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Riser POV-


That's the feeling that coursed through Riser's body.

Riser's vision blurred, his body laid on top of the gravel of the building he had just crashed into. Riser's consciousness continued to black out and come back. He tried to collect himself, but he just couldn't.

That human, he was stronger than Riser, no, stronger than I could have ever imagined.

He flung me around like a ragdoll and used me as a punching bag.


And this is all being broadcasted to the supernatural world.

I wonder how disappointed Mother and Father are? I wonder how badly I have disgraced our family's honor?


I have always talked about keeping the family honor and being the face of the Phenex, but... when did I start to care so much about it? My parents were the ones who spoke about such things to me as far as I can remember.

"You must always uphold the house's honor."

"You are our house's future."

"You are a Phenex; you must always be above others."

Even now I'm in this arranged marriage with that Gremory girl because it's for the good of the family.


That wasn't it.

That wasn't the reason I was so... prideful.

"You're the coolest big brother!"

Ah... yes, I remember now.


Even from when she was little, Ravel would follow me around, always looking at me with a face full of amazement and worship.

She always saw me as the coolest person. She was the one who made me this strong and gave me the drive to become better and be a cooler older brother. Even now she's still with me despite my arrogance.

How could I have forgotten the most important thing to me?


3rd POV-

Otto slowly descended from the sky, his two feet touching the entrance of the almost-collapsed building. His eyes were now glued onto the figure buried under rubble.

"That's disappointing," Otto muttered under his breath. He thought that Riser would last a bit longer; with that super-regeneration of his, he should have.

But it seems like he wasn't tired physically but mentally.

'Probably whooped his ass too hard,' concluded Otto. He probably beat him to the point that he couldn't get up due to embarrassment. He wouldn't blame him since he's always talking about honor, glory, blah, blah, blah only to end upen getting punched like a ragoll.

Otto didn't hear the announcement; he wasn't truly familiar with the rules, but if they hadn't taken him out, then that means they had some '3,2,1 out' type of countdown.

"I'll check on Welt," he turned around to leave. Foosh Boom A sudden but brilliant light enveloped the room; Otto's eyes went wide as he felt the sudden spike of demonic energy filling the building.

Turning around, he saw him. Standing from the rubble, a fiery golden aura surrounded Riser.

Otto could feel the intense heat radiating from it, but it didn't burn, and neither did it turn Riser's surroundings into ashes. It was as if Riser had full control of whether his flames would burn or not.

But that alone wasn't his most notable feature. It was his eyes. If before they were full of arrogance and disgust to anyone who wasn't him, now they were clear and filled with fiery determination.

'Ultimate class?' concluded Otto with surprise. He didn't think Riser would receive a power-up from the ass-whooping he gave him.

Riser himself was high-class already but at a low level. So, the sudden jump in power level was what made Otto so curious as to what made Riser change so much.

"Otto, right? I must apologize for my past attitude. From now on, I will not fight you as Riser Phenex, but as Riser, just Riser." The aura around him collected itself into his body, trickling into his hand, a sword that radiated pure heat manifested.

Pointing it at Otto, he spoke, "Ready yourself, I'm no longer that me from before." 'Hoh?' Otto had just realized that he was fighting a new Riser, the Phenex that had now risen from the ashes of his old self.


Kiba Yuuto/Isaiah POV- 

Well, that was... unexpected.

Watching the screen, all of us looked at the new Riser that had become Ultimate Class.

Rias was the most shocked though; she would have probably had to fight that if Otto hadn't stepped in.

A fight she would have definitely lost, whether she had Issei or not. Well, I can beat him, but Otto ordered me to not reveal my strength yet.

But that's not all; it wasn't just about strength. It was also about his attitude. I can tell; his eyes have changed from that arrogant and impromptu Riser.

He was now clearer. Heh. Well, I guess that's what happens when you get manhandled that badly by Otto.

I've seen the tapes of Otto's fight with the [Flame Chasers] team; let's just say that Otto has a way of bringing out the best in people in weird ways.

I couldn't help but chuckle. I have also recently had an encounter with him, and let's just say that a fight with him will push one to their limits.

Not totally unexpected that Riser turned out like this.

"Impossible!" Shouted Rias. Never mind, I guess she didn't see it coming.


Otto Pov-

This bloody bastard did it.

I don't know how or why, but he did it; he somehow jumped from low high class to ultimate class.

I would call this bullshit, but I'm sure that this is somewhat related to his devil heritage.

After all, devils run on desire. The more you want it, the more powerful you become to obtain it.

I don't know what Riser desired, but it was strong enough to break him through all the way to ultimate class.


"Fine then, Riser, I'll take you a bit more seriously."


A surge of cursed energy flooded out of me like a dam.

Of course, cursed energy doesn't exist in DxD, but I've found a shortcut through my [Annihilation Maker], of course.

I created a ring-like monster that would translate all of my negative emotions into cursed energy, like a sacred gear.

The cursed energy would fuel another ring of mine, which was a ring that held Sukuna's cursed technique.

I could have just made a ring that had Sukuna's cursed technique without the need for cursed energy to fuel it, but you would be surprised how handy the black flash and RCT could be.

To multiply the strength of an attack by 2.5 is incredibly overpowered; imagine the power of a nuclear bomb times 2.

And RCT is also quite useful as it can regenerate the body a bit faster than Riser himself.

I'm going to have fun~

Riser tensed, sensing the cursed energy; to him, it must feel like a bottomless pit of malice, sadness, and evil washing over him.

Anybody that would encounter it would at least have chills running down their spines from sensing so many negative feelings and thoughts.

"Hahahahah, prepare yourself, Riser! You're not worthy of fighting me if you can't even survive this." I put my hands together.

[Domain Expansion: Malevolent Shrine]

I'm going to push this chicken to his limit~