[62]Nothing But a Pawn

A/N: Just gonna say that Drake is cooked, back to back disses from Kendrick is killing him.

"Your tryna strike a cord it's probably A-minor"

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He's the definition of 'you can't kick a man that's already down' naw he can and will do it multiple times!

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Drake might be making bops for the club but Kendrick is making Art.


Few weeks ago in Europe, I'm a luscious room, two individuals talked.


Well... not so much talking actually.

"Stupid bitch," growled the blonde-haired man as he slapped the girl in front of him.

"Ahhhh!" She screamed as she dropped to the floor, her cheek reddened and swollen from the strong slap she had just received.

"You can't even bring the right sweets, you fucking useless woman," he swung his legs towards her, kicking her in the stomach.

The eyes of the grey-haired girl widened in pain as his feet made contact with her, causing her to cough violently from having the air kicked out of her.

'It hurts,' she thought in her mind; this treatment wasn't anything new coming from the young master in front of her, but the pain never lessened.

After taking a few deep breaths, she finally managed to calm down, although that didn't stop the tears flowing from her eyes, head down, not daring to look at the boy directly in the eyes. Lifting the plates full of macaroons, he looked at the girl.

"I am giving you one more chance, get the right ones... or else," walking towards her, he dropped the sweets on her.

"Y-yes, I'm sorry..." Turning around with anger laced in his step, he slammed the door closed as he left the room.


After gathering herself, she set out to the streets of England. After all, she didn't want the blonde-haired boy to use her tardiness as an excuse to abuse her once again. As she continued to walk, stares piercing her as her whole appearance didn't change from her last beating, she finally arrived at the famous cafe that sold the sweets the blonde-haired boy liked.

"Oui Oui Le Baguette," she read under her breath.

{A/N:I make fanfics, of course, I'm uncreative enough to not make a proper bakery name}

Stepping into the store, she was greeted with the calming aura of the establishment. It had a rustic yet elegant vibe that calmed her tormenting heart.

As she walked deeper, she made it to the front desk; the grey-haired girl rang the bell. "Coming!" spoke a voice behind a curtain. An old man around his 70s came out, obviously the owner of the bakery, whose name was Michael Baguette.

"Ah, it's you, Ana," he greeted the girl with a smile. But that smile soon turned into a frown as he noticed the bruises on her. He was already aware of the supernatural, and he was also aware of the lower houses that served the Pendragon family.

His bakery itself had been visited by the Pendragons themselves for all these hundreds of years, thus why 'Oui Oui Le Baguette' is so renowned and famous.

He was also aware of the abuse the lower houses are put under, especially the girl right in front of him, Ana Schariac.

The poor girl has been serving one of the main houses young masters for a long while now, and so far, every time she comes to the bakery, he can see the light in her eyes growing dimmer and dimmer.

'Sigh~ if only...!' A person suddenly came to mind. A handsome blonde boy with deep green eyes. He remembers that night when he was attacked by a pack of vampires and then saved by him. The power he displayed was something he had never seen before.

What shocked him most of all was his last name.

Otto Apocalypse.

A surname he never thought he would hear again after the massacre of the Apocalypse and Kaslana houses. And also, the fact that the same boy had been visiting the bakery before, although he never noticed that he was an Apocalypse.

He wanted to ask more questions, but the boy left, not before leaving a card with his number and a few words 'If you ever need anything, don't hesitate to call.'

He swiftly disappeared like the wind; of course, it wasn't the last time they saw each other as he visited the bakery often. But Michael never had the heart to ask the questions buried deep within his heart.

'But should I call him? This isn't his problem, and I don't want the Pendragons killing him,' he hesitated. But his eyes were drawn to the girl before him, the messy hair, the swollen cheek, the bruises around her body.

If he couldn't save the Siegfried or Cecilia, then at least he can save the girl in front of him. At least he can ask the boy to take her somewhere secluded, far from the Pendragon.

"Um, mister Baguette?" Ana's words snapped him out of his thoughts, but his decision was now set in stone.

"Sorry, sweetheart, mind waiting for a bit?" he asked Ana.

"Umu," she meekly nodded. Walking to the kitchen, he dialed the numbers written on the card and into his phone.

{Moshi Moshi, Otto Speaking}

"It's been a while, Mr. Otto."

{Oh? Is that you, Mr. Baguette?}

"Yes, it's me, boy, how have you been?"

{Fufu I've been fine thanks for asking, but I'm sure you're not calling me for a mere check-up... right?}

"Yes, there's this girl named Ana..."

Michael proceeded to tell Otto her situation.

{Hmmm, I see...}

--- Ana Schariac's POV-

Mr. Baguette is taking a while; usually, he would already have the fresh sweets prepared already in his kitchen, but he's taking more time than usual. I wonder why? Hm, maybe he's just busy.

I sighed as I melted myself on the table; it's as close to comfort I can get, especially since I have to go back to Lord Adrian and deliver the sweets.

I-I wished he wouldn't hit me anymore, but that's wishful thinking. As us lower houses' fate is to serve the Pendragon until we die.

And this place is my only safe haven, at least for a little bit.

"What's with the gloomy face?"

"Hm?!" My eyes widened in shock as I heard the voice next to me. I jumped off my seat as I saw who the voice belonged to.

"Haha, you're like a cat," the boy giggled at me.

'Wow, he's handsome,' I couldn't help but think as I saw him. Wait, that's not important right now! I didn't feel him at all, even if he didn't possess magical energy I should have still been aware that he was sitting right next to me.

"Aw come on, girl, don't get all defensive," he reassured with a gentle smile as if he had read what I was thinking on my mind.

"T-Then who who are you?"

"Someone that will help you."

"Help... me?"

"Yes, help you. After all, that's what Mr. Baguette called me here for."

"Mr. Baguette? He called you here?" Why would he do such a thing? It's not like we're close or anything, and I don't think he has any connections that could go against the Pendragon.

"It's because he's kind, too kind for his own good actually," the blonde boy suddenly spoke.

"Because he's kind?"

"Yes, you're not the first one he's seen like this. The abuse of the Pendragons' lower houses has been going on for a long time. And now that I've given him a chance, I'm sure he won't let the opportunity of helping you slip his hands."


"No buts, Ana, only yes or no... do you wish for help?" Raising his hand from under the table, a beautiful crimson feather graced my sight. It was... beautiful.

I can't describe this feeling, but it's like it's drawing me in and calling out my name. As if...

"You were made for it."


"Hahaha, your expression is cute, but I'll ask once again and only once, Ana Schariac... will you help me destroy the Pendragon family?"

"What!" I slammed my hands on the table, shocked by his statement. Saving me was one thing but destroying the Pendragon was close to impossible! There's a reason why they are still one of the most prominent clans in Europe.

"You heard exactly what I said, Ana."

"But that's impossible."

"Of course it is with your measly strength."

"..." I gritted my teeth in frustration. I... I already know that I'm weak. Since the beginning, I've accepted my fate of being treated like this, to be like an ant that could be stepped on and killed at any second.

"How long will it be until he kills you? With the way things are going now, you will probably die from the wounds you have now getting continuously worse."

"Ana, as things are going now, nothing will change."

"But IF you truly want things to change..." He moved his hands closer to me, the feather in his hand becoming more and more hard not to touch.

And...I took it.

It's not like I have anything left either way. If I'm going to die, then at least I'll die trying. A huge grin slithered onto his face.

"Good decision, Ana. You won't regret it." I didn't know at that time, but I would become nothing but his pawn, not that there was anything wrong with that in the first place.

Since at least the 'freedom' he gave me was something I would always be grateful for.

My master, Otto Apocalypse.


Otto's POV-

Fufu, now my plan is in fruition. Do you really think I went to the bakery that the Pendragon family goes to frequently for no reason?

Do you really think I would tell my name to the baker for no reason?

Of course not!

I've been biding my time, waiting for him to call me.

Especially with that soft personality of his, I knew he would break seeing a poor member of the lower houses being mistreated.

I'm sure he has seen it once or twice before in his career, but he has neither the power nor that great of an influence to stop it.

Well, actually, he does now, especially when I showed him a bit of how strong I was when I saved him from those vampires I made with [Annihilation Maker].

Now I have a good pawn to take out the Pendragons from within. It's almost time for my revenge, Ana and Kevin included of course. 

I'm sure they will love ripping them to shreds~

my eyes could not help but be drawn to a picture on my desk.

In the picture, Nikolas Apocalypse and Sabrina Schariac were both happily hugging each other in a field of flowers, a baby in the arms of the woman.

I may not have known them or have any affection for them, but that doesn't mean that I'm not pissed off that they were killed. It just left a bad taste in my mouth that I never met them because of those Pendr-igers.

count your days Pedragon's, the day for your ruin will come soon.

And it will all be thanks to that Red Feather.

the one that Ana will deliver right. to. your. doorstep.

I'm going to slaughter all those filthy monkeys that can't even do simple jujutsu