7 Moving forward

after listening to his thoughts ino punched his face . and our mc just gets blasted to a distance .

max " nat did she just blasted me like team rocket from Pokemon ? "

nat[ yup sure she did ]

max " did you let her read my thoughts ?"

nat[ ......... error 404 ]

max" okay just leave it ..sigh.. "

max " so now it's already evening . lets head back home . And think about my situation more clearly . and my plans how to live in this village "

After reaching home

Birds came with various fruits in their mouth . max " well thank you birds . "

max ' I can think after filling my stomach '

After eating

max ' so from all the knowledge I had previously about the show. There is a cold war going between 3rd hokage and danzo . And danzo already had civilian council under control with sunsui's eye power . however the clans support 3rd hokage . So my condition is a result of the danzo's scheme . And the civilian are just being used . so why should I hate civilian . They are just being manipulated to hate me , without any of thier knowledge . first objective find true enemy . completed . now with all those things going on , I need to earn respect from villagers , or do something just to remove thier hate on me or just killing all of them holding for crimes they did all to me or previous me . hmmm '

thinking .... thinking

max" I'm just lazy to start a massacre . it would be better to make them like birds who just comes and feed me when I'm hungry or butterflies which arrive whenever I'm feeling depressed . I just have to make them realise that what they did was wrong . "

max " nat u know I wanted to be musician in my previous life . feeling how have a lot of fans , who would do so many stupid things for them . but I was just lazy to learn the instruments and my voice was , lets forget about that . "

nat[ your was like crow ]

max" thanks for reminding me . b* tch "

nat[ truth hurts ]

max " now I'm regretting for asking a AI assistance as a wish "

max " now for conclusion I will start music shows in park , and also add helping villagers , like e rank missions that genin had to do . That should be my first step to increase my reputation from negative . And I'll change these objectives if necessary . okay nat add objective for every helping atleast 3 people , and a music session in park . as music is very easy now for me with all those intelligence I got as a wish . I can recreate all of them or even better than them "

nat [ daily task

1 . Help 3 civilians

2 . music session in park at evening ]

max " but I'll do that after I got my powers . so tomorrow I'll go and get all the powers . after that I'll make schedule for training and daily tasks . "

It was already late at night .

max " goodnight nat . Tomorrow we will go on free shoping for Op powers "

nat [ goodnight host]

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