15 Fury

3rd POV

Max saw the cigarette smoking " Asuma sensei what are you doing here right now ? "

Asuma " kurenai just left to oversee suna ( hidden sand village) borders . You came late , By the way I was thinking of teaching you a jutsu which could help you in ninja academy "

Max didn't thought anything wrong at that time as he has already met asuma several time , and respected him for helping kurenai through her life since childhood . As she lost her parents in early age . He came out to help her ever since that and helped kurenai overcome her depression . He was there for her . However there first meeting was comical and deadly .


Max was 6 years Old . He was currently walking towards kurenai's house , so that he can learn jutsu . More like get permission to use jutsu , as he had already learnt many jutsu he even invented his own jutsu , but he cannot tell how he learnt all that so he needed her to give explanation , that he learnt from her .

As he was nearing house , he saw asuma and kurenai were argument about something and asuma caught her hand . He knew their relation already from his memories of anime . But then also he thought 'lets just play with his mind ' .

He picked up few pebbles from rock side and a sharp tree branch , in his hand about the size of his palm and can be hidden easily . Then he ran towards them , then jumps and does a super hero landing between them facing asuma and yelled "Get away from my sister you bandit or I will KILL you . "

asuma who heard that showed a little smile , He has already known about him and kurenai's relation but didn't met him till now . Kurenai also stood there and kept quiet to see how this goes .

asuma " Hey I'm not a bandit , My name is asuma sarutobi and fiance of your sister "

Max " No way , A MONKEY LOOKING GUY can't be my sister's fiance , and bad looking guys like you always try to kidnap beautiful girls like my sister "

After hearing that his cigarette dropped on ground from his mouth . Kurenai was trying to stop her laughter with her hand but was failling to do so .

Asuma " Brat , It seems you found out my secret . I am a bandit king and i'm here to take your sister away with smug smile "

Max after hearing that made his move and threw pebbles at his eyes which he easily dodged . However his vision was fixed on pebbles , And covered his field of view of his right side as he narrowly dodged pebbles . But max has already moved after throwing pebbles and had already calculated how he will move and jumped with sharp stick using like kunai at his neck .

Asuma Just felt something poking his neck quickly used substitution jutsu and appeared on other side near a tree . He then touched his neck and felt a shallow cut from which his blood was flowing out . His mind then went cold , thinking if he hadn't used jutsu then he was dead .

Max " Do you really think you can take my sister away , with me being alive . "

Kurenai after seeing situation getting clarified him how they were arguing about were to go on a date . After that everything cooled down , then as kurenai and asuma were going together to a location .

Max " Asuma sensei , Treat me sister carefully and If you try to harm my sister . Even death can't save you from me " said in a cold chilling voice without any emotion .

kurenai who just heard this thought it was just brother looking out for his sister . However situation was completely different for asuma , His throat went dry and can only nod his head up and down then left with his shivering body .


Max didn't thought much and left with asuma towards training ground .

Asuma " The jutsu is called shadow clone jutsu "

after that he showed hand signs and direction of chakra in body . max who has already learnt that did the jutsu easily after that asuma said " Now lets spar a bit "

After which asuma got his iconic chakra kunai out and looked dead serious . Soon their spar started max just used skills to not raise any suspicion . And used only body flicker and low-level genjutsu with tai jutsu . Soon he noticed asuma made every move with intent to kill . He got alert that something is wrong .

Max " Nat scan him and tell if anything is wrong with him "

nat [ He is under genjutsu Kotoamatsukami ( Shisui eye ability - Which is with danzo ) with order : " Make kurenai break her ties from max black . Do this by threatening him , OR Kurenai would die in 6 months " ]

Max as he heared that felt anger deep within his mind . HE called shisui and orrdered " remove genjutsu over him and knock him out and also remove his memories of today too , then leave him at the gates of konoha without being detected "

As shisui came in his humanoid shadow form , Max saw some one running away from him . As he followed that person he reached outside of root establishment . Then he saw danzo coming out with man ninja's with him .

Danzo " Oh who would have thought that little traitor kid would be that powerful . "

Max " Aren't you too much bold to use genjutsu on Hokage's son . That also with shisui's eye which you stole from him . However your biggest mistake was to threaten Big sis life . And you will pay for that ."

Danzo " It seems you know many things which requires death as a precondition to know . So today i will fulfill that by killing you . "

After that danzo waved his hand and all root members jumped towards him to kill him .

He activated the domain / room ability of fruit . Around hundred meters around him and as root ninjas came inside the boundary . Their hearts stop beating and explodes . soon max started walking towards danzo . And any ninja who came near him died , soon roots started making distance between max and them . They started using long range jutsus . However max Just makes an invisible barrier around him . And all jutsus came straight at him .

Danzo seeing all of this started laughing .

But as al smoke cleared he saw max standing there without any injuries or even his clothes were without any scratch .

Max " Why is it with villains they starts laughing without their victory . "

Soon max made several invisible barrier sword And beheaded every one present outside including danzo .

However Danzo just came back to life using izanagi . Danzo " you cannot kill me brat "

Max " OH I forgot about izanagi . YOU can just revive yourself several time more . Not a problem to me "

However one of root ninja came from inside of establishment . Holding unconscious kurenai and slashed her neck . Her head dropped on the ground away from her body . Max Eyes went dark. Danzo " Now what more you can do . Now she has been killed , Feel despair . Which a traitor like you should feel "

Max seeing kurenai dead felt rage like no before , Even gamers mind wasn't able to suppress that rage .

MAX in his rage switched power to tremor - tremor fruit , He then flickered in front of danzo and punched with his full power .

soon Crack started appearing in surrounding and like a glass everything starts breaking .

NAT [ host Not in condition to think straight . Using SOS button ]

Soon the entire naruto universe collapsed / destroyed .

After few second max found himself in front of godmaker again .

And then memories started playing in his mind , He started crying and sobbing in front him .

Max " ...... I didn't killed anyone , I always tried to find peaceful solution , even everyone kicked me , punched me , stabbed me , robbed me . Still I tried to smile everyday , Because I did not wanted to show my suffering to big sis , so that she cannot get in my trouble . But .... but why does she had to die ........." said while crying .

Godmaker " Why didn't you use SOS button and don't worry I can use my powers and send you in that at same time in same world Before this incident AND make danzo or anyone to not use anyone you love or is family against you , so that if they want to harm you they all will stupidly come looking for you not for your loved ones or family . I will also give blessing to kurenai so that she can live peacefully and will never encounter any danger in her life and will only die of old age , Now stop crying "

Max after listening that stopped crying And proccesed what he heard . He then became happy .

Max "Thank you big bro , I just forgot about button option . Now that every problem is solved can you send me back to world " with happy face .

godmaker " Well you know you just fu*ked an universe with a punch . generally peoples destroying whole world without worlds time are prisoned for eternity . But as you are my brother I can save you from that punishment , But you still have to go through punishment . "

Godmaker suddenly saw a pigeon came into his room with a letter in its mouth .

Godmaker reads the letter and starts laughing , his ass off .

Godmaker " Your punishment is decided , It is .........."