Tyranny of Steel

Julian Weber is an officer in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and a graduate of Westpoint Military Academy with a degree in civil engineering. As U.S. involvement in Afghanistan comes to an end, Lt. Julian Weber finds himself involved in a terrorist attack by the Taliban, which claims his life. However, he quickly finds out that death is not always final as he is reincarnated into the body of a Baron's son and heir in an alternate Earth set in Late-Medieval Europe. In an era of political turmoil and civil strife, the Baron's young son is named Regent of the Barony of Kufstein and forced to contend with feudal powers. Will he be able to institute reforms leading his Barony into the age of industry? Or will he succumb to the pressure of his feudal overlords and a corrupt church that seek dominion overall?

Zentmeister · History
Not enough ratings
1261 Chs

A Speech to the Reichstag

Having said goodbye to his parents, and one of his best friends within just a few short years of one another. Berengar entered a depressed streak. Where he sat on the sofa, drank beer, and watched TV. By now, the Reich was advanced beyond the limits of the one he had left behind so many years ago. 

Things that were only in science fiction before were starting to become a reality. So much so that Berengar was having a hard time adjusting to many of the new things in life. His children with Brynhildr were growing like weeds, while the rest of his children and grandchildren routinely visited Berengar and his wives.