Tyrant system in one piece

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Black hole fruit

In 1518 of the Haiyuan calendar, the first half of the Grand Line, Tulip Island.

The island is known for its wide variety and excellent tulips.

At this moment, on the West Blue shore of Tulip Island, a massacre has just ended.

A tall pirate was standing in the center of the town street with a giant machete on his back, with seven or eight corpses lying under his feet.

"Hey, have you found all the treasures? Hurry up."

The pirate shouted loudly towards his subordinates.

His name is Stewart, and he is the captain of the Walker Pirates.

Just led the members of the pirate group to slaughter this town, and they are looting treasures at the moment.

"I found it captain, this time I really made a lot of money."

"After this vote, the captain's bounty will rise again."

A group of pirate soldiers grinned and came to the center of the street carrying boxes of treasures.

Stewark looked at these treasures and nodded with satisfaction, "Well done little ones, let's go."

However, at this moment, an indifferent voice sounded.

"You can't leave!"

Stewark and a group of pirates looked and found a young man who was over 3 meters tall standing behind them.

The young man was wearing a black coat with flying cuffs and a tachi on his waist.

"Little devil, who are you?"

Stewark's face sank, and he pulled out the huge machete behind his back and roared: "Little ones, kill him!"

"Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!"

A series of gunshots rang out.

A dozen pirates of the Walker Pirates fired at the same time.

However, when the gunshots ended, many pirates discovered that the young man in front of them had disappeared.


A mass of blood splattered, and several heads rose into the sky.

When Stewark was startled, the young man had already killed him.


Stuwerk was shocked and hurriedly slashed with his knife.

However, he saw a blade of light that was faster than him, passing directly across his eyes.

The next moment, Stewark's head flew up, and the scene in his eyes quickly hung upside down.


"Captain Walker!"

Many pirates were shocked and shouted in panic.

Some pirates shot and some pirates turned and ran away.


A huge flying slash was born, passing through the bodies of all the pirates.

The next moment, blood splattered.

All the pirates were cut in half, not a single one remained.

Keynes swung the knife away from the blood and slowly retracted the knife back into its sheath.

At the same time, an icy electronic sound played in Keynes' head.

"Ding, congratulations to the Host for killing 10,000 enemies, the tyrant system is officially opened."

"The novice gift package is being distributed, and the distribution is complete."

"Congratulations to Host for getting a Paramecia black hole fruit."

At the end of the electronic sound, a Devil Fruit appeared out of nowhere in Keynes' hands.

Devil Fruit is all black, with spiral patterns, and each pattern has a peculiar imprint.

That's right, Keynes is not a person from the pirate world, he is a traveler.

And it's been 10 years since Keynes traveled to the pirate world.

Like many traversers, Keynes has systems.

However, the opening conditions of the system are very special, requiring Keynes to kill 10,000 enemies with his own hands.

Although the pirate world is dominated by the weak, it is very cruel.

But Keynes is not a person who kills civilians indiscriminately, and 10 years ago, he was only 12 years old, and he was too young to complete the task of killing more than 10,000 enemies.

After an accident, Keynes chose to become a bounty hunter, chasing pirates on the sea.

90% of the pirates in the pirate world are evil people, and each pirate group has a large number of people, enough for Keynes to hunt.

In the first few years, Keynes was just Isshin training, looking for some weak pirates to hunt. The progress of the mission was very slow, and sometimes it could not kill 50 people in a year.

After he was 18 years old, his strength took shape. With the strength to hunt tens of millions of pirates or even over 100 million pirates, the progress of the mission began to speed up.

You know, some pirates have very large numbers.

Just like the Creek Pirates, there are a total of 5,000 people.

It took a total of ten years, and the system was finally turned on today.

Looking at the Devil Fruit in his hand, Keynes didn't hesitate, just opened his mouth and took a bite.

What the system gives is bound to be good.

And this is a black hole fruit. Just by hearing the name, Keynes knows that the ability of this fruit is not simple.

The taste of Devil Fruit is as rumored, and it is very unpalatable.

Keynes only took one bite, and nothing else.

Devil Fruit only needs to eat the first bite to get the ability, it does not need to eat all of it.

After about a minute, a strange force was born in Keynes.

And Keynes naturally knew how to use that power.

"Black Hole Gravity!"

Keynes raised his hand and grabbed it, and all the treasures left by the Walker Pirates flew into the air.

Then a small black hole appeared in Keynes' palm, swallowing all the treasure.

Keynes ate the black hole fruit, and now he has become a black hole man.

Black holes are celestial bodies in the universe with extremely powerful gravitational and phagocytic abilities.

In addition, when the black hole disintegrates, it will release a huge amount of energy, resulting in a violent explosion.

The development of Devil Fruit requires talent and imagination.

Keynes, as a human being, knew the terrifying properties of black holes.

In just a moment, he knew where he should develop this fruit in the future.

Just then, a piercing laughter sounded.

"Weihahahaha, captain, you are really merciless."

A big shirtless man, waving his hands, ran towards Keynes, wearing nothing but a coat of armour, revealing his well-defined muscles.

Gizas Badgers, the crew of the original Blackbeard, is now the first and only one Keynes has recruited.

(****It' Jesus burgess guys. )

Keynes, who has watched the One Piece anime, knew the potential of Badgers, so when he met Badgers a year ago, Keynes directly subdued him.

"Badgers, your voice is too loud."

Keynes turned to look at Badgers and asked, "How are you over there?"

"Weihahahaha, Captain, everything is settled. According to your intention, none of them are left."

"That's good, take the heads of Stewark and the cadres, let's go!"