Am I a good person?


Akaza couldn't believe what he was thinking or how cowardly he could be, so at that moment, a light blue snowflake-shaped compass mark gleamed beneath his body. 

Compass Needle. 

This was a technique he created based on his demon ability, which made him capable of detecting his opponent's fighting sense. No matter how one tried to fight him, it was impossible to escape from him. Their presence, movements, breathing, intentions, and everything would be clear as days under this technique. 

There was no escape for them, and they would be as good as dead! 

Without waiting for Isao to react, Akaza made his move directly. If it had before, he might have waited for Isao to let go of Suma, especially when it had always been his principle not to kill a woman, but he knew this time he couldn't do such a thing, and he had to give his everything, even if some of his methods were quite cowardly, especially when he let Suma still hug Isao's back.

Akaza's fists glowed in a blue color as if they were covered in some kind of pressure. 

Those fists appeared so dangerous, and as long as one was hit by those fists, one's bones would be broken into smithereens. 

Yet, facing those brutal attacks, Isao was calm and yawned inwardly, thinking that this fight would be easy. Even though Akaza's attacks might seem overwhelming at first glance, he could tell that Akaza's mental state wasn't right. 

However, this was normal; Isao had killed Gyutaro with ease, and this time, Akaza definitely lost his calm. The difference of their powers made Akaza lose his calm and agitated due to the physiological pressure, which made him make a decision without much thought. 

Frankly, Isao thought that this battle would be a hard battle, but it seemed it would be an easy battle. 

At the same time, if he wished to, he could use the ability to manipulate a being whose DNA was recorded on his body to defeat Akaza, but when he thought that Muzan and the other high-ranking demons who hadn't met might see his fight with Akaza, he thought to keep this power until he met Muzan. 

As Isao thought so, Akaza's violent attack from a frontal clearly showed his intent to pulverize him and his everything, yet that attack missed and couldn't touch Isao. 

Isao's body seemed to move like a butterfly, floating in the air and unable to be touched no matter how hard one tried, cupping and clapping. 

'As expected, his dodging ability is annoying!' 

Isao was different from all the enemies that he had faced since this guy was so slippery! 


Akaza was about to punch rapidly at Isao, creating a barrage of large shockwaves, destroying anything in front of him, but suddenly, he lost his hands! 

Isao smoothly cut Akaza's arms like butter cut by a hot knife before he stabbed the rapier-like blade of Shinobu onto Akaza's neck. 

Akaza widened his eyes and quickly retreated. He regenerated his two arms as soon as possible to block this stab.

Akaza's arms blocked Isao's stab, but the wisteria poison quickly poisoned his body. While he wouldn't die, his body couldn't move for a while, and his entire body was in extreme pain. Yet, this wasn't a problem, and he quickly tried to solve this poison with his immune system, adapting the poison from Isao's sword.

However, when Akaza was about to recover, Isao chopped Akaza's two legs and made him fall to the ground helplessly. 

Akaza tried to regenerate, but once again, his body was stabbed by the poison-coated sword from Isao's sword. However, this time, with a different poison, which made his body numb, painful, and melted due to the breakdown of his cell. 

Yes, Akaza's body might have adapted to Isao's poison, but inside the sheath of Shinobu's sword, there were a variety of wisteria poisons, and all the poison could be mixed into a new poison, so even if Akaza had adapted the previous, Isao still had many new poisons. 

The fight between them was too fast to follow, and whether it was Hinatsuru, Makio, or Suma, they were hardly able to see the fight between Isao and Akaza.

Yet, for one thing, Isao was the victor of this fight! 

Akaza lay on the ground, unable to move as his body was poisoned. He was at the most perilous moment of his time and knew that he wasn't an opponent of Isao, yet how could he give up? 


Again, Akaza regenerated his arms, and he was about to use his best attack! 

"Bell Splitter!" 

Akaza was about to strike down Isao's blade so Isao would be weaponless and lose his advantage. Only Isao saw the attack and cut his hands. 

Losing all of his limbs, Akaza could only lay on the ground as his body was stuck onto the ground with a new type of poison, numbing his body once again. 

Yet, even with all that, Isao didn't show mercy and swung his sword. 

As Akaza closed to death, he felt the world move slowly, and everything seemed clear in his eyes. 

'No, his blade won't reach me!' 

The katana wasn't that long, and it had a limited distance. 

Yet, once again, Akaza underestimated Isao, and swiftly, his head was separated from his body. 

They were separated cleanly, and without any mistakes, his head was decapitated. 


Initially, Akaza was confused, but when he saw how Isao held his katana, he understood how the blade could cut his neck. 

Isao didn't hold the handle with his hand like a normal person would. Instead, he used the gap between his index and middle fingers to hold the katana at the tip of the handle, extending the range of his blade even further and making him able to cut Akaza's neck. 

To do that, Isao had to have a powerful grip, extreme control over his body, and mastery over the sword. 

While Akaza had lost, he had to admit Isao was so powerful. 

'Why am I so weak?'

As his head was cut, Akaza couldn't help but think so. 

Whether it was his father, the person who took care of him, or even the women he loved, all of them died because he was so weak. 

As Isao had said before, Akaza, at the end of his life, dared to admit that he was so weak that he could do nothing to save everyone that he cared about. In the end, he became a demon to escape from his sadness, yet when the truth, nothing had changed. 

"...kill me." 

Isao raised his brows when he heard Akaza's words, but even if Akaza didn't ask, he would still kill this demon. 

Probably, those protagonists or other characters might have hesitated due to nature and the past, such as how the demons had transformed from humans to demons. 

Frankly, Isao felt like those demons were like him, especially Akaza, who had a horrible past and became monsters to protect themselves. Still, even if he felt sorry for Akaza's past, instead of helping him, killing him was much better, especially when Akaza didn't have any willingness to live. 

His blade moved swiftly many times, cutting Akaza's body until there was no possibility for Akaza to recover while stabbing Akaza's heart and head with the poison-coated sword. 

[You have acquired Akaza's DNA.]

[Do you want to absorb it?]

Isao watched Akaza's body crumble into ash as if burnt while accepting Akaza's DNA onto his body. 

Watching this, Isao wondered whether he should help Akaza to the end, but—

Before Akaza disappeared, his lips showed a gentle smile as if he had met someone important in the afterlife. 


Isao felt so complex, and for the first time, he wondered whether he had done a good thing. 

"Iinuma-sama!" 3x

When his heart fell into strange emotions, the three widows, Hinatsuru, Makio, and Suma, hugged him tightly, pressing his head against the softness of their chest, feeling happy as he had fought so hard for them. 

As he felt their breasts on his face as they showed such a happy smile, Isao's doubt disappeared, and he knew that he had done a good thing. 

'This is an important thing.' 

Isao definitely wouldn't forget this feeling and strived to be better in the future. 


It might be too late, but thank you for answering my questions. 

Love you~!