We are freed!

As expected, the moment Shido knew that Isao left the key to the bus, he knew that it was his chance to get away, so when everyone who had decided to follow Isao to the convenience store, he quickly stood up and walked toward the driver's area. 

Moreover, Shido knew there was no need for him to worry that Isao would see him, considering that Isao had stuck all the windows with the newspaper, so nothing could be seen from inside and outside. 

While Shido couldn't see what Isao was doing inside, Isao couldn't see him, which gave him a chance to escape with the bus! 

As for the group of people inside the bus who didn't follow Isao,


Shido knew that they were just a group of cowards, and as long as he said one or two sentences, they would follow him like a stupid herd of lambs. He didn't have this doubt since he knew that they would really do so, especially when they could even betray him, and followed Isao like a coward. 

'I'm going to have my revenge soon.' 

For Isao and his group, Shido was going to leave all of them here, letting them not have any means of transportation before they died being surrounded by "them." 

As for the rest of the students inside the bus? 

Shido was going to use all of them as his tools so he could live well in this hell-like place. 

Everything was already planned within his head, and he knew that everything would be okay. 

Nevertheless, how could such a people even exist in this world?

How could Shido even think of using everyone as his tools in this world where they needed to help each other stay alive?

Moreover, he didn't even hesitate to sacrifice the lives of others as if they weren't human beings. 

If there was a reason for that, it was all due to his past. 

Shido knew that he was special, especially when his father was a famous politician, and soon, in the future, he knew that he would inherit his father's position. Such a future was something that he wanted the most, so even if his mother died due to alcohol poisoning due to his father's cheating, he still decided to forgive his father since he wanted to inherit his father's position. 

Yet, everything changed when his father told him he wouldn't become his father's successor. Instead, his half-brother, who was born from his father's lover, would be his father's successor. 

By then, everything disappeared in his life. 

Shido hated everything, and then, a devil was born. While his father told him to support his little brother, he used his little brother, held many dark materials, blackmailed him, and used him to his bidden at the same time; he also secretly collected his father's dark materials so in the future, he could use them to threaten his father. 

In his mind, there was no such thing as a family, friend, connection, or whatever. 

Everything was used so he could achieve his ambition, even if that method was dirty.

Yet, unfortunately, he met someone who was craftier than him, smarter than him, and more evil than him. 

When Shido faced Isao, all of his advantages disappeared. More importantly, Shido could tell that something was wrong with Isao's head since how could a normal person have such a crazed-like expression when they talked?

Moreover, even after all of that, Isao still could gain favorable intentions from everyone. 

Frankly, Shido felt like Isao was the enhanced version of himself, someone who would do everything to get everything in his hands. 

Making people fight each other, blackmail, threaten, be good in the eyes of others, and slander others to the bottom until they even wish to commit suicide. 

Shido knew that Isao dared do that, so he knew he had to leave. 

Leaving this place, moving so far away so that guy wouldn't be able to reach him!

"Huh? Sen-Sensei? What are you doing?" 

"Are we going to leave?" 

"Are you going to take the bus and leave everyone?" 

At this moment, everyone realized that Shido wanted to take the bus away and leave everyone, causing them to panic. Yet, from their actions, it was easy to see that no one would take action against Shido. 

Unlike when there was Isao as their leader, who could force and order them to do something outrageous that they couldn't have imagined. When they faced Shido alone, that courage disappeared, and there was only confusion in their eyes. 

Moreover, they thought that Shido had already forgiven them, especially after Isao solved everything. 

Yet, how could Shido forgive them so easily?

Still, the hatred in his eyes was quickly hidden by panic, as if he had done something as significant as saving their lives. 

"Of course, we have to leave, or else he will come to us!" 


Everyone fell into confusion when they heard Shido's words. Frankly, the reason why they were on the bus and didn't follow Isao was because they were scared to go outside. Moreover, when Isao and his group returned, they could even get food from them, so why should they work hard?

However, Shido's words were like a drop of a boulder on a calm lake, causing everyone to fall into confusion and panic. 

"Wh-What do you mean, Sensei?" 

"Why will he come to us?" 

"Yeah, all of us are a team! There is no way that he will do all of that!" 

Yet, even if they said all of those words, they didn't have much confidence deep inside their hearts, especially when they knew how ruthless Isao was. 

"How stupid!" Shido harshly scolded them and said, "Why did you think he asked many of you to follow him to go out?" 


"Because he wanted to divide among us who would be the sacrifice!" Shido still had a panicked expression, yet he sneered inwardly at all of those high school students who stupidly believed in him. 


"W-Why did he do all of that?" 

While they panicked, some of them were confused by Isao wanting them to become a sacrifice. 

"Our trip definitely isn't easy, and naturally, we will meet many of those "things" along the way. You, all of you here, didn't follow him when he asked you to do so, so when the trouble comes, there is no doubt that he will use all of you as a sacrifice to stop those things."

Shido explained kindly as if he wasn't one that wasn't involved in this sacrifice. 

"As-As expected, he is a murderer!" 

As everyone was swallowed by fear, thinking that they would be sacrificed, one of them suddenly stood up from his seat.

"I-I will go to him now!" 

Hearing those words, everyone's eyes also brightened, but Shido said, "It's too late. He has remembered all of you. Even if you go now, it is meaningless. Moreover, he won't even tell you that he is planning to do all of those evil things. He is going to keep you in the dark, so you don't know when he is going to attack you." 

"No-No way..." 

"Wh-What should we do?" 

Everyone was in despair.

"However, you don't need to worry! I will protect all of you! I won't let him succeed in doing all of that!" 


Like the dawn after the darkest night, Shido brought hope to everyone. 

Still, Shido laughed inwardly, thinking that they were as stupid as ever. 

"Wh-What should we do, Sensei?" 

At this moment, everyone puts all of their hopes on Shido. 

"We have to leave. We will leave them here with a bus." 


No one disagreed, and even some disagreed; they couldn't erase the doubt that was planted by Shido. Moreover, with Isao's conduct by using violence, did they dare to ask that?

"You don't need to worry. Leave everything to me. I will protect all of you. I won't let him succeed! Believe in me!" 


At this moment, everyone had their trust in Shido, and they supported him in leaving Isao and his group by the bus, leaving all of them to die being surrounded by those "things" in the convenience store. 

Still, when they left, if there was something that they felt regret about, it was the women since all the women had followed Isao, leaving them to a group of males, but when their lives were on the line, how could they care about women?

Naturally, when Shido brought the bus away, leaving Isao and his group, those who were inside the convenience store quickly came out, trying to chase them, but how could the speed of their legs pursue the bus? 

Watching this, everyone laughed, thinking that they were freed from that bastard. 

Shido also thought so, then glanced at the group of students behind him, thinking how he would torture them, but then, as he drove the bus, he was stunned when he saw so many of those "things" blocking the bus!


Unlike other cars, due to its size and shape, a bus was prone to fall over. 

While Isao had run over "them" with ease previously, it was because the numbers weren't much, but this time, there were so many of them!

Shido, who didn't see those things due to how dark the street was, crashed into the group of those "things," causing the bus to roll over. 




Everyone inside was thrown over, and all of them were hit against many places randomly, causing various degrees of injuries on their bodies. Fortunately, the speed of the bus wasn't that fast, and they didn't lose consciousness, but it was impossible for them to stand up and recover so easily, so they moaned in pain as they held their heads or their bodies that hurt the most. 

Shido was the same, or rather, he was the one with the lightest injuries as he was wearing a seatbelt. Still, when he recovered, he realized that those "things" had come over, and all of them swarmed toward the bus. 




All of them, who had received and made a fuss, were directly bitten by "them," and Shido, who was panicked, also couldn't be much better, especially when he never believed in Isao's words, who wanted to give him a chance. 


All of his resistance was meaningless, and by then, Shido was bitten to death by those "things" along with everyone. 

At least he wasn't alone, which was great, right? 


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