Great happiness

As a good guy, it was impossible for Isao to ignore those who were in need, so after Rei slept again, he went to visit Kyoko, who was in need of his help. 

Living in a new environment naturally causes stress to someone, and it takes time for one to adapt. 

Even though Kyoko was an adult, she still needed comfort, so Isao was there to help her. 

"Hmn~! Good~! Harder~! Oh~! Isao-kun~!" 

Inside the bathroom of the room she shared with Shizuka, Kyoko cried, releasing all of her emotions to Isao, who was hugging her from behind, clapping his hips against her large buttocks to comfort her. 

Hearing this cry, Isao felt sorry for Kyoko, so he did his best to comfort her. Holding her enormous breasts, he gave her a massage so she would feel even more comfortable. 

Still, unlike Rei, Kyoko's needs in that area were rather strong, especially when she couldn't comfort him last night. Yet even so, he had to do his best, especially when Kyoko's cry became louder. 

At the same time, Isao had to say that he needed to go to another world, trying to gain an ability for stamina and recovery since even if his body became stronger and he also had the DNA of a variety of animals and people, being a good guy was tough, and he needed an extra effort if he wanted to achieve this goal of his. 


Finally, on that last cry, Kyoko slumped on his arms, resting comfortably, feeling warm from his hug, and never wished to let him go. 

Isao also gently caressed her hair, like a woman instead of an adult, which made her look at him affectionately and meekly before she took his lips since it seemed his hug wasn't enough. 

"Are you going to stay here?" 

When Kyoko had calmed down, she couldn't help but ask this question. 

"No, I will go as I planned before." 


"Yeah." Isao nodded. "Are you going to stay?" 

Kyoko thought for a while, then shook her head. "No, I will follow you." The best way to live was to follow Isao. She knew that in her heart. If he left, she was sure that her life in this place wouldn't be so good, especially when she could see how depressed everyone was. If he left, then she was sure that she would be affected by this mood. Moreover, in a world where one could die anytime, she might as well go all out, enjoying her time until the last moment with him. 

Still, inwardly, she thought about Rei, but she decided not to say anything since no matter what woman by his side, she knew that Isao wouldn't forget her. 

Talking for a while, erasing the doubts between the two while saying love words, Isao left the bathroom first while Kyoko needed to prepare herself, considering how messy she was, but when he went out, he was dumbfounded when he saw Shizuka was also inside the room. 

The two stared at each other, and the awkward atmosphere permeated between them. 

Still, Shizuka suddenly blushed and lowered her head shyly. 


Isao, who was a good guy, knew that he had to take the initiative to break this silence. "Sorry for making all that noise, Marikawa-sensei." 

"Ah, um, it's okay. You don't need to worry, but you should be careful, okay? Always wear a condom! If she gets pregnant, it will be troublesome." 

"Yes, thank you for the reminder." 

Getting pregnant in this type of situation was definitely troublesome, especially when they might move later. 

Fortunately, Isao was clever, so he didn't forget to bring a lot of condoms when they left the convenience store last night. Still, it was awkward to mention what he did with Kyoko, but he had to say, this woman was quite open, he thought. 

Yes, the world might be like this, but Isao and Kyoko were students and teachers, but Shizuka's reaction was just like that.

Still, as expected, Shizuka wanted to say something, expressing her doubt, clearly calmed down, and ready to judge him for sleeping with his upperclassman and also his teacher, but Isao wouldn't let her since he didn't want to get into another troublesome situation. "I have never asked this before, but what about your family, Marikawa-sensei?" 

"Eh?" Shizuka was startled by the sudden question, but then she said, "Oh, you don't need to worry about my parents since they live quite far away." 

"How about a boyfriend? Don't you have one?" 

"Eh? B-Boyfriend?!" Shizuka blushed, then shook her head furiously, causing her humongous breasts to shake violently. "No-No, I don't have someone like that, but... I have someone important." 


Shizuka lowered her head shyly. 


Isao understood why Shizuka was quite open to his relationship with Kyoko. "Is she fine? Are you not worried about her?" 

"She is fine. We texted each other." Shizuka showed her phone and the text she exchanged with her friend. 

Watching this, Isao wondered why the others couldn't text their parents. If there was a reason, he could only say that it was all due to the plot, which made him helpless. "Oh, she is a police officer?" 


"Then, does she collect a weapon or something, Marikawa-sensei?" 

"Eh? A weapon?" Shizuka was startled, but she put her finger on her lower lip and then thought for a while. "It seems she collects a lot of them at the house we stay at." 



'Now that you mention it...' Isao recalled that Shizuka's friends had an extensive firearms collection, and he had to say it was a shame if he didn't collect them.

"Do you want to go there?" Shizuka suddenly offered.

Isao looked at Shizuka strangely since she dared to say to go out during this situation. "You okay for us to go there?" 

"Um." Shizuka nodded with a silly smile. "If you are there, we will be fine, right?" 


Isao stared at Shizuka and felt like this woman was much younger than him, even though she was the older one. He subconsciously patted her head, causing her to be startled and blush. "Eh?"

"Ah, sorry, I felt like you were younger than me for some reason." 

Hearing his answer, Shizuka pouted and complained, "Iinamu-kun, I am much older than you! And I am also your teacher!" Yet, when she said "teacher," she suddenly blushed and looked away from him. 


Isao's lips twitched. "Then, I will go out first, Sensei. Help me to take care of Kyoko-sensei." 

"Ah, um, okay!" 

Only when Isao left did Shizuka let out a sigh of relief since the drip of her love juice on her smooth legs shouldn't be noticed, right? Nevertheless, before Kyoko came out, she decided to fix her skirt since she was afraid that some misunderstanding might happen between the two if Kyoko noticed her skirt was a bit messy. 

However, Isao noticed, but he pretended that he didn't see anything. He was a good guy, and he wouldn't force himself on anyone, but if they gave themselves to him, there was nothing he could do since he didn't want them to be sad, so he could only accept them. 

Still, when he walked out, ready to walk around the mansion, he saw Takashi and the new group ready to leave the estate. He could see that some girls tried to stop them, but they didn't listen. Nevertheless, he had to say, as expected of the protagonist. Even though life could be peaceful, the protagonist would always cause trouble so that the protagonist could grow and show his cool side.

At the same time, Isao also sighed in relief since as long as the protagonist wasn't here, he knew that this estate would be peaceful. 

"Are you worried about them?" 

Isao turned and saw Saeko was there. "Senpai." Worried? He didn't feel worried at all since he knew that the protagonist would be alright, but the others? He was sure that they would die for the growth of the protagonist, but he definitely couldn't say that.

"I don't have parents, so I can't understand their feelings, but I am jealous that they have something like that." 

However, the moment he said those words, Saeko hugged him tightly.


"Sorry... I hugged you so suddenly... but..." Saeko realized what she was doing, and she blushed shyly. She knew how bold she was, and she felt a bit regretful at how hasty her action was, wondering whether he felt disgusted by her hug. Many might say that she was beautiful, but she didn't think so, especially when she thought about how disgusting she was as a human and, more importantly, she had never had an experience with a man, nor had she even had a single relationship. 

Fortunately, Isao was a genius at how to handle this situation. 

"Thank you." 

Those words were enough to erase the worry in Saeko's heart. 

"Can... can I hug you a little longer?" Isao asked hesitantly. 

"...um." Saeko was shy, but she agreed. 

So, with that permission, Isao didn't hesitate and hugged Saeko generously in his arms. He would be stupid to let go of this chance. As for his previous sadness? It was nothing but acting! 

Isao knew that his situation would make many feel sorry for him, and he had always used that in his favor. While using that situation would make him appear like a bastard or even a scumbag, but look!

Saeko's sadness was no longer there, and her shy expression was so cute. 

Isao knew that he had done a good thing! 

At the same time, he thought that she smelled nice. 



"Thank you." 

"Um." After she became comfortable with this hug, Saeko even put her face against his neck, secretly inhaling his manly scent, which made her face redder. "If you need me... I can do this for you anytime." She knew that this was bold of her, but she couldn't help it since she wished for this hug not to become the only hug they exchanged. 

"Is that fine with you?" 


"Then, if you need my hug, you can ask me too," Isao said confidently, causing Saeko to laugh sweetly. He smiled and said, "You should laugh more like this, Senpai. You are beautiful like this."

Saeko blushed and felt her heart beat rapidly. "Iinuma-kun, you must be often seduced by many women, right?" 

"You are the only one, Senpai." 

Yes, Isao had, but there was no way he would say that. 


"Um." Isao looked at Saeko and looked at her sincerely. "You are the only one, Senpai." Yes, she is the only one at the moment. 

Saeko felt her face burnt hot, but she was so happy. "Thank you." 

"No problem." 

Isao was ready to leave, but—



Saeko was embarrassed, but she took a deep breath and then said, "Can... Can I call you, Isao-kun?" 

Isao tilted his head, then nodded. "Why not? Can I call you Saeko-senpai, too?" 

"Sure." Saeko nodded softly with a gentle smile on her face. "You can call me that, Isao-kun." 

Isao also smiled, but he didn't intend to tease Saeko any longer. "Then, I will leave first, Senpai. I will help with the estate first." 

"Um, please do your best, Isao-kun." 

Once again, Isao felt like Saeko was somehow like his wife. 

Was this why the heroine was so special?

Still, Isao didn't plan to help the others; instead, like he had said before, he planned to go to another world. So, after he walked for a while, he opened the interface of his system and decided to go to another world. 

Suddenly, the scenery before him stopped, whether it was the bird, the people, or everything. 

All of them stopped as if the time itself had stopped. 

'The time has stopped!' 

Isao was dumbfounded by how amazing the system was, and at the same time, a bright light like a portal appeared before him. Given the plot, this was definitely a portal to another world. There was no hesitation in his heart, and he decided to visit another world. 

On this trip, he didn't bring much, only his uniform and a single baton, but it didn't matter since he only planned to stay there for a minute or two. At worst, until his curiosity was solved, so with that purpose, he took his first step to go to another world. 

Yet, what he didn't expect was that this trip would lead him into a danger that he had never encountered. 


He is going to go to another world! 

However, you don't have to worry. He will definitely return. 

Oh, by the way, Kimetsu no Yaiba, I am coming!