Uber-Talented Gamer in the Omniverse

A random college student finding life not going his way is granted the chance to change his life by a spontaneous event and a ROB. Read and find out how it turns out and impacts the world or worlds around him. This is a bit of wish fulfillment and SI so don't judge. Also I own nothing but my own OCs.

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Chapter 3: New Life, New Me.


" " : Dialogue,

' ' : Thought,

[ ] : System, Raphael

"Italicized text" : Telepathy.


Location: ???

??? POV

My name is Margena Isvalt. A few years ago, I was just Margena, a woman in the slums of Ohts, until I caught the eye of a noble despite him already having a wife. He bedded me and I ended up with his child. I did not want my child to have to suffer the same life I did, so after I had given birth to my sweet baby boy and recovered enough, I went to the noble's house to beg for my son's life. I was welcomed with hostility and surprisingly envy, but then I also found out that the noble's wife had not given him a child over the 7 years they had been married. I had found out that the noble was a count and was going to have his heir inherit his title. I knew my son was an illegitimate child so I did not even dare to have him put up to inherit the title, and from that day life was better. My son, my beautiful baby boy with his white hair and dark skin that he got from me and the blue eyes he got from his father was my bundle of joy. However, good things and times do not last long.

It had been 5 years since I had become the mother of the most beautiful boy ever, my lovely son, Dante. I had behaved myself and never gotten out of line and I had made sure Dante did the same, but now I'm running away from the count's estate being hunted by the count's knights because they believe I poisoned the lady of the house. If they can so easily come after my life over something as absurd as that, then there was nothing stopping them from doing the same to my son. I took my son and fled from the estate when I noticed that no one was giving any regard to me shouting for my innocence and fled towards the only place where the knights would think before they enter, the gate to the labyrinth. I snuck in and entered the upper floor where the monsters could be easily dealt with, however I had already been attacked by the knights and severely wounded and poisoned. Thankfully, I was able to keep anything from hitting Dante.

I had been able to go some distance into the upper floor by using stealth, after all I lived in the slums for such a long time, I had to learn how to hide and I came across a taratect corpse with its head and legs missing, probably got dismantled for parts by adventurers. I would have gone on from there but I knew that was a pipe dream as the poison had spread. I looked down at my son stirring awake, I could not let them or anyone for that matter harm him. If I had escaped with him earlier, I could have gotten to Sariella to start a new life with him. But since I can't, I will at least make sure he is safe.

"Dante, I will not be able to make it to tomorrow, so please my son, promise me that you will be strong and survive." I say to my son as he wakes, and as soon as he sees my state, he begins to cry. I smile despite the pain and bleeding, trying to reassure him. "Shh Shh Shh, don't cry my love, Mom will be fine." I coax him to calm down and hold his face to mine and sing him his favorite lullaby with my sight blurry and breathing difficult as the last thing I do will be to protect and warm my child.

POV end.

Location: Great Elroe Labyrinth

??? POV "Oy, I know I don't have a name but, there is no need to be so blatant about it. Change this" (Author : Okay, geez)

Kumoko POV "Much better"

(A/N Very slight AU here, in the OG, Kumoko had not left Mother's taratect nest before she got appraisal, however she got the appraisal skill and leveled it up twice before leaving the nest in this, so she knows she has no official name)

"Ahh, I thought I was a goner." I said with relief. So then, why did I 'die'? Well, that I 'died' was just my assumption. I remember falling asleep in literature class and the feeling a lot of pain and that's as far as I remember. My best guess for my current predicament is that I died and reincarnated as a spider. That or I didn't die but my soul got separated from my body and I'm actually in a hospital bed, or perhaps I am just a spider that happens to have my memories while the real me is still in school taking classes. 'Okay, pause. Overthinking isn't going to fix this and I couldn't fix it if I tried. So I think, therefore I am. I am me is the theory to stay alive.' I think trying to hype myself up. "So now then, what was that super gigantic spider. If that was my parent, does that mean I am going to be that big one day?" 'If I'm the size of a tick right now, then that would be about the size of a tarantula, but if I'm normal sized then that might be as big as a dog.' I thought as I marveled at the possible size of my species.

I continued walking and noticed what looked like tracks. I moved a bit closer and noticed that they were human footprints, but this became a problem as the foot prints which I assumed belonged to a fully grown man were small compared to my legs which confirmed that I was no longer on Earth.

"Hah, I'm hungry, maybe I should have eaten one of my siblings after all, huh." I say in exasperation. I follow the footprints hoping to scavenge off humans as well as possibly befriend them. After some time walking, I notice the footprints increase in number and concentration so I assumed this was their base. But what I saw there was not what I was hoping for as I saw what seemed to be one of my siblings missing their head and legs as well as a small boy with bloodied clothes crying in front of what seemed to be a tombstone.

"Who are you?" 'Eh, where did that voice come from? Have I finally started going crazy?' I think in slight confusion. "I'm right here in front of you." I hear the voice again and look at the boy staring at me. 'No way, can you understand me?' I ask with my hopes up and feel a slight jolt from how he looks at me. "Yes, I can and I must say, I'm surprised to meet a monster this low in it's evolutionary stage that is this intelligent." I hear his voice but notice that his mouth isn't moving and also I haven't spoken out loud since I got here. 'Eh, no way, telepathy. But how?'

*Some minutes ago*

Dante POV

"Ow my head hurts. So this is how he decided to do it let my soul reincarnate but be suppressed so as not to attract too much attention ahead of time." I say and turn towards 'her', my late mother. She knew she was framed and would most likely lose her life, which she did, but she still made sure I was taken away from there to protect me. I hug her one last time and promise her that I would survive no matter what.

"Status." I say and a gold window opens in front of me. "Hmm, so I've got a minimum of 10 points in each stat, huh. Inventory." I say opening up my inventory and see 4 vials inside.(refer to aux chapter to see Dante's status and inventory.) I take them out and chug them one by one making absolutely sure that nothing remains in them and they take effect immediately reforging my mind and body to a level that can only be regarded as superhuman. This goes on for a few minutes as many notifications of skills and perks flashed by and after it is done, I check my status again.(refer to aux chapter to see his new status and skills.)

After checking my status, I turn towards my late mother and hug her one last time. I then use my psionic energy manipulation to influence the earth and open up a 2.5 metre(8.2 feet) deep hole and lay her in it and I offer up a prayer to Phoeric that he helps her reincarnate into a better life then cover the hole up. "Status." I say opening up my status board again. "Notifications." I say and check the most recent notifications.

[A skill has been created through a special action.]

[The use of psionic energy to influence earth and rock has created the skill 'Geokinesis' to better manipulate earth and rock]

[Geokinesis (Passive&Active)LV MAX]:

[The ability to control and shape earth, earthen elements and minerals at will either physically or mentally.

Range and power are affected by INT and WIS.

Consumes no resources.]

[A skill has been created through a special action.]

[The skill 'Craft' has been created.]

[Craft (Active) LV MAX]:

[A skill to make something.

Humanity has advanced their civilization through inventing things]

[Registered Blueprint — Recipes: 2]

[Earthen Coffin — Rank: Rare]:

[A coffin made by Dante Isvalt, the Gamer using geokinesis.

It was made in a time of grief and resolution.

Preserves the body in it for 50% longer than normal coffins.]

[Intricate Headstone — Rank: Rare]:

[An earthen headstone made by Dante Isvalt, the Gamer using geokinesis.

It was made in a time of grief and resolution.

It carries high artistic value.]

[A skill has been created through a special action.]

[The use of psionic energy to objects to move has created the skill 'Telekinesis' to better manipulate objects.]

[Telekinesis (Passive&Active)LV MAX]:

[The ability to control objects over any distances while exerting forces on them.

Range and power are affected by INT and WIS.

Consumes no resources.]

'Raphael, integrate with the system.' I convey to my skill. [Notice. Integration with the Game System has been completed. Raphael is now the supporting intelligence of the Game System.]

After I was done integrating Raphael into the System, I turned back to my mother's grave and sealed it with earth. Using geokinesis, I manipulated some earth into a headstone with a carving of my mother with angel wings on the back and on the front I wrote "Here rests Margena Isvalt, the best mother a child could ever ask for. - Dante Isvalt.", after which I carved her favorite flower onto the ground, gardenias. As this happened I heard skittering behind me. 'Hmm, maybe I should get the Detection skill soon.' I think to myself as I turn around to see what it is.

When I turn around, I see a spider monster, yes a monster as it is quite large.

[Notice. A skill has been created through a special action.]

[Observe skill gained]

[Observe is subsumed by Analytical Appraisal.]

[Name: N/A

Level: 1

Gender: N/A

Attribute: Darkness

Race: Small Lesser Taratect

HP: 5/5

MP: 5/5

SP: 6/10

STR: 5

DEX: 56

VIT: 5

INT: 5

WIS: 5

LUK: 5

Background: A newly born member of a deteriorating taratect species. It also happens to have a reincarnated soul.

Emotions: Anxiety. Curiosity. Distress.

Skills: [Spider Thread LV 1], [Appraisal LV 3], [Poison Fang LV 1], [Poison Resistance LV 1] [Idaten LV 2] [n%I=W] ]

'Hmm, reincarnated soul, huh? Guess I'd better start this for real.' I say and activate my Telepathy. "Who are you?" I ask and watch as it swivel its head around and I hear a female voice ask if she's hearing voices or going insane. "I'm right here in front of you." I tell her through Telepathy again and she asks if I understand her and at that moment I knew, this was the taratect I was waiting for. "Yes, I can and I must say, I'm surprised to meet a monster this low in it's evolutionary stage that is this intelligent." I tell her and it seems she finally noticed that my mouth isn't moving as I hear her ask 'Eh, no way, telepathy. But how?' I chuckle a bit and talk to her in Japanese that I remember from my past life, after all my Infinite Memory allows me to view and analyse my memories at any point at nigh imperceptible speeds. "Son'nani keikai shinakute mo, watashi mo anata to onajiyōni koko ni tensei shita no yo, Kumoko-san."("There's no need to be alarmed, after all, just like you I reincarnated here, Kumoko-san.")

As I say that, I notice that she freezes in place as if wondering how she's hearing Japanese in another world then she suddenly rushes at me and hugs me while crying out in happiness that she is not alone in this world.

"By the way, are you going to eat that?" I say pointing to the corpse of one of her dead siblings.

Chapter end.

Hey everyone, so yeah, It's I'm a spider, so what? that we're starting off with, and if you have noticed the stats offered by the Gamer system and the ones offered by th W system are quite different, so their growth will be exponentially increased in comparison to the OG.

So thank you all for tuning in and I'll see you all later

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