[19]Destiny Arrives All the same

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As the sun finally fell, so did Azazel's and Ms. Azza's conversation. They pretty much catched up except she didn't reveal anything about me or Schicksal. Thank god she did, I would have been mad at her if she did reveal us but not for long.

"So now that we're pretty much catched up, I'm curious about these people here. Their mana signature is almost hide completely. Of I didn't have good senses I would have never thought they could use mana." Azazel asked as he drank his 20th beer, the man sure has one hell of an alcohol resistance.

"That's not for me to answer, if you have any questions then ask Otto" Azza redirected Azazel's attention to me.

"So kid, from which hole did you find the silver haired guy, the speed that he showed earlier should have been at least peak Satan Class"

Oh buddy, that wasn't even his max speed.

"It's none of your business, Chicken" I know that he ain't asking so that he can get info from us for Grigori, but to merely satisfy his curiosity.

And the fact that he's straight up asking me knowing that I can't beat the shit out of him or anything of that matter because he's just asking a simple question and that Azza is here watching us, it irritates me.

A great idea suddenly dawned upon my beautifull mind.

"You know what, I'll give you an answer" I said.

"You are?" (Azazel)

"Really?" (Azza)

"What?" (Everyone else)

Everyone was quite surprised that I was actually going to answer...not.

"Rita, of you would" I told my loyal maid.

Rita seems to instantly understand what I wanted to do.

Without moving from her spot, a purple mist filled the room.

Azazel eyes seemed to jump out of his eyes as we were all transported to a separate space that Rita had created with her [Dimension Lost].

"That's Dimension Lost!" Exclaimed Azazel as he points at Rita.

But oh boy is he In for a treat.

[Dimensions Lost] was previously owned by a guy named Georg who was affiliated with the magicians association.

Me already knowing this from the DxD anime, wiki, and the light lovel, tracked him down and sneaked into his room along Valerie so that we could remove and steal his sacred gear that was connected to his soul. Good thing he hadn't awakened it yet or he would have gone feral if he found out that he got a Longinus class sacred gear stolen from him in his sleep.

Anyone would to be honest.

"Give him a good show gang" I said to the other.

They looked at each other and nodded, taking off the rings that concealed their mana levels.

Like breaking the fucking dam that held back the world's sea, everyone Ultimate to Supreme class mana leaked out like flowing water.

The mere pressure directed towards Azazel caused him to drop to the floor into a yamcha pose, gasping for air.


"I hope this is satisfactory enough for you, Azazel" I said as I looked at the barely breathing Azazel.

Azza on the other hand didn't do anything, she probably knew that Azazel had it coming considering how bold he got with his questions.

I Snaped my fingers, causing every to stop their pressure release and put back on the ring.

Rita also deactivated [Dimension Lost], taking us back to the library room.

Azazel stayed panting on the floor for a good minute until he finally mustered enough strength to speak "Scary boy, to have 4 Supreme class being under you. At this point you have power rivaling the greatest faction's, even the devil's only have 2 and you have 4!" He yelled at me.

And there's also the fact that he doesn't know that we have almost all the 13 Longinus Sacred Gears in our hands.

Oh his face would be great, especially since Azazel is so obsessed with them. But I already revealed our power levels to him so there's no need to show more.

"The world is going to be in chaos when they find out" he said.

"Whose finding what?, there's nothing to find at all~" I said with a playful tone.

Azazel looked at me with a confused face first until he realized what I was talking about.

"H-hey kid, you joking right?" He said as he started to back up towards the door.

"Fufu~ I don't make jokes Azazel, I make guarantees"

I claped my hands as the door locked itself before Azazel could open it. Technology really is useful at times like these.

"Shit!" He said, opening his 12 black wings he flied towards the window and crashed out.

"Huh, didn't think he would do that" I was quite surprised that he would fly out my window like that.

But now he has to pay for damages~

"Dulio, of you would" I said as he nodded.


Azazel POV-

That boy is the devil, no, he's scarier than him!.

When he said that last line I couldn't tell of he was joking or not. Chills ran down my spine as he looked at me with those amused eyes.

I haven't felt fear like this in a very long time.

And the fact that he had 4 supreme class beings, multiple satan and ultimate class subordinates. That info that he revealed didn't help calm my nerves at all.

I honestly wished I had just shut my mouth and went back home to continue my sacred gear research.

Haaa, but at least I'm out of the dragons den-

The winds outside suddenly picked up.

"Guhh!" I felt a sudden tug around my waist as an invisible force cought me and dragged me back into the room.

There he was, casually drinking some tea with his hot maid standing beside him. Standing up he spoke with his arms spreaded wide.

"You couldn't live with your own failure of an escape. And where did that bring you?, back to me" He said as he dropped one of the hardest lines I've ever heard.

Damit why are you saying things like that at this moment!

Wait how did he even bring me back?

I looked at the other blonde boy, what was his name?

Dulio, yes

Wait, this-

My eyes went wide in realization

It's [Zenith Tempest]

I could see that boy Otto smiling at me, probably Knowing that I know that he knows that I know that he knows that we know that he has Zenith [Tempest] in his arsenal.

Damit I want to go home...but such a precious sacred gear is right infornt of me- no damit Azazel think!, think!

"Hey come on kid we don't have to do this. Azza help!" I asked my friend that has been watching this whole time.

"It's no use Azazel. Dread it, run from it, destiny arrives all the same. Or should I say, I have" he said as he dropped another Oscar worthy quote.

Damit kid stop spitting lines!

And I can't even escape considering that I didn't inform the others at Grigori where I was going and that he has 4 supreme class beings with him, all ready to kill poor little old Satan class Azazel.

Reaching into air, a beautiful lance suddenly appeared, was it a sacred gear?, I've never seen one like it.

"Stand proud Azazel, you were strong" he said, but his time it felt like he was quoting someone directly.

As he was about to pierce my with his lance Azza went and slapped him on the back of the head.

"Alright Otto that enough, I'm sure you had enough revenge"

The scary boy that was about to finish me a few seconds ago completely disappeared, replacing it with...a pouting child.

"Aww I was having fun!" He said as he glared at Azza.

Wait, he was...having fun

Was he acting this whole time?!.

"Seriously Otto you should look at his face, he was already accepting his fate"

"Yeah but that's the fun part, it's not every day that I can bring out my inner villain"he retorted, earning a chuckle from the rest of the people in the room

...I'm to old for this shit