A night butterfly

The hippie movement didn't exist in this era, and sexuality wasn't something that could be discussed openly in the current era. 

In this era, while it was true that sex between a man and a woman happened most of the time, it was still taboo to openly talk about it, and the existence was the free love definitely frowned upon. 

The moral conduct of the people in the world was still better than in the modern world, where morals were thrown away, and happiness was something that everyone sought, even if they had to hurt others to get it. 

So, the act of Kanae secretly slipping into his room surprised him. 

Yet, the feeling of love often made one become irrational, and even if this shameful act of visiting a man's room might cause her deceased parents to cry in shame, Kanae only wished to be with him. 

However, even if Isao was surprised, this didn't make him lose his calmness since even if the morale of the people in this era was better than in the future era, it didn't mean that there were no sexual promiscuity acts. Moreover, in the past, there were also many more outrageous things that one never thought of. Nevertheless, compared to all of those things, Kanae's secret visit to his room tonight was still gentle and light. 

"Sorry to bother you at night, Isao-kun." Kanae was embarrassed, but her eyes never looked away from him. 

"It's fine. Please come in." 

"Um." Kanae nodded obediently, trying to hide her embarrassment before she closed the sliding door tightly and approached him nervously yet anticipatedly. 

Isao also couldn't help but look at Kanae and be awed by her beauty. In his room, there were hardly any lights; the electricity wasn't something that could be taken for granted, and the majority of people could only see in the darkness with candles or natural light from the moon. 

Yet, in such darkness, he could clearly see her fair skin, fleshy red cherry lips, and bright violet eyes. 

The violet kimono wrapped her body, showing the contour of her body and how womanly her shape was. Her long, straight, black hair gleamed in the dark room, and the two butterfly hairpins on either side of her head gave her a cute charm. 

She was beautiful, there was no doubt of it, especially in the current era where beauty products hardly existed. 

In the current era, Kanae is a rare beauty. 

Yet, while he appreciated her beauty, the act that they were about to do attracted him the most. 

"I miss you~!" 

When they were so close, Kanae didn't hesitate to hug him, letting the softness of her body press against his. 

The violet flower scent exuded from her body, and her face was all rosy from the excitement that came from hugging her loved one. 

Watching how she looked up at him with such an expression, Isao had his own impulse. "Me too. I miss you too, Kanae." His words were sincere, and this might seem normal, but when the status of women was so low, there would be hardly any guys who would say such affectional words. 

Hearing those words, Kanae couldn't control her emotions and took his lips boldly. Yes, she knew that she shouldn't do this, especially when they hadn't married, yet her emotions were just overflowing, and she couldn't stop it anymore~! 

The shy and short kiss turned into a lewd one. 

Sticking out her tongue shyly, Kanae licked Isao's tongue while sucking it at the same time. This guy was bad, and she knew that he had a lot of experience, yet she couldn't stop the impulse and joy that came from this shameful act. 

Even if their exchange might be limited and they only had known each other for a short time, they exchanged their salivae during their deep kiss, and its lewd sound echoed in the quiet room. 

During the kiss, naturally, his cock swelled up and erected, and it was even more prominent because of how big and how loose his clothes were. 

Kanae was shy, yet she was also curious, but this was the cock of her loved one, so while she had to admit that it was a bit frightening due to how huge it was, she was also quite curious. Moreover, this wasn't her first time seeing it, especially when she had helped him change his clothes when he hadn't woken up. 

At that time, when she cleaned up his body, his cock swelled up, and she held his penis curiously, stroking it like a curious baby. Fortunately, she didn't stroke it intensely since she was embarrassed and didn't know what to do, or else everyone would notice what kind of perverted woman she was. 

Nevertheless, as they kissed, their actions became bolder. 

As she touched his erection timidly, Isao had already grabbed her breasts and caressed her smooth thighs. Her breasts were soft and supple. They were also nice in size, with two beautiful pink nipples that were all taut due to the pleasure. 

By then, nothing could be controlled anymore, and Kanae lay on his futon, watching him, who was above her, ready to turn her into a woman. She didn't stop him, biting her lower lip, and said, "I love you, Isao-kun." 

"Me too. I love you, Kanae." 

Those words lessened the tension on her body, and Kanae spread her legs wide, ready to welcome him. It was her first time, but as she was a doctor, she still knew what to do. 

Isao also never hesitated and put the glans of his cock at the entrance of her untainted pussy. Her place was wet as he rubbed his glans against her entrance; she let out a sweet voice, feeling an incredible pleasure shake her entire body. 

Yet, this wasn't the end. 

This was the beginning. 

Without hesitation, Isao pushed his cock deeply, slowly, yet surely. 

Kanae was nervous and clung to him tightly while she kissed his lips deeply. 

Yet, with Isao's skill, everything was smooth, and as a Hashira, one of the strongest Demon Slayers, her body was trained and durable. 

As his cock entered, instead of pain, what she felt was a rapture that came from her losing her for the first time to her loved one. 


Her brows furrowed as if crying, yet her pussy, tightly wrapped on his cock, never let him go. Then, as he pounded his hips gradually and increased his speed, her love juice kept gushing out, making her gasp every time. 

Her breasts swayed with the movement of his hips, and her pink nipples stood taut at the tips of her breasts. 

Kanae clung and wrapped her hands around his back. 

At the same time, Isao also thrust his cock deep into Kanae's. 

As his cock knocked inside her, a loud, sweet noise came out from her beautiful lips, and her hips also started to move, matching his movement, enjoying her first sex with him. 

"Oh~! Oh~! It's amazing~! So good~!" 

"It feels good inside you, Kanae." 

Every time Isao pounded her, a sweet cry came out from Kanae's lips. 

Her love juice that leaked out from her pussy made a large wet mark on his futon. 

Sensing that Kanae was about to reach its climax, Isao also sped up and was ready to cum at the same time. 

"I'm cuming~! I'm cuming~! I'm cuming~!" 

Kanae's body began to convulse, and inside, she clasped his cock even tighter. 

Similarly, Isao also didn't hold back and let his semen cum onto her pussy. 


Kanae clung to his body tightly as her body trembled. 

Isao didn't wear a condom since there was no such a convenient thing during the Taisho period. Still, as he pulled his cock, which was still hard, a large amount of thick, cloudy liquid flowed out from her beautiful pink pussy. 

Watching this, his cock was as hard as a rock. 

Kanae also looked at his cock lustfully while reminiscencing the feeling of his cock inside her. 

When their eyes met, there was no longer any hesitation, and they continued to do what they were doing since the night was still long. 



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Isao is a stranger, and while his charm is good toward a woman, it isn't good toward a man.

Moreover, when one is in the top position for too long, one will feel uncomfortable when one suddenly sees a stranger take their position. 

It's like a Chinese saying, "You are not afraid to see your friend poor, but you are afraid when you see your friend drive a Mercedes." 

The sentence above might be wrong, but it is quite similar. 

Once again, he is a good person, so he will join hunt down a demon.