9 Powering up (2nd)

max " nat show stats "

nat [ name : max black

title : son of nature , shadow sovereign , brother of Godmaker

bloodline : none

level : 1

strength : 20

vitality : infinite

endurance : 20

dexterity : 20

agility : 20

intelligence : ???

wisdom : 100

chakra : 0

nature energy : infinite

Kekkei genkai : none

Devil fruit : barrier ( 1%) , darkness (1%) , light ( 1%) , domain/room ( 1%) , tremor ( 1% )

skills : 1) Absolute disguise , 2) gamer mind , 3) gamer body , 4) upgraded kaleidoscope

5) Shadow Extraction ( Necromancy )

Vocation - "ARISE"

Able to extract soul of dead person , making them shadow soldier of 500% of their original strength can also increase strength by experience and they have only one thing in mind to follow your order . related skills - able to change position with shadows , able to share 5 senses with shadow if you want , get all memories of shadow it had before it died , able to merge shadows to make a new shadow with higher power .

special stats - power up : able to increase power up to 1000000(1million) for 10 seconds once in a year and all stats will be upgraded to 1 million once level reaches 50 mark . ]

Max "sweet , and good night nat tomorrow we will get ourselves some op shadows ."

nat [ goodnight max ]

Next morning

max was woken up by kurenai . As she came to check up on max , she made breakfast for him and after talking a while with him she left him alone saying "Come to my house whenever you want if you feel hungry ".

max "I am very grateful to have met her in this life . I will definitely repay her in future "

max 'lets get ourselves a shadow first . I have decided I will make shisui my first shadow . '

max " nat prepare portal to the day when shisui gave itachi his eye and jumped from the cliff . make portal near dead body of shisui."

nat [ portal created ...]

after that portal appeared and max go through it to find a dead body in front of him . Whole body was drenched in water like it has been thrown to river. as he saw uchiha fan sign on his cloth he knew this was shisui . He went near the body and said

max "Arise"

after that a shadow with human like figure rose from dead body , and knelt in front of max saying "master"

nat [ give name to your shadow ]

max " Just to not get any confusion i will name him SHISUI "

after that a holographic window appeared over the head of shisui as

[ shadow name : Shisui

current strength : soldier

specialization : assassination ]

After that shisui disappeared in max shadow . And all the memories of shisui came came in his mind . he didn't wait any longer and first went to his original time line and home . after that he started learning all jutsu . that he saw in his mind and knowledge about chakra and a uchiha techniques .

max "nat make a list of jutsu . I saw in the memories "

nat [ jutsu and abilities learnt : chakra control , clone , replacement , transformation , body flicker , shadow clone , great fireball , shuriken mastery , kenjutsu( sword) mastery , taijutsu( unarmed combat ) mastery , kunai mastery , fire release mastery , lightening release mastery , wind release mastery , Yin release mastery , sharingan genjutsu ( rare mastery as can be done on enemy far from you ) ]

( Author note - I did not wanted to make list too long that's why I did not Add many jutsu you can just say having sharingan have perks of being able to memorize a lot of jutsus )

Max " This is lottery . nat can you make my whole body attuned to the movements something like muscle memories of shisui into my muscles "

nat [ I can do that however it will hurt a lot as your stats are too much low compared to shisui ]

Max "just do it I have gamers mind and body . I can endure that much "

nat [ starting the muscle memory integration it will take 4 hours . 3.....2....1.]

max" fk although my mind is calm . But I can still feel pain "

4 hours later ( and eternity later for max )

nat [ process finished . level risen to 25 . all physical stats reached 200 . chakra reached jonin level ]

max " Its worth for result like this , nat can you compare strength of shisui shadow to this worlds term . "

nat [ He is as strong as reincarnated madra uchiha . And also shadows have unlimited chakra and stamina . they will return to your shadow only if your energy decreases . And you can assign which energy to be used and I would suggest your nature energy . As your title son of nature will always give you unlimited energy .]

max "Isn't it a scam for my enemy as even if they kill my shadow one time . they will just regenerate and will always be at their maximum power stat . And they can still increase their power . I feel sorry for my enemies "

nat [ yup ]

max " Now lets just do something which is dream of many kids and adults who watched naruto "

Max moves his hand forming multiple signs and yelled "shadow clone jutsu "

smoke came out from him and as smoke clears there were three max standing , showing evil smile at one another .

Max " HAHAHAHHAHAHA . Finally my dream come true , doing legendry shadow clone jutsu . "

After that he dispelled clones and sat on chair .

Max " I need to practice all those jutsu and elements just so as to improve on them and I still feel quite discomfort while doing jutsu the first time . I need to train ..... But how to do that without anyone noticing and also I have to improve my image in village "

Max " I have a plan . shadow clone are most useful in this "

after that max summons one shadow clone .

max " you have to help anyone who is in need . And don't any under circumstances fight the kids who comes to bully you . As even if they are in wrong only you will get punished . Come home before evening and dispel yourself now go "

As clone went outside

Max " nat use absolute disguise and change my body to 20 year old normal kid with a different face from me "

nat [ 321 done ]

after that Max saw himself in mirror and said " now even I couldn't say that it is me "

Max then used body flicker and reached outside forest . After that he practiced normal academy jutsu , After that he practiced body flicker and reached a level where he can make tangible and intangible copies of himself after practicing few hours . As there were still time to evening

max 'now in should prepare myself for my show in park . I will use flute . '

max " Hey nat can you send me some information about flute and how to play it "

nat [ I will directly pass information regarding flute in your brain . And you can reach mastery over it in matter of seconds . ..... transfer of data comleted ]

Max got all information he needed in his mind . And he made a flute out of a tree branch easily . and he practiced with flute till he felt like he reached a god like level .

After an hour or so he got memories of clone . He saw that clone was only able to a old lady who needed someone to get her to an address and he got bullied a lot . Children punched him kicked him . As clone was running away they also threw stone towards him .

Max after that teleported to his flat and change his appearance to original and said

"Baby steps , I have to endure if not I will just become someone like danzo wants me to be . nothing more than a chess piece "

Max " Now its time for my first live concert b*tchs "

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