Why did God give Isao two hands?

"We have to go to the dam to the north," Yuriko said softly. 

While she was exhausted, she knew that, given everyone's situation, they couldn't stay in this place any longer, especially with the many corpses around. 

While those "things" might be able to live forever, when they were killed, they would become corpses, and they would rot, so before those rotten corpses became a source of disease, they had to leave. 

"But with the EMP, is that okay, Mama?" Saya asked with a doubt. 

The EMP had affected this entire city, and naturally, the dam, which was the majority source of energy in this city, would be affected.

This was what made everyone worried since if the dam was lost, then they wouldn't be able to live well. 

Fortunately, it was spring. If this had been winter, then there was no doubt that their lives would have been hard. 

Still, if there was something good, the relationship between Saya and Yuriko had recovered this morning. 

With the hard work of Isao, the mother and daughter made up with each other and visited the grave of Souichiro that was made by Isao yesterday, praying together. 

Watching the two of them, who hugged each other in front of Souichiro's grave, Isao took a deep breath and knew that he had to take care of them, especially when Souichiro had entrusted him to take care of them. 

While he had to admit that Souichiro was quite weird, he had to admit that Souichiro was a good husband and father. 

Still, as Souichiro had gone, it was his duty to take care of them. 

However, Isao had to say that losing Souichiro had really left him with a bitter aftertaste since it was his first time to taste the feeling of failure. At the same time, he also knew that he wasn't as perfect as he thought to be.

If a similar situation happened, then what would he do? 

To solve that problem, he wanted to get the ability to see into the future or walk into the past, so after he had helped everyone to settle down, he thought of visiting another world once again, gaining power so he wouldn't have such a regret anymore, especially when he was also about to become a father in this world too. 

"What do you think, Isao?"

Yuriko didn't answer Saya's question and looked at Isao, who also attended this meeting. 

Even with the loss of Souichiro, no one stopped moving. While they were sad, they knew that the time had waited for no one, and Souichiro definitely didn't want them to dwell on themselves in sadness.

Moreover, the saddest and the ones who were hit the most by Souichiro's death, Yuriko and Saya, Souichiro's wife and daughter, had woken up from their sadness and inherited Souichiro's dreams to keep this country and make everyone able to live well during this situation, so how could they lose themselves in despair and sadness? 

They had to move on! 

Fortunately, they had Isao, the light they needed during their despair. 

"Based on my understanding, the energy plant is always constructed under the premise that it might be attacked by EMP. Even if it is affected by the EMP, the damage shouldn't be that bad, and even if it's really damaged, then I believe I can fix it." 

This was the reason why Isao also attended this meeting. 

Even though he wasn't an adult, he was more reliable than anyone. Whether it was his strength, knowledge, or charisma, he was above all of them. If he wished to, he should be able to take the leader's position from Yuriko, who inherited her husband's position, but he didn't do that and let her take the leadership. 

Nevertheless, even though he wasn't the leader, his words were always taken into consideration, especially when he was Yuriko's lover. 

"If that's the case, then we have a chance!" 

"We have hope!" 


Everyone was happy that there might be a chance that the dam would be saved. 

As long as there was electricity, there was hope, they thought! 

Or, rather, as long as there was Isao, they had unlimited hope. 

Frankly, Isao also told them about another probability for them to move to Hachijou-jima, but if possible, no one wanted to move. 


It was because they had been used to living in this city and, more importantly, they were the local snake. If they moved, then they might have to live under the local snake of the people of Hachijou-jima. If the local snake was nice, then it was all fine, but if the local snake or those people with high authority on that island were bad, then...

After all, no matter what, a local was always treated better than those who immigrated. 

So, if they wanted to retain their powers, they had to stay in Tokonosu City. 

Still, with all of that, Isao decided to take this expedition on the dam by himself to check whether it was working or not. When he had said it was okay, he would tell them, and they could start to move immediately. Fortunately, he had picked up a walkie-talkie, and he also had fixed it, so even if communication wasn't possible due to the EMP, they could still talk from a long distance. 

"I will only bring a few men with me." 

Naturally, Isao was the leader of this mission, and no one disagreed, especially when he had the support of Yuriko and Saya. Moreover, he also had secretly used his power to control humans, as it would be troublesome if someone decided to betray them. 

Power has always been the most delicious thing in the world. 

While Yuriko might be able to retain the power of her husband, some of her husband's men might be dissatisfied with her ruler, especially when she was a woman. 

The world might say that every gender is equal, but in reality, it doesn't work that way. 

However, Isao knew that he might be thinking too much since Yuriko's ability wasn't something that one could underestimate, and Souichiro's men had all seen how capable she was. Moreover, there was also him, who had a powerful strength that could take down those "things" and hold an arsenal of modern weapons. 

So, with everything decided, they prepared to leave. 

Naturally, Isao was going to tell his women about his trip to the dam, and frankly, he forgot that he had told Rei and Saeko to stay in his room at the same time. However, with his quick wit, he told them what he planned to do, and they also knew that this wasn't a time for them to talk about their messy relationship. 

Yet, Isao knew that this was the perfect time for them to discuss their problems. 

"Have you been together since last night?" 

Rei and Saeko looked at each other and then nodded. 

"Yes." 2x

They think that Isao told them to stay in the same room since he wanted to have a threesome, yet unexpectedly, he didn't come and just let them stay together. While they were speechless, they thought that it was his indirect way of telling them to talk so they could understand each other's feelings and how they were going to face this relationship together. 

Naturally, whether it was Rei or Saeko, they didn't want to give up this relationship, and they all wanted to be with him. They also told each other how much he meant to them, especially when he had taken their firsts. 

The two knew what he meant to them two, and it was impossible for them to leave him, but fortunately, Saeko had never thought of becoming his wife, and she was fine to become his lover. 

Moreover, Saeko also told Rei how ugly she was and how Isao was the only one who could accept her. 

Hearing Saeko's confession, Rei was heartbroken and hugged Saeko, telling her that everything was fine. 

In the end, the two of them agreed to share him. 

So, what would this scumbag do after hearing their answers? 

Still, if this guy was so cheeky, they didn't mind to slap him at the same time. 

Only Isao never disappointed them. "Thank you." His expression... was that of one who was truly moved and truly grateful for what they had done to him. "I have never had a family before, but if I have one, then it will be like this. I... know that I have hurt you two, but since you have given me a chance, then I won't let you down." 

"Isao..." 2x

The two hugged him at the same time and made up their minds to give their everything to him. 

Hugging them at the same time, Isao thought that this might be the reason why God gave a man two hands. 

So, they could hug two women at the same time, he thought. 

Still, with this, he knew that he could have a harem at the same time, but before that, before he went to the dam, he had to take care of them well~! 

However, as expected, the trial that he had to face never stopped, especially when he had to face Rei's mother, Kiriko Miyamoto, who was looking at him blankly after he comforted Rei and Saeko at the same time. 


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