Those who leave and those who stay

While Takashi was a protagonist, his brain wasn't his strongest point. He was in a daze for a while before he realized something. "...are you not coming, Iinuma-kun?" 

"I am not." Isao shook his head and then sighed helplessly. "I am not like you. I don't have parents or family. I am an orphan." 

"I-I am sorry..." Takashi lowered his head and apologized. 

"It's fine. I have gotten used to it." Isao smiled softly and said, "This morning, I talked with many, including Saya-senpai's parents, who are the leaders of this estate. I can tell that they are doing something admirable, and I can't help but wish to be part of their great goal, so I plan to stay. 

"Yes, our path might be different, but let's do our best together. I am sure that you can lead everyone to their family." 

Isao patted Takashi's shoulder once again, then sat, ready to watch the show that was about to happen. 

However, whether it was Kyoko, Rei, or Saeko, their lips twitched since they knew that this guy was lying. After all, they knew what Isao planned to do, but then again, they might as well have kept quiet since they had decided to believe in him. Moreover, they also didn't like Takashi, and the other guys who tried to force Isao to do something like Isao were their slaves or something. 

Saya, who had the highest IQ, also noticed this guy was lying. She knew it was impossible for this liar and pervert to show such admiration toward her parents, but she didn't plan to expose or say anything since she knew whether Takashi or the others tried to make Isao into a bad guy.

While it was true that Isao was a bad guy, he didn't break his promise since he only told them that he would bring them to their family if they could call their family on the bus. However, as they were at her house and it was already the next day, his promise naturally had become invalid. 

If there was something that they shouldn't have done, it was to make Isao get angry. 

Saya learned that lesson, especially when Shido and many died meaninglessly like that. While everyone knew that it was all due to those "things," she felt like it had something to do with Isao. However, even if Isao wasn't related to this incident, did Takashi and the others forget about what was happening last night?

However, she also knew that Isao wasn't a bad guy since Shido and the others had endangered their lives, so Isao had to take action. 

At the same time, she was glad that her parents were wealthy, and she had a huge estate that took his interest, so he would propose to go to her house. If not? She could imagine that she would be like others being abandoned by him, which would make her legs weak and her body quiver. 

Yet, instead of fear or disgust, the feeling of being played under his palm while she was unable to do anything gave a shiver to her spine as she bit her lower lip. 

Saya had a high IQ, a beautiful face, and a glamorous figure, and her family was rich, so everything had always been in her control. Everyone followed her, favored her, and even licked her like a dog.

Yet, facing Isao, she could imagine that he would throw her into the trash if she said a lot of nonsense. 

However, even if he was cruel, he was also reliable. 

The contrast within him made her crazy, and she stared at him, ignoring those bitches who tried to seduce him. 

Meanwhile, Takashi could feel all the gaze on him, and suddenly, his body felt heavy. All the responsibilities that he had never thought to have jumped him as if wishing to bring him down, but as a protagonist, it was impossible for him to back down.

Frankly, Takashi wished to ask for Isao's help, but based on what Isao had said before, could he say that? 

"Komuro, let's do our best!" 

"Let's do it!" 

"Yeah, we can save our family!" 

Yet, those who weren't involved didn't feel anything and just said one word after another, like the chirping chicks. 

Still, for Takashi, a young man who had never felt fawned upon, the courage that dissipated grew significantly, and once again, confidence was born within him. 

"Let's go! Let's meet our family!" 

As expected of the protagonist, it was impossible for him to give up! 

Not until all of them died, Isao thought. 

Isao looked at those who wanted to follow Takashi and thought that they would become an experience for the protagonist to grow up. Yet, as they were willing to do so, there was no need for him to get involved. He was a good guy, but he wouldn't allow himself to be used or played by others. 

Nevertheless, Takashi and his group became one, and they vowed to save their families. 

"Is there anyone who wants to follow us too? Come on!" Takashi said as he looked at everyone with a confident smile. 


No one said anything. 

Everyone except those who wished to save their families was silent and even ignored him. 

Oh, there was still an argument between Takazo and Naomi. While Takazo wanted to go, Naomi tried to stop him. 

"Stop it, Takazo! Don't be stupid!" 

"Come on, Naomi. I want to meet my family!" 

"You will die!" 

"I won't! I know what to watch out for! We will be fine!" 

Isao had taught them how to stay alive, and after watching how easily he walked around those "things," they believed that they could do the same. 

Nevertheless, Takashi felt disappointed since no one wanted to follow him again. He then looked at his childhood friend and invited her, "Rei, come on! Let's go to Obaa-san." 

"No, I won't go," Rei said calmly. 

"Why?!" Takashi lost his calm. 

"I don't feel good." Rei didn't lie since her legs were still weak, and she was exhausted. Not only had she lost her virginity last night, but her childhood friend kept causing trouble. She no longer cared about Takashi. If this guy didn't treasure his life, then she had given up on him. She had tried hard, yet Takashi didn't appreciate everything. Moreover, as long as she had Isao, everything was fine. She didn't need anyone else except for Isao. 

Even her childhood friend, if Isao wished to, Rei could even throw Takashi away. 

"Is that so?" Still hearing Rei's reason, Takashi calmed down and asked softly how much he cared for his childhood friend, "Are you okay?" 

"I am fine. You should focus on your own. Don't die." While Rei said that, she glanced at Isao's expression, trying to see his reaction, but unfortunately, she couldn't see anything. 

"I won't die. You don't need to worry. I will save Obaa-san too!" 

"You don't need to! Just focus on your own!" 

If Takashi tried to save her mother, Rei felt like her mother would be in danger.

"Is that so?" Takashi felt strange, but he didn't fight back since this was how he had always been. Facing his crush, he had always bent down, letting her do whatever she wished. 

With all of that, Takashi and the others left Isao's room and made up their preparations to save their family. 


"Don't stop me, Naomi. I have made up my mind." 


Takazo made up his determination, and no one could stop him, even if that person was his girlfriend. 

Naomi was frustrated and quickly turned into Isao, but when their eyes met, she could only lower her head. Hesitating for a moment, she decided to stay inside the room. 

Watching all the people who decided to stay, Isao was a little helpless, but he knew that he needed to take care of the aftermath. 

"Since you have decided to stay, let me tell you what will happen to all of us." 

Everyone was quiet and quickly focused on him, but they were also glad to stay.