who is unrivalled?"

Xu Que’s heart pounded furiously in his chest.

At this point, the girl facing him danced and swayed as a beam of light descended from the heavens, parting the clouds as it sharpened her sword. Before he could even bat an eyelid, she swung the sword at him like a poisonous snake darting in for its victim.

"Fuck, immortal fairy lady. I was just asking a gorgeous thing such as yourself to allow your master, the Prince Consort to take a good look at you. Who told you to draw your sword? That was a surprise attack, a hidden attempt at my life!"

Xu Que was taken aback as he jumped in fear, seeing the flying sword soaring right at him and he cursed out loudly.

As he shouted out in fear and surprise, his body reacted instinctively, as he legs slid backwards, avoiding the sword. His finger then seemed to harness the powers of water Qi as he gently tapped on the surface of the incoming sword.


A vibrating sound rang out as the sword ricocheted away from him.

"How… How could it be?"

The girl was temporarily stunned. Apart from the skillful and powerful uncles within her sect, the senior brothers and sisters who could repel this flying sword with such ease would at least have to be of the sixth level of the Foundation Building Stage!

"I am extremely puzzled. I already said that everything that happened earlier was a misunderstanding and you’re still confused? You still have the cheek to make an attempt on my life? Don’t think I won’t hit you just because you’re a pretty little fairy immortal. Anyway, I didn’t even get a clear look at you. At this point, I shall take a good look at you once more. This time, openly."

Xu Que rebuked her furiously as his footsteps quickened. The earth Qi fused with his feet as his speed increased tremendously. In a blink of an eye, he appeared right in front of her.

Soon after, water Qi appeared on his palms as it surrounded all four directions around them. The girl didn’t even have time to react before she was trapped there.

"Perv... Pervert. What are you trying to do?" The girl was taken aback as she turned pale. She could feel the fire Qi within her body being severely suppressed.

"Heh heh! Since you’ve already called me a pervert, how then can I not live up to that?"

Xu Que had a cruel laugh etched across his face as his eyebrows were raised. He then extended a hand and lifted up her skirt in a quick motion.

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