1 Why is this so hard!?!?

It was a normal day in Chicago with slight drips of rain flowing off the buildings.

"Hey! Mom Me and Jason are going to meet at the gaming cafe... Is that okay with you?" Max told his mother hoping for his desired answer while grabbing money out of his dirty jean pockets.

The response came back instantly with the only answer, I mean THE ONLY answer he didn't want to hear.

"Yeah Go ahead but make sure to bring your little sister okay?" His mother said as his face went as white as a sheet.

"RUN" He quickly yelled to his friend while slamming the door behind him as he ran out the front door grabbing the umbrella from the stand. But he didn't get far before the monster suddenly appeared in front of his face from nowhere.

He saw the worst thing imaginable the thing that has been haunting him for the last fourteen years.

His little sister Ruby...

"Hey, Jason..... Are you ready to hang out?" Ruby instantly says while having a face full of makeup and dressed rather nicely. She slowly moves past me and draws closer to my friend.

"Ruby... Seriously we are going to play United Online and you don't even play MMORPGs (1) and honestly, I doubt that you have even played a VRMMORPG (2)" Max Says while pushing his sister away from his reserved friend. "Plus this game is brand new and apparently 400 Million people are expected for launch"

United Online was made over 11 years by Tessa Corporations and was miles ahead of anything else that was made during the same time period. The game incorporated every single aspect of real life including a system that you could experience all of the five senses with whatever percentage of real life you could want but everything could range from 15%-100% of real life adaptability for your senses in order to make people cherish their lives and have them not make stupid choices based off of the idea that you could die over and over.

The game also has a wicked death program that if you die in the game you get death banned for one day unless you are a non-combatant class. However, with the pain that you experience, they forced all players to be 13 or older.

"Max you are probably just scared that I am going to beat you aga-" She boldly states while Max instantly covers her mouth "Don't ever talk about that again" He quickly states as he hears a burst of stifled laughter from Jason...

"I mean man just let her come with us she is obviously way better then you are" Jason blatantly stated. Max stared at him with a state of disbelief then simply started walking to the gaming cafe.


"Union Online do you dare to be the BEST?" The speaker blared as they got closer to the gaming cafe in which the whole entire room was packed and incredibly loud. There was a distinct line at two counters with one for picking up the microchip and one for buying the microchip in order to play.

The gang quickly got in the order line and waited for almost three hours while messing around on their phones. The quickly got to the front of the line and asked for three basic kits and filled out the waiver forms that were required for the chips and then went in the checkout line.

The room was silent in anticipation for the new game that they could play that night. The gang quickly left and ran home anticipating a wonderful night while they were still sleeping.

Max and Ruby went inside their own home as their friend Jason's mom pulled up in a brand new luxury suv while talking of course looking quite frustrated. Jason pulled away after adding a quick smirk in Max's general direction.

The gang was set up to meet in a village called Grindor when the game launched and would meet with some of their friends over the years. They all anticipated the night and inserted their microchips into their sleep goggles that the goverment issued a long time ago in anticipation for this game. They all fell asleep after taking some sleep medicine which was not recommended to do but who cares?

"Welcome to United Online!" Their dreams instantly showed as they stepped into a grand room.


1- MMORPG an online role-playing video game in which a very large number of people participate simultaneously.

2- VRMMORP a virtual reality version of a MMORPG

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