8 Powering up

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Max " nat lets go get ourselves some powers "

nat [ Sure but there is a suggestion . u can change lighting fruit with ope ope no mi fruit of trafangler d law . To be able save others life or if u want to do any other operations . Like deleting memories or any other thing . ]

Max " hmm okay we'll do as u suggest . show me the list "

nat[ 1) fountain of youth

2) solo leveling system

3) devil fruits : darkness , light , barrier , tremor , ope ope no mi ( medical fruit )

4 ) dragon ball wish for Ocean grace ]

Max " if want to become more op we can get one for all from all might ( anime - my hero academia ) . All I have to do is eat his hair . "

nat[ u should take that after u have mastered these powers . we can get those powers anytime . no need to rush ]

Max " okay so let's just have breakfast and move towards forest so I can have explanation if someone asks for disappearance "

After eating and moving towards forest

max "okay nat first let's get fountain of youth . open a portal near that cup . so that I can swiftly grab and move out of there fast . "

nat [ I can do better . make a portal above cup and move it downward and close after whole cup comes here . get ready 3...2....1.... 0]

3rd POV

As nat zero a portal opened and cup started to materialized .

max hurriedly held cup in his hands and drank like a person who has been thirsty for ages .

After that he just felt like more energetic than before . after that max said " nat I don't feel that much difference in me . can u confirm it was real or fake "

nat [ Your vitality has been maxed . It was real no need to worry ]

max " okay if you say so . now let's go to the solo leveling world after only their mc is left in dungeon . "

nat [ initiating transfer . 3...2..1..0 ]


after that max find him self in a big gloomy hall . and an alter was present where a person with his leg cut off was lying with a sword in his hand . And all statues where moving towards alter .

After that max ran towards alter and throws that person to far corner . which was easy as that person was already so much terrified to think straight . after that he stood up on the alter , and statues came and impaled his body with swords . but on max face there was a smile . max " all of this is happening to my body and I'm here smiling . nat am I a masochist ?"

nat[ maybe a little ]

max " nope I'm not a masochist . it is due to me not only feeling any pain but also feeling of all wounds just healing . I can feel all the tissue are growing at exponential speed "

after some time all statues stopped . max was still standing on altar only holes were visible on his clothes . and at that time a holographic image came .

{ congratulations you have become player }

max" nat do your work and give me it's power . but before that quickly transport us back to the forest . "

nat [ tranfer in]

after returning to the forest he sat down . and heard nat saying .

nat [ solo leveling system has been broken down . u will get following benefits.

1) shadow sovereign title has been added

2 ) necromancy of highest level equalling to samara is achieved .

3 ) got ability to boost your status to god level for 10 seconds .( slightly more than an otsusuki )

4 ) inventory is added .

5 ) dungeon option available . ( although useless as u can travel to any gaming world for experience )

state your vocation for necromancy ]

max " let's just do it like original . ' arise ' set that as vocation . "

nat[ Now onto the devil fruits plans ]

max " well I don't know when and where all of them got their specific fruit . it wasn't shown in anime you know . can u give me some advice "

nat [ Yup I can do that . It was not mentioned but in anime but in that world long long time ago there was garden of genesis . In which all trees has only one fruit . after a long time humans find that garden and took all the fruits after that humans greed took over. garden was destroyed thinking more fruits will grow on trees . and after that fruits just got circulated down the peoples recorded or not recorded in history ]

max " That makes this task much easier thank you nat . And start teleportation to that time and space "

nat [ welcom max . And transferring in]

after that max finds himself in one of the most beautiful garden he has ever seen .

max " nat this place is like heavens . now can u locate all the fruits which we need "

nat [ mini map has been added with target fruits location marked ]

After few hours .

max got all five fruits by his side . and was chilling in the shade of one of the trees .

max " lets start the process "

max first took bite of darkness fruit

max " Anime mentioned it correctly . these fruit tastes bad "

after that max after light fruit , then heart-shaped fruit ope ope no mi( author note - lets say domain fruit as it's power is absolute control over domain near user ) then , barrier fruit and Lastly tremor fruit .

nat [ fruits abilities available - dark , light , domain , barrier , tremor . added status 'ocean curse ' . you can use only one ability at a time . And you have to master each element like a noob ]

max " something better than nothing . lets go back nat "

nat [ returning in 321 ]

once again max reached in familiar forest .

max " Nat can you change few things like in barrier fruit one has to cross fingers . can you change that . and same for other fruits "

nat [ there is no need for that . you just need to think of shape subconsciously and it will manifest in desired shape . and also you think to make it visible or not "

max " okay now let's move to dragon ball z world time where dragon ball wish is made for freeza revival . I can just put all of them in barrier and make it sound proof so their voice won't come out "

nat [ initiating tansfer 3..2..1...]

( author note- movie dragon ball ressurection of f refrance )

max reached new world and saw freezas men were wishing for freezas revival . but as they where about to speak a cube shaped translucent barrier covered them. after that max reached in front of shenron and made wish .

max " I wish for Ocean grace of god's "

shenron " your wish is fulfilled "

after that dragon disappeared and dragon Balls flied in different directions .

max " lets go back nat "

nat [ returning 3.2.1.]

after returning to the same Forrest it was already evening .

max head back home ate all fruits and other things on his way back .

after reaching his home he fried eggs and ate them . As he was going to sleep

max whispered " nat show status "

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