Type Moon Greece, I really don't want to be a hero! [Fan-Translation]

My, translator's synopsis is just below the one by the original author, which I don't want to change much, so read it once for a better... synopsis?! I got transmigrated to the Greece Age of Gods and that too as Jason. Wait, Jason? Do you mean that Jason, the one who has provoked the Witch of Betrayal Medea? Jason? You mean the same Jason who seems to be a great hero, but is actually just a toy of the Gods? Jason? The very same Jason who supposedly lived a glorious life and eventually became a great hero, popular in future generations, but in fact, had a difficult life and eventually didn't even get a natural death? No, such a fate... I do not want it! Therefore ...... "Teacher Chiron, I want to drop out of this school; this kind of hero business, I don't want to do it!" ***** Translator's Synopsis First of all, this is not fanfic and not related to Nasuverse; but I kept the title same due to the author's original choice. Next, this is a story about a modern person trying to change his destiny in the Greek mythological period. And lastly, this has a lot of slice-of-life parts that might touch your heart. ***** It is a fan translation that I am doing just because of interest and nothing more. And just to be clear, I don't have the author's permission because I was unable to contact him and I didn't find a translation anywhere else; so if the author wishes for this to be taken down then just tell me. As for how good am I at English... then let's just say it is not even my fourth language but still, I believe myself to be fluent enough in both speaking and writing.

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The Cthulhu Dragon Ladon!

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Quite similar to how Chiron says that he will only teach and guide his students and it is up to his students to decide on the path they want to walk on.

Hecate might also try to interfere and guide the path Jason is walking on, but she doesn't want to force Jason to walk a certain path.

Therefore, the only absolute constraint Hecate had left on Jason is the agreement they had made at their first meeting that Jason will unconditionally promise one thing to Hecate.

And it is because of this that, after checking that the spear is harmless to Jason and significantly increases his combat strength, Hecate allowed Jason to leave with the spear given to him by the embodiment of destruction and ancestor of all monsters Typhon.

Therefore, watching Jason leave to the Garden of Golden Apple for defeating the hundred-headed dragon Ladon and offering it as a tribute to God of War Ares, Hecate couldn't help but sigh while thinking about her first meeting with Jason.

Because both Jason and Hecate are well aware of the fact that if they hadn't met, the future might not have become so elusive.

After all, there is a reason why Hecate's divine seat of Goddess of Paths is viewed as a very special and unique divinity by all the gods.

Because Hecate is the Tri-Goddess of Paths, she represents possibilities, randomness, and accidents in fate, and fate is something that even Gods don't dare to take lightly.

But it is believed and proven that as long as Hecate intervenes in a matter and tries to change the flow of events, she might actually find a new and easier path and sometimes even change the doomed fate.

And it is because of this reason Hecate was requested by the gods to join them in the battle against Titans.

And it is once again because of the same reason that Jason is able to walk on a path that had deviated so much from his originally doomed fate and now although his original fate still exists, it is no longer a doomed fate.

So, while thinking back to their first meeting, recalling just how much Jason had tried to avoid meeting her, just because she is a Goddess, she couldn't help but let out a soft chuckle.

'You have said you will follow me until the end of time and world... Although you are still a scoundrel, getting you was not in vain!'

After all, even if Hecate doesn't know if Jason had said this seriously or just to tease her, as a Goddess, she had obviously sensed just how true these words are...


When Jason went out of Underworld with the help of Ghost Butterflies and went to meet Chiron again, he learned while conversing with Chiron that four days have passed since he had met Chiron last time.

This means five whole days have passed since he had received the Oracle of defeating the hundred-headed dragon Ladon within one week.

Obviously, this is because of the different time principles being followed in the endless abyss Tartaros, which makes the time pass differently.

"... Teacher Chiron, I originally said that I would accompany you for a while before going to fight Ladon, but since only two days are left, it seems that I can't do it anymore."

Chiron replied softly in response to Jason's regretful words: "It's alright, because no matter when you want to talk to me, as your teacher, I will be here waiting for you."

Jason nodded upon hearing this, but after thinking for a few moments, Jason immediately took out the deep sea-colored harp from the small silver bag given to him by Athena.

After all, after leaving the mountain, among all the things Jason had learned from Chiron, his harp playing skill is the only one that had improved significantly.

And, even if Jason doesn't plan on becoming a famous hero, rather he is planning on at least not becoming famous, he still has a small desire of showing off in front of his teacher, who had taught him so many things, that he had improved in something.

"Then, Teacher Chiron, before I leave, I want to at least show the harp playing skills I have learned from Goddess Amphitrite."

After this, under the light of the morning sun, Jason and Chiron walked to the shade of a big tree.

Then, accompanied by the soft sound of the harp played by Jason, Chiron, with a smile, listened to the trivial things encountered after leaving the mountain by now sixteen-year-old Jason, who he had personally seen growing up along with immaturity gradually fading from the face.

Finally, at sunset, Jason got up and again left the mountain by riding Golden-Horned Deer to continue his journey.


Then, after Golden-Horned Deer speedily rushed for the whole night, on the afternoon of the last day of the given time of one week, Jason, accompanied by Golden Horned Deer, finally reached the gate of the Garden of Hesperides (Sacred Garden Golden Apple).

And upon reaching the Garden of Hesperides, after Jason got down from Golden-Horned Deer, she bleated softly while rubbing Jason's cheek.

"Sister Deer, please wait a while for me."

Understanding her meaning, Jason touched the golden-horned deer's head and replied with a smile: "Don't worry, I'll be back soon."

In response, Golden Horned Deer looked at Jason and after a moment, nodded lightly.

Then Jason turned and looked at the Garden of Hesperides.

And after thinking only for a moment, Jason suppressed the impulse of subconsciously taking out the Magic Staff to use the invisibility spell.

Because Jason thinks that gods must be watching him at this moment, which is actually true.

Moreover, Jason is obviously aware of the fact that victory in the coming fight will is to be offered as a tribute to God of War Ares.

Therefore, being familiar with many legends of Ares, Jason concluded that using the invisibility spell now would inevitably be disliked by Ares, even if finally challenges Ladon in a head-on battle.

So, finally, after a brief thought, Jason entered the Garden of Hesperides empty-handed.

Then, as soon as, Jason stepped into the garden, he was immediately noticed by the three Hesperide sisters, who are tasked with taking care of the Golden Apple tree planted in this garden.

But, immediately after noticing this they couldn't help but stare at the man dressed in white entering the garden, because even if they are significantly weaker compared to many heroes, the Hesperide sisters are the daughters of Primordial Goddess Nyx, so they have obviously noticed the many gods observing the man dressed in white.

However, even if they are shocked by the fact that many Olympians are observing a single human entering the Sacred Garden of Golden Apple, they didn't dare to neglect their duty, because they know that even if this man is tasked by a god to enter this garden, they will still be punished by the Gods for not completing the job given to them.

So they walked in front of Jason and said to him: "Hero from afar, please stop, you can't continue to go forward, because this is the Sacred Garden of Golden Apples."

Jason looked at the three Hesperide sisters in front of him, then said while greeting them: "Beautiful Nymphs of Evening, forgive me for suddenly disturbing you, but I won't be leaving, because I have arrived here following the guidance of Goddess of Wisdom Athena."

"Goddess Athena, Goddess of Wisdom?" Three Hesperide sisters have obviously noticed that Athena is also one among the many Gods observing Jason.

"Yes." Jason nodded lightly and continued with a smile: "Following the oracle given by Goddess of Wisdom, I need to take a golden apple from the golden apple tree, and issue a challenge to the guardian of the tree of Golden Apple, the hundred-headed dragon, Ladon!"

"You want to challenge the hundred-headed dragon Ladon?" Upon hearing this, one of the three Hesperide sisters asked Jason in surprise: "Hero from afar, are you unaware of the strength of the hundred-headed dragon Ladon? That is definitely not an opponent a mortal can defeat!"

"It's all right." Jason gave a standard reply with a smile, in which no lie can be detected, only determination: "It is not only the Goddess of Wisdom Athena who is guiding me, at this moment, even the great God of War Ares is also guiding me, I will definitely win!"

Hearing Jason's words, the three sisters glanced at each other and concluded that since neither Athena nor Ares had given any instruction to them held, they must follow through with the task assigned to them.

Still, before taking action against the hero, who had been politely conversing with them, as a courtesy, they asked: "Unknown hero, can you tell us your name?"

"Ah, this is indeed my fault." Jason smiled apologetically, but he is feeling really helpless in his heart because he had purposefully not mentioned his name even once.

"My name is Jason."

After all, Jason believes that at this moment, at least Ares must be watching this place, so he obviously can't report his name as Hercules.

"Then Jason... we're sorry, we can't let you go any further." One of the three Hesperides shook her head at Jason and continued: "Because we are tasked with guarding the Golden Apple tree under orders given by God-King Zeus and Queen of Gods Hera."

"So, we cannot let you pick the golden apples without their permission. "

"I understand." Jason nodded to express his understanding, still, this time even if he is supposed to find head-on, he obviously won't wait for his opponent to take action against him: "But then... I can only apologize!"

Before Jason finished speaking, he swiftly waved his hand and the unquenchable flame of Underworld flew out from his clothes, which immediately formed a circle around the three Hesperide sisters and imprisoned them in it.

"Nymphs of the Evening, I can only ask you to wait for a while in it, and please don't touch this flame, because this is the unquenchable fire of Underworld, it is very dangerous, also, after I leave, this flame will naturally be extinguished."

By the time Jason finished speaking, he found that after being panicked at first, the three Hesperide sisters discussed something between them, then looked at him with smiles on their faces, like they have thought of a great plan.

The three Hesperides were obviously panicked at first due to thinking that they will be punished for not even being able to do anything, but then they thought that since the polite and good-looking hero in front of them is watched over by so many powerful gods...

"Well, we understand... by the way, Jason, can we ask you a question?"


"May we ask, are you married? If not, what do you think of us? And even if you are, we don't really mind..."

Jason, who was shocked upon hearing these words spoken to him in a shy tone, found that he had suddenly appeared in the depth of the garden, where he can only faintly hear the summoning of three Hesperides from the back.

As for who did this or who did this first...


'Such a waste... of such a great opportunity!'

Due to being 'guided' by the Goddesses, who are 'secretly' observing him, Jason immediately began walking forward, and soon arrived in front of the hundred-headed dragon Ladon.

Simultaneously, Jason naturally noticed the golden apple tree behind the hundred-headed dragon Ladon.

At normal times, Jason might have felt surprised by the exquisite golden apple tree, but at this moment, compared to the hundred-headed dragon Ladon in front of him, for Jason, it seems very mediocre.

Because, Ladon, who is currently reflected in Jason's eyes, is so huge that if Ladon would have been the size of a human, then Jason would have been the size of an ant.

Not to mention the fact, upon looking around, Jason found that he can't even see the body of Ladon, every place on his body is covered by heads.

"Ignorant human mortal, stop your steps, this is definitely not a place you can set foot on!"

The moment Jason appeared in front of Ladon, the largest head on the hundred-headed dragon Ladon slowly raised itself and said to Jason in a deafening voice.

But the only reason Ladon hadn't directly attacked Jason and had only warned him is that even if it hadn't noticed the many gods currently observing this place, it had still sensed the breath of divine power left by multiple gods on Jason's body.

"Hundred-headed dragon Ladon?" While asking Ladon to confirm, Jason observed it and couldn't help but wonder in his heart: 'How did Greek Gods and Goddesses, who are famous for being standard face control, could choose this Cthulhu-style creation as the guardian of the Golden Apple tree?'

"You know me?"

"Yes." Jason nodded: "Because I'm here actually for you!"

"For me?"

Jason wasn't even able to count how many heads have looked at him in puzzlement upon hearing his words.

"Following the oracle of Goddess Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, I need to pluck a golden apple from the tree behind you, and for offering tribute to God of War Ares, hundred-headed dragon Ladon, I need to..." Once again, even if Jason had decided to fight head-on, he obviously isn't going to let his opponent seize the opportunity of making the first move: "Defeat you!"

So before Jason finished speaking, he took out the long spear decorated in black and silver color, and without giving Ladon any chance to react, he swiftly swung it towards the hundred-headed dragon Ladon.

And simultaneously, Jason used the Rapid Words of Divine to use a spell that created phantoms of ghost butterflies, which flew out from behind Jason and rapidly began disturbing the consciousness of some of the dragon heads of the hundred-headed dragon Ladon, causing them to be distracted for a short while.

However, with so many heads on Ladon, many more dragon heads roared angrily at Jason upon noticing him attacking.

And with so many dragon heads on Ladon simultaneously roaring, the three Hesperides felt that the entire garden is shaking just because of this roar.

But being trained by Chiron, who is proud of Jason due to Jason learning many combat skills from him, Jason obviously isn't affected in the slightest.

Furthermore, the magic spear that Typhon handed over to Jason, deeply restrains Ladon, so, much of Ladon's roar was absorbed by the magic spear the moment it came in contact with the roar.

Therefore, due to this, Jason is completely unaffected by something that would have directly killed many heroes.

Simultaneously, just from this, being a really powerful monster, Ladon instinctually sensed deep fear rising from the depths of his heart in the face of this magic spear.

Therefore, Ladon subconsciously avoided fighting Jason for a few moments and only roared at him.

But Jason obviously won't miss this chance, so after missing initial few strikes, he swiftly rushed at Ladon, then jumped towards it and again swung the magic spear in his hand which shattered an unknown number of heads.

Then immediately, Jason began running on the hundred-headed dragon Ladon, so that it can't again avoid his attacks.

Because Jason had already thought of a way of swiftly defeating the hundred-headed dragon Ladon.

After all, even if no one has mentioned it to him, Jason had already guessed the weakness of the hundred-headed dragon Ladon.

Because as the name suggests, Ladon is the hundred-headed dragon, not the hundred dragons.

Therefore, at the end of the day, Ladon has only one body.

That's why Jason had jumped on the hundred-headed dragon Ladon and is running on it while destroying the heads and searching for the body of Ladon.

And, as a matter of fact, this is exactly the reason Ladon is hiding its body by covering itself with heads.

But, at the end of the day, Ladon is a monster.

Therefore, although Ladon's instincts are telling it that the magic spear wielded by Jason is very dangerous, when it sensed Jason's purpose, it stopped avoiding attacks and began attacking Jason in wrath.

So Ladon completely ignored its instincts telling it to avoid the magic spear and began pouncing and biting Jason.

Furthermore, although Jason had found the weakness of Ladon, it absolutely doesn't mean this fight is going to be an easy one for him, because even if the body of the hundred-headed dragon Ladon is its greatest weakness, the hundred heads on it had completely covered it and they are obviously attacking Jason.

Moreover, without the strength that is strong enough to completely crush Ladon, this is the only way through which Jason can defeat Ladon in a head-on battle.


"So, how is it?"

At this moment, Athena, who is observing Jason fighting Ladon, couldn't help raising the corner of her mouth while asking Ares, who is wearing red armor and standing beside her: "Isn't Jason worthy of getting your belt?... And, you also know, since I made a bet with you, I haven't said a word to him!"

Ares remained silent in response and continued observing Jason, who is fighting Ladon.

Although Ares had obviously noticed the weirdness of the magic spear in Jason's hand, he hadn't sensed even a trace of divine power in that spear and he doesn't mind Jason using a magic artifact that is effective against Ladon, so it did not hinder Ares from feeling impressed by Jason's performance.

"This guy...is a qualified warrior."

So, after a long while, Ares finally gave an answer, which made the smile on Athena's face grow even wider.

It's just that even though Athena is smiling, she couldn't help deeply observe the magic spear wielded by Jason.

Because, at this moment, although almost every god observing Jason is thinking that this magic spear is a magic artifact that Hecate had helped Jason in making, only Athena doesn't think this is the case.

Because the eyes of Athena, comparable to the eyes of Prometheus, can naturally see the faint ominous aura around the Demon Spear, even if Hecate had deeply hidden it.

As for whether Hecate had forgotten about Athena's unique eyes or had purposefully allowed Athena to see...

Because, as Hecate had claimed that she won't force Jason to walk on any of the paths, but she will still try to direct him to walk on a favorable path.

And, currently, maybe as Hecate had already guessed, Athena decided to not say anything about this for now.

After all, although Athena doesn't care much about the outcome of this bet, if she can win, she obviously won't dislike it.

Do you know, in Greek Mythology, in many of the versions, Typhon and Echidna are grandparents of the three Gorgon Sisters.

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