12 start of academy

nat[ assign abilities to your eyes ]

max " I want my left eye ability to make anything I imagine into reality and my right eye ability to turn anything reality into illusion . "

nat [ It can be done but for now you cannot use your abilities on living being and is restricted to size of anything you make . when your eyes evolve to rinnegan your abilities will be able to defy law of any world . And you can use them on anything without limit . by the way how would you wanna name this ability ]

max " let's say them together as illusion of highest order . where someone can't distinguish between what is real and what is illusion . "

nat[ That is much more fitting . Do you wanna make those dead uchihas as your shadow ? ]

max " oh I just forgot about that . teleport me there "

after reaching uchiha compound

max " ARISE "

Thousands of shadow figure risen up and kneeled in front of him .

after that max " merge them whole with shisui "

shisui came out from his shadow . And every shadow merged with him .

nat [ shadow name : shisui

rank : god

special trait : perfect assassination , rinnegan , perfect mastery of all jutsus and weapon ]

( Author note - shadows power rank lowest to highest : soldier , major , general , king , saint , sovereign , demon , hero , god , celestial , omni ..... )

max " teleport back home "

after reaching home

max " This night is very long . And shisui become too op . and can easily kill hundreds of madara by him self . let's just sleep tomorrow I'll perform next time dedicated to uchiha clans only . goodnight nat"

nat [ goodnight ]

NEXT Morning


village was in distress as every ninja was running here and there . there was very heavy patrol everywhere . usually uchiha force present was missing . and almost everyone in village has gotten message about uchiha massacre . And culprit as Itachi uchiha .

max just ate breakfast and didn't go out any where .

As it reached time for evening max made his way towards park . Many people's were present only leaving his uchiha fans .

max " today I'm going to play for uchiha people . "

After that he didn't said much and started playing his flute . with emotion of friendship , family , comrade , elderly , sad . the screams he heard during massacre . the pin drop silence after that . and lastly note indicating peace in heaven .

after that every people were emotional . he saw ino standing alone with her head down .

max can easily tell she was greatly affected by this . as she had friend in uchiha clans too . and sudden lose of her friends made her realise how life works .

max started walking towards her to console her but as he was reaching towards her . She got surrounded by her friends and family . Max left her alone . but as he walking away ino was looking towards her . which he didn't realise that time .

Time skip ( 1 year start of academy )

3 rd pov

max was in front of academy with kurenai . And both of them together looked like brother amd sister for real . like having black hair and red eyes . There were all people present with thier children or relative . and yea Naruto was also there sitting on a swing alone . now then 3rd hokage came and started his speech " will of fire this........ will of fire that ......will of fire in your as* ... " after that little type of examination to know if you have chakra or not then list were published regarding there classes . our Mc got into class 1-A. with all of Naruto cast .

He made his way in his class and saw sasuke as full emo boy mood with mc chair taken .

After that max just sat last opposite to that of windows side and was started sleeping . Few minutes went by and a thud sound was heard and a person came into room .

he said " hello future ninjas . my name is Iruka umino and I'll be your sensei in this academy ."

with that voice max rose his head and saw his new sensei . after that he looked to his side and saw a girl with brown hair with her head down . And she also raised her head after that and looked towards her sensei then towards max .

??????? " hi there . I saw you sleeping here and seat was also available . I felt this is a good place to sleep . I hope you have no problem "

max " well I have no problem with that . "

max extended his hand and said " By the way my name is Max and nice to meet you "

she also extended her hand

????" Hello max nice to meet you my name is ???????? "

( Author note- To know more about mystery girl wait for next episode of Dragonball z )

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