A good person is always the winner in the end!

Yuriko had a dilemma and trouble. 

Watching such an exceptional young man appear before her, Yuriko wished him to become her son-in-law and marry her daughter. 

As for Rei, his girlfriend, Yuriko, didn't think it was a problem, especially when Isao was young. It didn't matter if he played, especially when he was such a charming man. Being liked by many women wasn't more than a reason and a proof that he was an exceptional man. 

His qualities have been seen by many, and his daughter also liked him. 

So, Yuriko wished to help her daughter to get Isao. 

However, the problem was her husband. 

Yuriko felt her husband's eyes when he looked at Isao, which was so strange. While she didn't want to think about this possibility, she knew how her husband liked Yukio Mishima, a famous author who committed a seppuku. 

Frankly, there was nothing wrong with this author, but the interest of this author, except for an intense nationality, was something strange that Yuriko felt helpless. 

Isao was such a charming man, but this charm... could also be understood by the same gender. 

Still, while Yuriko was helpless, she heard a familiar sound. Her face quickly turned to blush, and she became angry, wondering who had done something so shameless in the morning! 

More importantly, inside her house! 

Yuriko's mood was so bad; they wanted to catch those two pairs who couldn't control their lower bodies! 

After walking for a while, she found the room where the source of the noise came from, but she didn't immediately push the door open. Instead, she opened the door slowly and took a peek, trying to admonish them later when they finished since it would be awkward to see them having sex. 

However, when she discovered the two criminals, she widened her eyes in shock. 

It was Isao and Kiriko! 

How could they be?!

Yet, Yuriko didn't think that Isao was at fault; instead, it was Kiriko who seduced him, especially when she saw how slutty Kiriko's expression was and—

'That cock...' 

Yuriko widened her eyes, watching Isao's huge cock move back and forth inside Kiriko's mature pussy. Kiriko's pubic hair was quite messy, but even so, she could see clearly how that ripened pussy swallowed his cock happily. 

"Oh~! Slow down~! Hmn~! Ahn~! Harder~! More~!" 

Slowly, Kiriko's resistance turned into a joy for a woman. 

Yuriko couldn't close her eyes and kept watching the two do something so dirty behind everyone. Still, watching how excited Isao was, she could see that he loved a mature woman. 

'This bad boy...!' 

If her daughter married this boy, she was afraid that Saya would be playing around, and she might even be—

'No! No!' 

Yuriko knew that she had to throw the dirty thought on her mind, or else she was afraid that she would make unreversible mistakes toward her family. Still watching the two, she didn't say a single noise but kept watching while feeling wet on her lower body. 

Meanwhile, Isao and Kiriko hugged each other tightly as they rested after their lovemaking. 

If there was a reason why this could happen, it was all because of the stress Kiriko had accumulated. The world had become like this, and Isao had just come at the right time, so everything happened. 

Isao was also bold enough, and Kiriko couldn't refuse him, especially since he had helped her and her daughter so much. 

"This is the last time, okay?" 

Kiriko admonished him with a strict expression. 

"This is the last time. I won't do it again." Isao nodded obediently before he kissed her cheek again. "Then, can we do more? This is the last time we are doing it, right?" 


Kiriko looked at him speechlessly before she let out a helpless sigh. "I will make the move now. I hope that you can satisfy me." Anyway, everything had happened, and this was the last time, so she might as well go all out. 

Pushing him onto the ground, Kiriko became a female cowboy. Unlike her daughter, she was a veteran and could ride a wild stallion like him skillfully. Yet Isao wasn't someone who could be tamed. He was a wild horse that lived freely on the beautiful steppe. 

Facing this might, Kiriko could only be defeated before she fell and passed out due to the excessive pleasure. 

Watching Kiriko's sleeping face, Isao could see how exhausted she was, so after he helped her put on her clothes, he brought her to his room and let her sleep by her daughter's side. 


As the mother and the daughter slept together peacefully on his bed, Isao felt like he had done a good thing. Before they met him, they were frightened and weren't sure about their future, but now? 

Look, they were able to sleep without worry. 

Feeling satisfied with his growth, Isao then left since he didn't want to interrupt their sleep, and more importantly, he had to comfort Kyoko, who had been waiting for him. 

As for those who peeked at him, if this person asked him for help, he didn't mind helping her.

Still, when he was about to leave Kyoko's room, Naomi stopped him. 


Naomi stood before him and looked at him with a sincere expression. "Thank you. If it is not you, then Takezo won't be able to come back. I am grateful for what you have done." If it wasn't for Isao, then would her boyfriend have returned? 

"It's fine. You don't need to worry," Isao said calmly since he didn't care about Takezo. 

"If you don't mind, let me do something for you," Naomi said innocently, wishing to help him. After all, if a similar situation happened, then she could ask for his help, too. At the same time, while she didn't say it, she felt quite jealous of Rei, who could receive much help from Isao without asking. 

"You don't need to. It's enough for you just to thank me." 

"No, that isn't enough!" Naomi insisted. "You have helped me so much, and Takezo owes you his life. As his girlfriend, let me do something in his place!" Moreover, she felt quite dissatisfied with her boyfriend, who had yet to thank Isao even though she had asked him. 

If Isao didn't come, then would Takezo be saved?

Yet, her boyfriend didn't even take the initiative to say anything and just left with Hirano and Takashi. 

Lastly, what if they got into the bad side of Isao?

Naomi felt her boyfriend was stupid, so she knew that she had to take the initiative to thank Isao. "You can ask me anything! Please let me be your help!" 

"...you will do anything?" 

Naomi blushed, but she nodded and said softly, "I-I can do it, but only my hands, okay?" 


Isao reached Naomi's slender waist and then walked toward an empty room. 

Naomi was obedient and decided to help him with all of her might! 



Returning to the world of "Kimetsu no Yaiba," Isao had to say that he felt refreshed. He also couldn't help but observe the house he got for free in Shinjuku. Unlike in the future when every building was tall, gigantic, and made from concrete. 

His house was made mostly from wood and other building materials from the past. 

Yet, this was normal since his house was Japanese-style. 

If he got a Western style, then his house would mostly be made from bricks. 

At the same time, Isao had to say that there wasn't much difference between the Taisho Era and the future. Everything was almost similar except that the streets hadn't been covered by asphalt, and everyone walked on top of the soil. There was also a lack of electrical appliances and limited electricity, but even so, it was all the same, especially when the water utility was completed, and he could even get electricity in his house. 

'As expected, the city is much different.' 

Still, Isao had to do something after this, and he couldn't stay at the house any longer. 

"Are you going out?" Amane asked softly when she saw him ready to leave. 

"Yeah, there are a lot of things that I have to do. Do you need someone to accompany you?" Isao asked. 

"No, it's fine. You don't need to be bothered by me. I am fine on my own."

Amane had troubled him by coming with him and even tried to invite him to the Demon Slayer Corps, so how could she bother him anymore? 

"Is that so?" 

While Isao knew that Amane would meet many inconveniences, he wouldn't do anything since this was what Amane asked for. Moreover, he wished for her to return since the longer she stayed, the more dangerous it was for her. 

Still, there was something that he had to remind her of. 

"Okay, then, but if you need to use water, you should boil it first." 


"So, you won't get sick." 

Isao might say that there wasn't much of a difference between the Taisho period and the modern world, but he knew that in terms of medicine, it still lacked, and if one was sick, it would be troublesome, especially the water treatment since in this era, it was impossible to drink the water from the tap directly. 

If one dared to do that, then they had to prepare to get cholera, dysentery, and typhoid, then live in hell. 

"Yes." Amane nodded. "I will pay attention. Please be careful on your trip." 

Isao nodded, then left, but then he looked up at the sky and saw a crow. This crow was quite different and unique. At the same time, he felt like this crow observed him, so he took a stone and then threw it on the crow, causing it to fall and die. 

[You have acquired the DNA of Kasugai Crow.]

[Do you want to absorb it?]


Isao didn't expect that it would be the special crow used by the Demon Slayer Corps for communication. Frankly, this type of crow was unique. It could even talk in a human language, but more importantly, it could be used to spy on others. 

In this era, there was no doubt that this crow was an important tool, especially when communication technology was still in the infant stage. 

Still, he directly absorbed this crow into his body and gained its DNA. While the power of this crow might not be strong, it could help him to avoid being spied on by Kagaya, who might send many crows to his house since as long as he had absorbed the DNA of this crow, he could control it. 

"The bad guy is always the loser." 

Isao was glad that he had become a good person, but he could think about that problem later since he had decided to make a business so he could take care of his future family in this world. 

Entering the antique car that was given by him, Isao thought that it would be his first step toward his hegemony!