[3]Birthday and day of the trip

As the three of us made it into class we moved towards our seats I seat on the second last seat near the window with Himeko behind me on the last desk and welt next to me.

I was originally going to seat on the last desk near the window so that I could look into absolutely fucking nothing just how all protagonist should.

But Himeko got to it first, I was going to fight for it is my birthright as a reincarnator but I let Himeko have it.

Oh boy did I fuck up.

From that day she continued to tase me from behind. From tickling my waist to Blowing air into my ear.

I'm especially sensitive there so after she found out about it Himeko continued to target that spot.

It's as if she's teasing me because she likes...me.

Well I did save her from some asshole bullies some years ago and brought her back to the orphanage piggy back style...like how all romance protagonist do.

...wow the dense protagonist curse hit me.

But we're to young for that if Himeko actually likes me.

I like young cute girl but I don't like them hot out of the oven.

Maybe once we go into highschool.

As we sat on our usual spots the teacher walked in to the front of the class.

"Alright children,we have an announcement." She spoke with enthusiasm

Oh?, she seems pretty excited. Hope it isn't some boring bullshit.

"Our class won the school sponsored trip to go to Italy!" She beamed.

Ohhh right!, there was a competition in the school and whichever class got the best grades would get a paid trip to Italy.

It was only grades 6th through 8th and we won from all classes.

Especially because me, Himeko, and welt are super smart but we also helped tutor most of our classmates.

Miss fisher was basically hugging the three of us when we helped the class so that we could win the trip.

"The trip will be next week so you all better get your luggage as the trip will lasts half a week~" she said with excitement.

Dam she's really happy about it.


After school finished the three of us rushed to Miss Scot who was the head of the orphanage, she is a sweet lady in her 40 and has always been kind to all the children.

She even gives us a small pocket money to everyone so that they could atleast buy themselves a small treat or candy.

Me, Himeko, and wet always pool it togheter and buy something extra expansive that we usually wouldn't be able to buy like the technology book we had obtained as it was Welt's turn to use the funds.

Going into miss Scot's office we told her about the trip.

We still needed her to fill a permission slip as she was technically still our guardian.

"Oh so they finally announced it?" She asked as the three of us were surprised.

"You knew already?" I asked

"Of course I did, I even signed up as a chaperone" she said with a smile.

"But don't you have to take care of the kids inn the orphanage Ms. Scot?" Of course there's a few other people who work here in the orphanage beside her but she's the glue that keeps things togheter.

"Fufu~Dont worry sweetheart, the orphanage can survive without me for a few days, plus I've been wanting to go on a vacation for a while but never got the chance to do so" She said with a smile.

Oh so she's the same as miss fisher, they love their work but they are only human in the end.

They still need their small brekas.

We handed our permission slips to her and signed them. It was already getting late so we went to our rooms.

The orphanage isn't big perse but it's big enough so that we could fit about 2 kids in a room and not all the kids living inside one huge rooms with bunker beds.

It's kind of like dorms.

Himeko has her own female roomate while me and Welt share one room with a bunk bed.

We're even allowed to decorate it a bit if we have our own stuff.

Of course we don't but since, ya know, were orphans

That's why she gives us a small allowance so that we could save up to buy our own stuff


A week later-

"Happy birthday!" Yelled two voices making my sleeping figure jump in surprise.

My brain was half alive and half dead as I looked as Himeko and Welt who had a small cupcake with a candle on top that said '12'

"Huh?" I was still confused as my brain was still soft.

"Happy birthday Otto?" Said Himeko and Welt as they gave me a hug.

Soon my mind fully woke up as I realized that they were celebrating my birthday...at this ungodly hour!, the sun was barely going up from what I could see outside the window.

But still...it made me happy, I didn't have much friends in my past life and even less celebrate it with friends.

I could feel my eyes watering up.

"Thanks you two" I said with a gratefull tone.

"Um, no problem we even got you a birthday cupcake" Said Himeko with smile.

"Sorry we couldn't get you a whole cake tough" said welt with a sad smile.

"No!, I love this. Plus who needs a whole cake when your all alone. I for one, have you two and that's all I need" I said with confidence, I'm grateful that I have such good friends, I don't even know were the got the money to buy one, we usually have it hidden in a place we're only the three of us k ow we're it is and nobody has touched it.

I could see their faces beam with a smile as they heard my words.

[Happy birthday host, system main feature have been activated. Giving host initial rewards and birthday gift]

Oh alread-

Soon piercing pain hit my chest

"Ah fuck!" I shouted as I dropped on my bead in pain.

I could see Himeko and Welt panicking to my sudden pain.

"Welt get help!" said Himeko

"On it" he said as he was ready to get Ms. Scot.

"No, Dont!" I don't need Ms. Scot seeing me gaining powers.

"What are you talking about, your in pain" Himeko said as she looked like she was about to cry.

"I-Its fine, il explain later j-just trust me" They looked at me with frowns but they nodded.

After a few minutes of grueling pain it finally stopped, my whole body was covered in sweat and some black sticky stuf.

If my cultivation knowledge is right then this black stuff must move the impurities in my body.

I also feel... stronger.


"Ow!" Himeko suddenly punched me iny head.

"That's for worrying us, now speak. What was that?, you suddenly started glowing and stuff. *Gasp* are you an alien sent to Earth!, are your brethren going to invade humanity?!. Haha I knew they were real" Himeko started to delusionise as she laughed like a madman.

Both me and Welt only looked at her werdly

"...no I'm not an allien" I spoke, well technically Honkai beast and Hersher are Aliens since they are beings from outside the Bubble Universe they invade in.

But I'm sure that I'm not the type of alien that Himeko wanted.

Himeko who was happily ranting about me being an alien stoped and looked at me with disappointment.

Oi, be happy that at least there isn't a alien race planing to enslave Earth!

"If that's the case then please explain" said welt calmly.

"Alright but you can't tell anyone outside from the three of us" It's not that I don't trust them, in fact I trust them like family. But in the end no matter how smart both Himeko and Welt may be, they are both still kids.

But I know I can't keep this particular secret from them since I already plan to make them my Hershers.

They both nodded vigorously, seemingly exited to hear my secret.

"I am what you would call a hersher, the very incarnation of a concept" All hershers are conceptual in some point.

The flame hersher literal being the incarnation of of destruction, in the game the hersher of Fire had literally burned down all of Australia before Kevin could put an end to her, and Ironically it was the Himeko of the previous era.

Even the Hersher of ice could have been able to freeze time or some bullshit like that if they had given it time to grow

"Incarnation of a concept" Despite being smart Himeko still couldn't understand what I was talking about.

"He's talking about things like the concept of space, time, or things of that nature if I'm right" Said Welt, Good job buddy I knew you were the smartest out of us all.

"Well yes but my concept is 'Binding'" As the hersher core I got was of the hersher of Binding.

"Binding?, what does that do?" Asked Himeko, Welt also looked at me confused.

Looks like it's time to try out my new powers.

I focused as a pink aura flared around me, probably my honkai energy.

I reached out my hands and soon golden portals rippled in the air, beautiful golden chains moved around us until the rooms corner frames were covered.

"Binding: Space Lock" the golden chains soon glowed dimly.

"...so what did you do?" Welt still seemed confuse as to what happened.

"Look at the window" they looked at some weurd until they looked outside the window.

It was completely black, devoid of nothing

Both Himeko and Welt seems t open their eyes in shock, even the stoic welt couldn't help but panic.

"W-what happened, why is the outside so... empty?" Asked welt.

"Well what I did was to use the manifestation of my bind ability Wich are the chains to lock the space we are in. Right now we are in a separate space Wich is locked down by me, no one can enter or leave without my permission" I was quite proud that I managed to pull it off first try tough the ability consumes lot of my Honkai Energy. Not because it cost a lot but because of my lack of energy control.

My lack of control makes me use more energy than what I would really need to use for this a ability.

I'm also surprised that this worked, the Hersher of binding was only shown to be to counter things like her Anti-Honkai field Wich rendered the weapons of the previous era absolutely useless and killed MANTIS soilders in a matter of minutes.

And creating an Anti-barrier for something isn't really what one would call binding directly but it's related to its concept.

You are 'restricting' something in some way.

In that type of tough I imagined that my chains locked or restrained the space around us.

I closed my hands as the pink aura around me died down along with, chains and the space around us going back to normal.

"So, you all have to keep this a secret. Who knows, maybe the government will take me and do experiments on my body" I joked, welt chuckled but Himeko.


"No!, we can't let them know. We promise to keep this secret to the grave" Himeko didn't get the joke

"..." (Me&Welt)

"...what are you looking at me so weirdly, I'm being serious!" (Himeko)


Me and welt could hold it anymore as we began to laugh, Hemikos face turned red as she finally realized that I was joking.

"I'll punch you if you keep laughing" she raise her fist.

Both me and Welt shut up immediately, for me it wouldn't hurt since I have a hersher physique. I haven't tested my strength but I'm sure that I'll be able to leave a dent on an armored truck.

[Name:Otto Apocalypse


Core: Binding

Energies:Honkai Energy, Mana

Sacred Gear: Annihilation Maker(Awakened)












CHRM: 93/100



<Spirit Spear: Chastiefol< p>

<Birthday Gift< p>





Hersher subordinate support*

Current Hershers:None

Possible Candidates:2

Himeko Murata:

-Relationship score:92

-Status:Likes Otto by a lot in a romantic way but too shy to admit it, takes out her complicated emotions on Otto by teasing him in school.

-Core Compatibility: Fire(Thermal manipulation,fire), Void(Space Manipulation

Imaginary Space Travel, Pocket Dimension Creation/Travel).

-Sacred Gear: Incinerate Anthem(Unawakened)

Welt Yang:

Relationship Score:89

Status: Thinks of Otto as a brother and as his best friend, also sees Otto as a rival due to both's high intelligence. Teases Otto about liking Anime when he himself likes Mecha anime by a lot specifically.

-Core Compatibility: Reason(Object Creation/Reconstruction of That Which is Understood by the User, Absorption of Soul Fragments of Nearby Casualties), Star(Gravity Manipulation, Black Hole Creation)

-Sacred Gear: Unknown Dictator(Unawakened)]

What the fuck are those stats!?.

They went up by a lot, but I'm weak compared to a real hersher considering that I'm still a child. Maybe an adult me would be around 56 on average in my stats and an adult me that works out a lot would be around 78 according to my calculations If I didn't have a hersher core.

I should be able abel to raise them more by training my strength and getting better control of my energy.

It also seems like magic exist in this world as I could see that energy types includes mana.

And there is also the...sacred...Gear...fuck.

I live in the world of Highschool DxD of all places.

A world were a damed pervert would fight the God's for some bouncy tatas.


Anyways it seems like welt and Himeko also have sacred...gears...

Incinerate Anthem?

Unknown Dictator?

They aren't supposed to have these at all!, in the DxD world the Longinus Incinerate Anthem was supposed to be wielded by some chick named Lint Sallz.

Incinerate Anthem allowed her to summon a holy purple fire that could even consume the gods.

And Unknown dictator was a new variant Longinus class sacred gear wielded by some guy that work with Azazel.

The thing allows the user to controll metal, electronic devices, and technology in his surroundings.

Well that's what I remember according to my 678 worth of intelligence stats points.

Considering that I am in an AU combined with other universes, it's only right that some things are different.

Wish I knew Wich other fictions were mixed in here.

And then there is my sacred gear.

Annihilation Maker, another top class Longinus from the original thirteen Longinuses.

Originally it was to be wielded by some guy from the Hero faction but it seems like it's now in my hands...and awakened.

It lets you create monsters fomlrm your shadow, and it's only limit is your imagination.

Hehehe now I can create as many waifus as I want.

Hehehe hahahahahaha!


"Ouch?" I looked at Himeko who had hit me on the head.

"Why did you punch me?"

"Becuase you made a creepy face, and I didn't like it all" O shit maybe she sensed my inner desires.

"No no I wasn't thinking of anything but I also have another thing to tell you two" they both perked up as they seems interested

"Remember when I asked you if the supernatural like gods, angels, devil's, vampires and stuf existed?" I asked.

"Yah I remember" (Himeko)

"I do recall you asking that" (Welt)

"Well they all excist, surprise!" I said with a smile, hopefully they take the news well.

"...huh?" (Himeko&Welt)

Oh boy this is gona be a long day.