2 Ch-02 Checking Progress

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"Uchiha Takoma's son is as fierce as ever. He never shows respect towards the clan head and always criticizes him without any fear," remarked Uchiha Takashi.

"Yes, but everything he says is logical and in the best interest of the clan," replied Uchiha Kazuki.

Both Takashi and Kazuki were elders of the Uchiha clan, similar to Uchiha Takoma, whom they were discussing.

Meanwhile, Karan ventured deep into the forest until he reached an open space where various training instruments were kept. Behind him, five individuals arrived and knelt on their knees, speaking in unison, "Master Karan."

"Nakamura, Hiroshi, Matsuda, Emiko, and Aiko. You have all been by my side for the past six years, and through your dedication in completing the tasks assigned by me, you have proven that I did not choose wrongly," expressed Karan.

"Master, everything we have achieved is thanks to your guidance. Showing our loyalty to you is the least we can do," said Aiko, while standing up and everyone else also nodded after hearing the words of Aiko.

Karan nodded in acknowledgment after hearing the words of Aiko. He then asked, "Tell me, all of you, about your progress in training."

"I have mastered the first three forms of Thunder Breathing, and my Sharingan has evolved to the 2-Tomoe stage," Aiko replied, revealing her 2-Tomoe Sharingan.

"I have also mastered the first three forms of Wind Breathing, and my Sharingan has reached the 2-Tomoe stage," Hiroshi responded, displaying his 2-Tomoe Sharingan.

"I have successfully mastered the first three forms of Flame Breathing, and my Sharingan has advanced to the 2-Tomoe stage," Nakamura declared, showcasing his 2-Tomoe Sharingan.

"I have achieved mastery in the first three forms of Water Breathing, and my Sharingan has also progressed to the 2-Tomoe stage," Emiko stated, exhibiting her 2-Tomoe Sharingan.

"I have achieved mastery in the first and second forms of Stone Breathing, and my Sharingan has reached the 2-Tomoe stage," Matsuda announced, displaying his 2-Tomoe Sharingan.

After listening to the progress made by all of them, Karan was pleased and said, "Hmm, you all are very good. With your mastery over the Sharingan and physical strength, your abilities are no less than Special Jonin. And with the breathing technique, you can even defeat Jonins in a fight."

"Come, show me what you've got and let me see your progress since last time," said Uchiha Karan, beckoning them to fight him.

In the midst of the forest, in an open space, Karan confronted the others. Tension hung heavy in the air as they prepared for an intense clash. Karan exuded an aura of unparalleled confidence. His eyes, with the 3-Tomoe, locked onto Nakamura, Hiroshi, Matsuda, Emiko, and Aiko.

The first challenger, Aiko, lunged at Karan with Thunder Breathing First Form: Thunderclap and Flash. But before her blow could reach Karan, he effortlessly sidestepped, countering with a swift kick that sent her sprawling backward. Her confidence shaken, Aiko struggled to regain her composure.

"Out," said Karan.

Suddenly, the grass around Karan started growing, trying to bind him. "Genjutsu, you used it when I was looking at all of you, right? But don't forget that I have 3-Tomoe Sharingan 'Illusion Rebound,'" as soon as Karan's words fell, Nakamura was covered by grass, and Karan was standing in front of him with a smile on his face.

"Out," said Karan.

The remaining three ninjas, Emiko, Matsuda, and Hiroshi joined forces. Their combined strength and coordinated attacks aimed to overwhelm Karan. Yet, even against their synchronized assault, Karan proved untouchable. He moved with a fluidity that defied their expectations, swiftly evading their strikes while retaliating with calculated precision.

Emiko's swift shuriken assault was deflected effortlessly by Karan's keen reflexes. Matsuda used Earth Release: Earth Dragon Bullet in response, and Karan countered with Fire Release: Great Fire Ball Technique. A huge ball of fire collided with the earth release and neutralized it. If someone saw Karan releasing the ninjutsu, they would be horrified, as Karan didn't use any hand seals. Karan maneuvered gracefully, exploiting the openings in Matsuda's defense and kicked him in the stomach.

"Out," said Karan.

From behind, Emiko attacked Karan with Water Breathing First Form: Water Surface Slash. Karan turned around and said, "Let me show you the real way to do it." After saying that, Karan also drew his Katana and used the same move, easily canceling Emiko's slash and attacking her. Emiko had to evade, but as soon as she landed, a sword was placed on her neck.

"Out," Karan's voice fell again.

Hirashi attacked Karan with Wind Breathing First Form: Dust Whirlwind Cutter, but Karan also used Wind Breathing Third Form: Clean Storm Wind Tree. A barrier of wind was formed around Karan's body, easily stopping Hirashi's attack and making him fall to the ground with Karan's sword placed on his neck.

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