Sad boys

Hearing his arrogant words, all of them swore that they were going to beat Isao! 

Yet, even so, they didn't lose their calm and realized how powerful Isao was. After all, Rengoku, who was like a huge mountain that they couldn't climb up no matter how they tried, was defeated so easily by Isao. 

More importantly—

'Too fast!' 

Rengoku was fast, but Isao was more than that. 

While this annoyed, angry, and humiliated them, they knew that if they wanted to defeat Isao, they could only attack him simultaneously.

Still, what if it was just a bluff?

"Why don't you attack us first? Come on!" Iguro stared at Isao with his snake-like eyes. 

"So, you won't make an excuse that I attack you without any precautions when you lose," Isao said calmly. "Still, if you don't make it, then I will make a move." 


While they didn't know whether Isao was bluffing or if his strength was really as strong as the legend told him to be, they knew his skill at provoking them was top-notch! 

"However, I don't expect that Hashira will be so cowardly that you need me to make a move even if you have an advantage in numbers." 

Those words were enough to make them all snap and realize how cowardly they had become. The defeat of Rengoku had made all of them cautious, yet even if Rengoku was one of the most powerful, could Rengoku defeat all of them?


While Rengoku was strong, they weren't weak, and they were all chosen as one of the strongest among all the Demon Slayer Corps!

If they were so cowardly that they didn't dare to attack Isao even if they had an advantage in numbers, how could they be fit to be in the position of Hashira?

"You might have succeeded in giving me a sneak attack, but there won't be any chances after this." 

Frankly, as a shinobi, there was no doubt Tengen felt so embarrassed that Isao had succeeded in giving him a sneak attack. However, he also knew the reality that no matter how hard he worked, it was impossible to reach Rengoku's level. Yet, how could he give up?

"Let me show you the power of the most flamboyant Hashira!" 

Tengen stepped forward, then suddenly said, "Shinazugawa, Tomioka, Iguro, help me!" Yet before he finished his words, Tomioka, who never said anything, suddenly made a move. 

Tomioka's movement was fluid like water, and he swung his wooden sword into Isao's left collarbone with the purpose of breaking it. 

Watching this, the others also started to make their move. 

Sanemi Shinazugawa moved like a wind toward the opposite of Tomioka and attacked Isao's right collarbone with a wooden sword.

Tengen and Iguro also made their moves, supporting the two from the side. 

While Tengen threw his kunai at Isao's forehead, Iguro moved like a snake, ready to strike down Isao's legs, incapating him cleanly. 

All four Hashira moved at the same time, and they all attacked Isao without a single mercy! 

As for the thought of Isao to be dead? 

How could such a thing happen?

They were in the Butterly Mansion, the manor where all the Demon Slayer Corps were taken care of after they were hurt. Still, if Isao couldn't escape from their attacks, he could only lay on the bed for several months or even a year, which showed how cruel they were. 

Yet, wasn't this something that Isao asked for? 

The price of provoking the Hashira wasn't something that one could take lightly, especially when he had mocked their hard work and the experiences that had made them what they were! 

Still, Isao didn't have an interest in having a philosophical argument with them.

Who was wrong? Who was right? 

Did they forget that they had provoked him first? 

Did they think that as long as they became Hashira, they could do whatever they wanted? 

Did they think that he was lower than them?

Isao was sure that this was what they thought. Being in a high position made them high, thinking that they were invincible and no one could threaten them, especially since they only encountered a weak demon during their lives. 

If he was a bad guy, he would just ignore them, letting them be ignorant, so when the danger that they couldn't escape came, they would be killed. 

Fortunately, Isao was kind, so even if his method of teaching them was crude and even rude, he took the trouble to teach them, giving them a private lesson. After all, if they didn't learn, he was afraid that they might not meet next time since all of them would be killed already, so at this moment, he knew that he had to defeat them. 

Tomioka and Sanemi attacked at the same time, like scissors that could cut anything, yet Isao easily dodged their attacks by moving backward. 

As for Tengen's kunai, what age was this? 

Did this guy seriously think that throwing a kunai could do something to him?

This world didn't have a nine-tailed fox or Rasengan, so a kunai was meaningless! 


Watching his kunai fall lifelessly on the ground, Tengen became a sad boy. 

However, Iguro slithered toward Isao like a snake that was about to bite him down and injected Isao with his poison. Holding his asymmetrical dagger with a distinctive blade pattern, he was about to take down Isao's foot, but suddenly, his face sank since his face was stomped by Isao! 

Watching Iguro, who had been focused on his foot and wanted to tear his ankle, Isao directly stomped Iguro's face.

The crack sound was heard, and Iguro's nose was broken by this stomp. 

[You have acquired Obanai Iguro's DNA.]

[Do you want to absorb it?]

After Isao confirmed this notification to accept Iguro's DNA, Iguro, who knew nothing, passed out due to the pain. 

Meanwhile, Tomioka, Sanemi, and Tengen quickly attacked him from the triangle side, leaving no place for Isao to escape. Yet inwardly, they were all dreaded, and they knew that they had to take him down with everything they had, or else they would be the ones defeated! 

Yet, unexpectedly, instead of dodging, Isao charged toward Tomioka!


Tomiaka was startled by Isao's sudden move, and the rest was the same. 

"You are the weakest among the three." 

As usual, the things that came out of his mouth were as infuriating as ever. 

Yet, when Sanemi and Tengen thought that Tomioka would refute Isao, unexpectedly, this guy seemed stagnant for a moment, but quickly, he made a harsh waterfall-like swing.

However, before this attack could even fall, Isao struck Tomioka down with a jab on the chin and solar plexus, then smashed Tomioka's temple, causing him to fall. 



Sanemi and Tengen were speechless at how easily Tomioka was defeated. 

[You have acquired Giyu Tomioka's DNA.]

[Do you want to absorb it?]

Accepting Tomioka's DNA, Isao held Tomioka and then threw him in Sanemi's direction. 


Sanemi was startled, but Tengen had to face Isao directly! 

A cold sweat suddenly appeared on Tengen's back, but Tengen gave his everything! 


Tengen's two nunchucks-esque swords moved freely as if dancing while warding off Isao away, yet Isao dodged those swords with ease as if he could see everything.

"Oh, no..."

Watching Isao appear so close before him, Tengen knew he was as good as gone. His fighting style might be powerful, and he could cleave any demons with ease, but naturally, he had a weakness, and that weakness was that it was hard for him to fight someone whose distance was so close to him.

The distance between him and Isao was just a hairbreath, but Tengen didn't give up. Unfortunately, he could do nothing as his chin was smashed by Isao. 

"No way..." 

Tengen felt an intense pain on his chin as his head was dizzy, and he passed out directly on the ground. 

"Tengen-sama!" 3x

Three beautiful women suddenly screamed. 

Isao glanced at those three, but he then ran directly in the direction of Sanemi, ready to end all of them. 

Sanemi, who had thrown Tomioka away, also faced Isao directly. His face grinned, yet full of anger. 

"Come on!" 

Sanemi was ready for the battle and directly used his everything. 

"Wind Breathing First Form: Dust Whirlwind Cutter!" 

Sanemi dashed forward at blinding speeds and slashed continuously horizontally while creating a cyclone-like illusion. 

Watching Sanemi perform this technique, Isao had to say that the Breathing Style was unique since whenever Hashira performed their techniques, a certain illusion that was connected to the Breathing Style they mastered would appear. 

'First is a snake, then a water, a sound, then a wind.' 

As for him, naturally, it was a flower. 

It was quite girly, Isao thought, but like a rose, it was beautiful, yet if one wasn't careful, they would be hurt by its thorns. 

Still facing Sanemi's violent attack, Isao dodged smoothly, like falling cherry blossoms that fluttered around the wind, before he directly kicked Sanemi's head like a soccer ball.


Sanemi was directly thrown away by the kick, but he still maintained his consciousness by gritting his teeth.

[You have acquired Sanemi Shinazugawa's DNA.]

[Do you want to absorb it?]

Isao fought with bare feet so that when he kicked, he could touch their skin and replicate their DNA. Still, looking at Sanemi, who was down, he was ready to take him down, but—

"Enough of the charade. This time, I will take you down." 

Suddenly, a large shadow appeared from behind as if about to swallow Isao. 

Even if he didn't turn his head, Isao knew the guy who appeared behind his back.

Stone Hashira, Gyoumei Himejima, the strongest Hashira in the Demon Slayer Corps. 

While Rengoku might be slightly better in technique, Gyoumei's strength was unmatched! 

So, the title of the strongest Hashira couldn't be taken by anyone other than him!


While holding his broken nose, Sanemi was surprised and happy since he was saved. 


When Gyoumei was about to stop Isao by giving him a bear hug, as if Isao had eyes on his back, Isao dodged Gyoumei before he knocked Gyoumei's balls. 


Gyoumei gritted his teeth from the pain. 

"Don't blame me for being cruel when you try to attack me from behind." 

By then, Gyomei wasn't sure what was happening except that his brain was shaking, and he lost consciousness. 


Gyoei's heavy body fell onto the ground, causing a heavy sound and, at the same time, putting everyone in a daze. 

"No-No way..." 

Rengoku aside, they would have never thought that Gyomai would lose. 

Gyomei's invincibility was already imprinted on everyone's mind, and it was impossible for him to be defeated, yet here he was defeated by Isao. 

Using his agility, Isao simply beat Gyomei's chin, neck, and temple repeatedly until Gyomei passed out.

[You have acquired Gyomei Himejima's DNA.]

[Do you want to absorb it?]

After defeating Gyomei, Isao looked at Sanemi, who was still on the ground. 

Sanemi could only look at him in a daze, but before he could say anything, his chin was kicked by Isao, and he directly passed out. 

"You don't plan to fight?" 

Isao then looked at Mist Hashira, Muichiro Tokito, who had never made a single move even if he had defeated all the Hashira. 

Tokito was quiet, but this time, he talked as he took out his katana from its sheath. "Reaction time. This is the reason behind your speed, right?" 

This was the result of Tokito's observation. 

While the others attacked Isao mindlessly, Tokito had been trying to uncover Isao's secret and power. 

Reaction time. 

This was the reason why Isao was able to defeat all of them. 

When one could only make one move, Isao was able to make several moves due to his reaction time. 

While some might have been faster than Isao, their reaction was far slower, so when they thought about moving, they were already defeated by Isao, who was already on the move when they were in the middle of thinking. 

This was Isao's secret, Tokito thought. 

"You are right." 

Unexpectedly, Isao generously admitted. "That's right. You are smarter than any of them, but what can you do?" 


Tokito fell in silence since he knew that there was nothing he could do. 

If one was weak, they could train harder; if they lacked a technique, they could learn harder; and if they lacked experience, they could work even harder! 

Yet, this? 

There was nothing that one could do!

Reaction time was innate, something that was born. 

Even if one tried to learn, it was impossible. 

It was Isao's talent, something that was impossible for others to acquire! 

Even if everyone knew about his secret, so what? 

What could they do? 

If there was a weakness, then his stamina consumption should be high, yet when Tokito saw how relaxed Isao was, he knew that he couldn't take advantage of this weakness. 

Yet, Tokito missed something: one of Isao's keys to victory was Isao's sense of detecting airflow. 

Due to the DNA of the cockroach he had absorbed, Isao was particularly sensitive to the airflow, so even if he didn't see anything, he could notice someone made a move based on the airflow that moved on his surroundings. 

Moreover, Doma's DNA also gave him extrasensory perception; if Isao was defeated, then he was a joke. 

However, there was no need to announce his ability. 

Isao was a good guy, and he wasn't a villain who boasted about their invincibility, letting the main character know his abilities. 

"Come on." 

Still, Isao wasn't going to let Tokito go. "For the prize to have guessed my ability, I will give you a chance to attack me." 


Tokito fell in silence but took a deep breath and directly activated a total breathing concentration. "You will pay for your arrogance." He knew he couldn't defeat Isao with his current power, but if Isao was like this, then Isao would be sorry! 

"Mist Breathing Seventh Form: Obscuring Clouds!" 


[You have acquired Tokito Muichiro's DNA.]

[Do you want to absorb it?]

Leaving the unconscious Tokito, Isao walked to Kanae and Shinobu, who looked at him in a daze. 

"Shinobu, go and call your helpers to tend them," Isao said while yawning. 


Shinobu's lips twitched, and she definitely wouldn't let this bad guy become her brother-in-law! 


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