Ultimate Gacha System: Reborn Into A Crazy Fantasy

After his tragic life ended, Aleron expected to reincarnate or transmigrate, but instead, he was transported with his body and summoned as a hero. However, due to his trash stats, he couldn't activate the Divine Blessing he received. Furious, the king ordered the court magician to extract the Divine Blessing from Aleron. Tortured and onwards to being buried alive with his soul ravaged and at death's door, Aleron found he had the Ultimate Gacha System, and initiated his first summon in the Lords of Arcane banner. [Congratulations! You have summoned Darzax the Graveborn, the Sorcerer of Death and Necromancy.] --- Domain Expansion: Limitless Kitchen. I have started cooking. I hope you all eagerly partake in it. Happy Reading ^_^

I_Cook_Limitlessly · Fantasy
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125 Chs

Unexpected Development (2), Aleron Taking Action

'Domain?! Is she an Exceed-rank?' Vizen thought as his expression twisted and face turned ugly, feeling as if he courted this trouble himself. 'Damn it! Why did my skill couldn't inspect her true power then?!'

"Rias, what is going on?" Luthen looked at Rias and asked while hiding his anxiousness and trying to be calm, but his heart dropped as he saw her pale and troubled expression with her gaze maintained on Aleron.

At that moment, he understood.

'…So Rias doesn't have influence over him, but he has influence over her?' Luthen was shocked. 'Who is he?'

"Done," Aleron opened his eyes which had kept closed since Yueha activated her domain. 

He spent those several seconds creating a skill that utilized both Magilore and Soul Force—Mind Extraction.

'I don't need to be gentle with the trash of Red and Black marks,' Aleron coldly thought as he looked at Vizen and Luthen.

"Ale, w-what are you planning to do?" Rias hesitantly asked.