12 Two sisters

In the opulent dining room of the Bloodborne grand estate, the aroma of a sumptuous dinner filled the air as Isabella, a lady of regal demeanour, sat at the head of the table, surrounded by her loyal guards and chefs. It wasn't the most welcoming dinner, but it was easily the most luxurious as Isabella asked people in the estate to prepare a special dinner to celebrate her win against everyone.


But suddenly, Vivienne, her sister, burst into the room, her eyes ablaze with anger and grief. The guards reacted swiftly, forming a barrier between Vivienne and Isabella, trying to prevent any harm from coming to their mistress.

The male chefs looked scared, as they were even weak to the power of these nobles, and most of them couldn't help but run away in fear and hide somewhere.

"Lady Vivienne, stop this madness at once!" one of the guards demanded, her voice quivering with concern.

But Vivienne was relentless. Ignoring the pleas of the guards, she narrowed her eyes at the second-in-command, a staunch and devoted soldier who had been tasked with keeping Isabella safe.

"Move aside!" she commanded, her voice shaking with rage.

"I can't let you do this even if you're a noble lady," the second-in-command responded, trying to remain steadfast despite Vivienne's threatening stance.

All of the people in Isabella's unit knew they were going to be even bigger than before, as they had no challenge anymore.

In one swift motion, Vivienne delivered a fierce kick to the second-in-command, sending her staggering back, momentarily disarmed and surprised by the force behind her attack. With the sword now in her possession, she turned her attention to her sister, her heart heavy with emotion.

Holding the sword against Isabella's delicate neck, Vivienne's voice quivered with a mix of fury and sorrow. "How dare you send our brother to prison, tarnishing his name with false claims?"

Isabella, unperturbed by the blade pressed against her skin, simply continued to eat her steak with poise and composure.

Tears welled up in Vivienne's eyes, clouding her vision, as she struggled with conflicting emotions. Her sister's calm demeanour only seemed to amplify her distress.

"I always tolerated your actions because we were the same blood, and I was always scared of you, but now you've gone too far," Vivienne shouted all her pent-up emotions coming out.

"I know you're involved in our mother's disappearance, but I decided to forget about it since I had something precious I wanted to protect," The sword was almost piercing Isabella's neck causing her to bleed out, but she continued to gracefully eat her steak without replying to her sister.

Vivienne's grip on the sword tightened, her knuckles turning white as she fought to control her emotions. The sight of her sister's indifference infuriated her further, but a part of her still clung to the blood they shared.

"Say something!" Vivienne demanded, her voice trembling with a mix of anger and pain. "Aren't you even the least bit remorseful for what you've done? You know he is going to be forced by different women in that place, do you feel good imagining him in that situation?"

Isabella finally looked up from her meal, her expression serene despite the dangerous situation she was in. "Remorse is an emotion for the weak," she replied coldly while wiping her mouth. "I did what was necessary. Our mother's disappearance was unfortunate, but her choices led her down that path and so does Oliver."

"I gave him a chance, but he was stupid, I would have given him more love than anyone can but he decided to-"

"Shut up! Shut up! Don't talk anymore," Vivienne shouted hearing her words. Her words brought the bitter memories of their past and their first conflict when Isabella tried to force herself on Oliver calling it love, just like what she did right now.

Vivienne's heart sank, realizing that her sister was beyond redemption. The bond they once shared seemed irrevocably broken, shattered by the weight of their conflicting ideals and actions.

"You've become a heartless monster," Vivienne whispered, tears streaming down her cheeks. "I can't let you continue this way."

"Are you going to kill me? But I didn't do anything, believe me. I haven't done anything, All the things that happened are the consequences of their own choices, I haven't done anything wrong," Isabella wiped her mouth after completing her meal and got up from her seat, without showing any fear at the sword.

"If you kill me now, our bloodline will end here, The Bloodborne family that dominated the offensive power of the Behemothia Empire will be no more,"

Vivienne knew her words were true, but she still her hands didn't want to put down the sword but she had no option. Having no other option with a hard, resolute look on her face, she slowly lowered her sword.

"You're right, Isabella," Vivienne said, her voice quivering with emotion. "Our bloodline may end here if we act like this, but I won't let it be stained by more bloodshed. I can't kill you, but I won't let you harm Oliver."

She took a step back, keeping a cautious distance from her sister. "Oliver is the most important thing to me now," Vivienne continued, her grip on the sword firm but not aggressive. "I'll protect him with everything I have, and that includes standing up to you if need be."

Isabella's demeanour remained composed as she took in her sister's words. There was a hint of a bitter smile on her lips. "You always were the righteous one, Vivienne," she said, her voice surprisingly calm. "Do whatever you want, and I will do what I desire"

With that, Vivienne turned her back on Isabella and walked towards the door, her heart heavy with sorrow. As she reached the threshold, she paused and looked over her shoulder one last time.

"Next time we meet, one of us will definitely die because if I can't find Oliver, I won't forgive you even if it kills me," she said, her voice filled with both sadness and resolve.

Isabella remained seated, watching her sister leave without a hint of anger in her eyes and as soon as she heard the sound of the door closing, she started to go berserk inside the room.

Isabella's sudden burst of anger startled her second in command. As Isabella hit the table with her palm, it cracked under the force of her strike, sending shards flying across the room. Her eyes flashed with intensity as she turned to her loyal subordinate.

"Deal with Vivienne," Isabella commanded, her voice low and dangerous. "I want her gone, permanently."

The second in command hesitated, sensing the gravity of the situation. She had been loyal to Isabella for years, but this request shook her to the core. She knew the bond between the sisters, and she had never seen Isabella show such raw emotion.

She wanted to kill Vivienne personally because she had a grudge against her and her unit, but she had to confirm Isabella's orders because she knew it would be bad if she changed her mind after giving this order.

"But Lady Isabella, she's your sister," the second in command said, her voice trembling slightly. "I understand your anger, but killing her might be too extreme. There must be another way."

Isabella's eyes narrowed, and she leaned in closer to her second in command, exuding an air of menace. "You dare question my orders?" she hissed. "Vivienne is a threat, and I will not let anyone stand in the way of my plans, neither Oliver nor this woman."

Isabella looked at all the people in the room and asked them to leave, as she knew none of them were brave or stupid enough to leak what happened there.

"Keep an eye on her and when the time is right, do your thing, she should never see Oliver again," Isabella also left the room, leaving her cruel orders without any shred of regret or hesitation.

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