Innocent and fluffy

After fixing the water pumping so this house could have water, Isao went to Saya's room and knocked on the door. 

"Senpai, are you there?" 

The door opened directly when his voice fell, but the one he saw wasn't Saya but Miku. 


"Saya is inside. Go and talk with her, Iinuma-kun." Miku pulled him inside before she went out. 

Watching the slutty female senior, Isao had to say that he was surprised since he didn't expect the relationship between Miku Yuuki and Saya to become so close. Yet, when he thought about how Saya always pulled Miku so Miku wouldn't be close to him, their relationship might become naturally close to that.

Moreover, even if Miku's IQ wasn't high, her EQ wasn't bad, and she knew that if she couldn't get close to Isao, then getting close to Saya wasn't a bad thing at all. 

Yet, Isao could think about their relationship later and walked toward Saya, who lay on her bed weakly. 


"It's me Isao, Saya-senpai." 

"Ah!" Saya was startled and quickly turned her body, watching him, who had entered her room.

Her skin was pale; her eyes were puffy and red from crying. 

If possible, Isao wished for Hirano to be able to take care of this young woman since his interest in Saya wasn't that high. However, he was the one that she sought after, and Souichiro had entrusted her to him. While he didn't think that she would need someone's care due to her ability and IQ, he needed to make some effort to watch her out. 

"Have you eaten?" 



The cute noise from her belly caused Saya to feel embarrassed, and her face flushed red. 

Yet, even if she was sad, her body still needed to eat. 

"Eat first." Isao took the food prepared by everyone at the nearby table. It might be cold, and the noodles had also become soggy, but they didn't have any leeway about food, especially with their current situation. 

"Hmm... I think I should get someone to warm it up." 

"No! It's fine... it's fine that it is just like this..." Saya also knew that she couldn't be spoiled at this moment. 

Isao smiled and asked, "Then, do you want me to feed you?" 

"I-I can eat by myself!" Only Saya then felt bitter, as she couldn't be honest with herself and refused his invitation. While he might be joking, if she dared to take advantage of him, then would he be able to refuse her? 

However, as she refused, she couldn't do it anymore, and Isao gave her the bowl of cold, soggy ramen, which she ate with so much vigor as if she tried to unleash her frustration. 

Yes, frustration! 

She was frustrated by many things, wondering why everything couldn't be in her own way. Moreover, her father also had died, and he was also shot by her mother, yet she didn't blame her mother. Instead, she blamed herself as she was unable to do anything and just stunned in a place, watching her mother leave. 

"It's fine. You don't have to eat in a hurry. Just eat slowly. I will stay with you until you are fine." 


Saya cried as she ate her ramen, which had become saltier. 

Yet Isao, who watched her, couldn't help but rub her head softly. 


Saya was startled and looked at him in a daze. 

"...sorry, but I just can't help it." 

"It's fine..."

As he apologized, she said softly and didn't stop him. 

Isao looked at her softly and continued to pat her head softly since she didn't refuse. She even continued to eat her ramen, but her head was slightly lowered, so he couldn't see her expression. 

Still, if it was a normal person, they would say, "Are you okay?" 

Yet, how could she be okay after she saw her father pass away and her mother was the one who shot his father?

Even though it was all necessary since everything was hopeless, the fact that her father had passed away didn't change. 

Moreover, she still felt regret as she couldn't meet her mother. 


When Saya finished her ramen, she put the bowl down and begged him, "Can you... go to my mother?" 

"...go to your mother? Why shouldn't you meet her yourself?" Isao asked strangely. 

"I am not sure... whether I am ready, and I think that you should see her." 

Instead of herself, Saya felt that Isao should be the one who met her mother. She knew that this might be wrong, but as expected, she wasn't ready to meet her mother. 

"But I think that your mother should wish to see her daughter to most." 

Yuriko shot her husband, and Saya was her only family now, so shouldn't she wish to be with Saya? 

"But... I am not ready." 

The thought of how her mother shot her father was still vivid in her mind, and she... didn't think she was ready to meet her mother after all of that. 

"Okay, then." 

Since Saya requested him to do so, Isao decided to meet Yuriko. 

However, they talked for a while, and after he confirmed that Saya was okay, he decided to leave. Suddenly, his back was hugged so tightly. 


"Sorry..." Saya pressed her face against his broad back as she clung to him tightly. "...as expected, I am not fine. Let me borrow your back for a while." 

"It's fine. You can borrow as much as you want." 

"...thank you." 

As Isao gave her permission, Saya released her emotions, which were bottled up. 

Isao didn't say anything and felt guilty as he hadn't stopped Yuriko previously, yet as everything had happened and he didn't have the power to revive someone from death, then it was impossible for him to do anything. 

"...I am fine now." 

When she felt that she was okay, she let him go. 

"Are you sure?" 


"You don't want another hug?" Isao turned and opened his arms wide. 

"...you are really..." Saya was helpless, facing this scoundrel, but she fell into his chest and hugged him again. This time, unlike before, he also hugged her, which made her feel safe and comfortable. She didn't want to let him go. She wished to hug him forever, yet someone needed him more. Moreover, she could also have a chance to hug him later. 

Tomorrow, she could do it again. 

As for Rei or Saeko, Saya thought that they could be his lovers. 

Moreover, as the population significantly reduced, having polygamy wasn't unacceptable. 

Yet, Saya underestimated him.

When she had fallen onto his arms and looked at him with a pitiful expression that wished to be comforted, his heart couldn't bear it and quickly comforted her. 

The sudden action didn't surprise her, especially when he had given her time to push him away, and she accepted his advance; his kiss took her first time. 

Warm, moist, and with a slight taste of ramen. 

Their first kiss tasted like that. 

Yet, they didn't kiss that deep, only a light one, but that was enough to make her blush and lean on him, rubbing her head against his lovingly. 

"Let's do it again tomorrow." 

"Wh-Who wants to do it again!? Anyway, go to my mother first! She needs you now!" 


Being pushed by Saya, Isao couldn't get angry, especially after he heard her words. 

Her mother needed him? 

Why did you say that?

Kiriko, Rei's mother aside, Isao never did anything wrong to Yuriko, Saya's mother, but as Saya had told him to do so, he walked out from her room, ready to comfort Yuriko since her daughter couldn't do so. 

Still, Saya, who had sent him out, touched her lips longingly, wishing tomorrow to come so they could kiss once again. Unfortunately, the innocent and fluffy kiss she longed for might not appear again, as next time, his kiss definitely wouldn't be different. 

Only when Isao came to Yuriko's room, he didn't expect to meet an extreme situation. 

"Yuriko-san. It's me, Isao." 

Knocking on the door of her room, Isao didn't receive an answer. Still, he wanted to wait for a while, but when he smelled the smell of burning charcoal, his expression quickly changed. 

"Don't tell me..." 

Isao didn't hesitate and opened the door directly, even if it was locked, and as expected, he saw Yuriko lying on the bed with a charcoal burning by her side.