[60] Domain

Otto POV -

This crazy fucker... he actually did it! He somehow achieved Domain Expansion, it was incomplete but it was one in essence.

But unlike mine, which is fueled by cursed energy, his seemed to be fueled by something else.

It felt familiar, unmovable, strong, unrelenting, and unwavering, Prideful.

The chicken somehow managed to turn his prideful emotion and personality into his own innate cursed technique.

No, Prideful technique?

What type of MC character development is this?

Wait, is that dumbass grinning?

Hoh, guess I have to keep him in check once again.

He's like Cao Cao who needs some beating before he falls in line.

Can't let that prideful personality of his get to his head.

3rd POV -

After gathering his bearings, Riser stood proud of what he managed to achieve. Yes, he knew that it was incomplete but it was close, close enough to cancel out Otto's own Domain Expansion.

"Congratulations, Riser, you passed my first test," Otto slowly clapped his hands dramatically.

He never thought he could perform Domain Expansion; Otto had expected Riser to pull a Mahoraga and walk through his slashes while continuously regenerating.

Riser proved him wrong, though, as he somehow managed to pop a Domain. Between ragged breaths, Riser replied,

"I have you to thank for that, Otto." Riser clenched his fist as a golden-hued energy enveloped his hand; it was the manifestation of his pride.

"Yes, yes, I'm also quite proud of you, but... pride? I thought I beat that out of you." A devious grin appeared on Otto's face; Riser, who had already experienced a bit of Otto's personality, knew that the expression he was showing was bad news.

Moving at speeds that even Riser had a hard time keeping up with, despite turning into an Ultimate class, he reappeared in front of Riser.

Otto cocked his fist back, cursed energy enveloped it completely.

Black Flash is a distortion in space that occurs when cursed energy is applied within 0.000001 seconds of a physical hit.

When a sorcerer is able to achieve this, their cursed energy flashes black, and the destructive power of their strike is equal to a normal hit to the power of 2.5.

As Otto's fist collided with Riser's stomach, black arcs of cursed energy crackled violently through the air, bending the space around the punch itself.


Riser's face violently contorted in pain, blood spluttered from every orifice of his body before being blown out of the building.



With a loud crash, Riser was embedded into the concrete floor of the street.

"Damn, that hurt," groaned Riser in pain.

He didn't know how or what Otto used, but that single punch felt like getting thundercunted with a Mainstays 0.7 Cu ft Countertop Microwave Oven, at the speed of Mach Jesus.

In simple words, Otto's punch hurt more than it usually should, and that's speaking from first-hand experience.

Riser heard a dangerous whistle coming his way; he immediately got off the floor and jumped back, barely dodging the dangerous ax kick that was aimed at his head.


The floor under Otto's feet collapsed along the whole street; the sheer strength of his kick, added with a little something else (increased Gravity), destroyed the whole street. Riser, who flew to the sky at the last minute, was glad he did so.

Or else he would have been caught in that whole explosion.

Taking advantage of the chaos, Riser manifested a huge ball of flames. He sent it hurling towards the destroyed street, but it was immediately cut into pieces.


Flying towards Riser, Otto sent out a punch at his face.

Riser dodged to the side and sent out a kick towards his face. Otto immediately ducked and tackled Riser, sending them both crashing into the ground. Once again getting up, they both engaged in a dangerous dance of hand-to-hand combat.

The clash of Riser's fire-clad fist and Otto's cursed energy destroyed their surroundings from the aftershock.

'I should finish this,' thought Otto. Right now, he was limiting his power to Ultimate Class so that he could match Riser, but he could feel himself getting overwhelmed.

Surprisingly, but it was the truth, obviously not skill-wise but through his fire.

Originally, he had managed to resist his fire by covering his body in a very thin layer of cold energy.

But now that Riser is ultimate class, he isn't able to withstand the heat with a mere layer of cold energy.

Now he actually needs to take him a bit seriously with him restraining himself to ultimate class.

Otto swiftly kicked Riser in the stomach, creating a safe distance between each other.

Bringing his hand up, he swiped down.

'Damn!' Seeing the hand movement Otto was making, he knew he was about to be cut in half.

Reinforcing his whole body with demonic energy, Riser crossed his arms in a defensive position as Otto brought down his arm vertically.

"What?" Riser was confused; he wasn't cut, neither was he injured. Bringing his arms down, he saw Otto looking at him with a mocking grin.

"Made ya flinch, bitch!" Otto swiped his hand vertically, destroying the whole street with a cleave. Riser, along with the building, was sent flying back.

"I refuse!!!!" Flames violently burst out of Riser.


Like a comet, he zoomed towards Otto.

As he made it towards him, his fist collided with the nonchalant Otto.


Like a nuke going off, the whole surrounding was bathed in a white light.


3rd POV-

"Impossible!" Riser's trembling voice shouted. Otto and Riser stood in the middle of a massive crater, a statement of Riser's strength.

Well, Otto's own statement was also made as he stood there unscathed.

The only difference from before was his turned face where Riser's fist had collided with.


Stumbling back, Riser looked at Otto with shock.

Otto rubbed his sore chin as if he hadn't been hit with a nuke to the face.

"Sigh... all that for a drop of blood,"

Otto spat blood to the side along with a tooth that Riser had managed to knock out of his jaw.


"Now it's my turn." Otto brought his hands together.

[Domain Expansion: Malevolent Shrine]

"Dammit, he's doing it again!" Riser said in frustration, crossing his own fingers

[Domain Expansion: PHENEX FORCE]

Demonic Energy spread across the field, creating a separate space, isolating Riser and Otto.

And what about Otto's Domain Expansion?

There never was one.

He was merely curious as to what Riser's Domain Expansion was.

He pump-faked Riser once again with a Domain Expansion this time because he was curious. Riser was dancing in Otto's palm.