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A soul from Earth found himself transmigrated into a person from a parallel world, a world that lacked video games and an established gaming industry. Follow the journey as this individual rises to become the video game tycoon of this unique world. [Please note that any similarities between the names of characters or places in this story and those in the real world are purely coincidental. I do not claim ownership of any products or properties mentioned in this novel. This work is entirely fictional.] (Cover photo is not mine. Ctto to the original owner.) This novel draws inspiration from 'Tokyo Video Game Tycoon,' although there may have been some similarities at the beginning, the plot will take its own distinct path as it unfolds. On average, each chapter spans approximately 1,000 words or so. For those interested, you can find 10-15 chapters in advance on my Patreon page at patreon.com/NewComer714.

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KiShin video games lineup

The news of KiShin releasing their own 16-bit console spread to Asia and the USA.

What's even more interesting is that several foreign media outlets from various Asian countries, and most from the USA, also covered KiShin's press conference. The news of the Gameboy also reached the ears of Americans.

"This isn't fair! Why is such a product only available in Japan!?" an American shouted as he saw the news on TV.

Video game communities also discussed among themselves, saying, "I've already booked a flight to Japan to buy the latest products."

"Me too."

"Yeah, I was also learning Japanese..."

In Japan, it's not yet February 10, 1992, but the craze for KiShin's latest products has become evident to many.

Those who have no interest in KiShin's products criticized the people lining up outside stores.

Japanese media outlets criticized KiShin for fueling the craze among the youth. However, no matter how much they complained, they couldn't take any action since the government wouldn't intervene with KiShin, given that KiShin contributed at least a small amount to the country's economy.

Meanwhile, the people waiting in line discussed amongst themselves. "I really want to play Pokémon!"

"Me too!" someone else chimed in.

"It's a shame that the King of video games, Shinro, didn't showcase the Pokémon video game..." another person sighed.

"Why be sad? We'll soon find out when we get one," said an optimist.

"Yeah, but look at that never-ending line," a young man observed, squinting as the line seemed to stretch endlessly, obscuring the store's front.

"Cough... Are we sure this line leads to KiShin's store?" a man expressed doubts, mainly because they couldn't even see the store anymore.

"Damn it. I just want to play 'Tetris' on Gameboy," grumbled a middle-aged man behind them.

This long line, perhaps only KiShin could elicit such enthusiasm from the Japanese, a population not known for being easily impressed.

It was already February 9, 1992, and some people had left the line for various reasons, which pleased those who were determined to keep waiting. Those who came prepared had tents, and some had even set up a hot pot for their convenience. Some had settled in with sleeping bags on the sidewalk.

Finally, it was February 10, 1992, and the KiShin stores, as well as the KiShin sections in various malls, began distributing the Super KES and Gameboy.

The people waiting in line grew increasingly excited as they moved forward. Sawa Arata, who had the good fortune of being at the front of the line with his tent, was poised to be the first to enter the store and purchase the Super KES and Gameboy, along with the new video games.

As for his friends who had also come to buy the Super KES and Gameboy, they were likely still somewhere in the line, patiently waiting.

Sawa Arata was greeted by a saleswoman, and he quickly located the Super KES and Gameboy. He said, "I'll take these," as he picked them up. The saleswoman provided the price, and Sawa Arata was surprised by the cost, but he proceeded with the purchase.

He then inquired, "Could you introduce me to the new KiShin video games for SKES and Gameboy?" Sawa Arata was in no hurry and paid no mind to the disapproving glances from those still waiting in line outside.

The saleswoman responded with a smile, "You can find the video game section over there, and the video game cartridges for SKES and Gameboy are on display. In the Gameboy box, you'll also find a complimentary 'Tetris' game."

Sawa Arata nodded and made his way to the video game section. As he did so, the saleswoman opened the store door to allow the people at the front of the line to proceed.

Upon reaching the video game section, Sawa Arata noticed the shelves filled with Gameboy game cartridges, each with titles and cover art that piqued his interest. Games like 'Super Mario Land,' 'Tetris,' 'Donkey Kong,' 'Dr. Mario,' 'The Legend of Zelda II: The Avdenture of Link', 'Kirby's Dreamland,' 'Metroid II: Return of Samus,' 'Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge,' 'Megaman,' 'Final Fantasy Adventure,' and 'Pokémon Red and Blue' were on display.

This lineup of video games thrilled Sawa Arata, and he couldn't wait to see what the Super KES games had to offer.

Among the lineup of video games, Sawa Arata was pleasantly surprised to find a mix of familiar and unfamiliar IPs.

The familiar video game titles included 'Super Mario World,' 'The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past,' 'Donkey Kong Country,' 'Super Metroid,' and 'Street Fighter II: The World Warrior.'

The unfamiliar or possibly new additions to the lineup comprised 'Sonic the Hedgehog,' 'Chrono Trigger,' 'Earthbound,' 'Secret of Mana,' 'Star Fox,' 'Shovel Knight,' and, finally, 'Celeste.'

Sawa Arata couldn't help but feel excitement when he saw the variety of video games available for the SKES. Although the only game he was familiar with was 'Sonic the Hedgehog,' as demonstrated by the King of Video Games, Shinro, during the press conference, Sawa Arata had faith in KiShin's ability to create high-quality video games.

What was truly surprising was the fact that the video game 'Celeste' came with its own controller. So, when he purchased the video game 'Celeste,' he had to get the controller that was specifically compatible with it. In a way, it resembled the situation with 'Duck Hunt.'

This piqued Sawa Arata's interest, and he explored the video game section further. He discovered that many of KiShin's SKT FamiCom video games could be exchanged at the store for remastered versions. For example, 'Super Mario Bros.' could be exchanged for a remastered 'Super Mario Bros.' for the Super KES.

A significant number of KiShin's SKT FamiCom video games had been remastered for the Super KES.

As time passed, Sawa Arata ended up purchasing all the video games available for the Super KES and Gameboy, whether they were familiar titles or the new and unfamiliar ones.

More and more people had the opportunity to enter KiShin's stores or sections in malls to purchase the Super KES and Gameboy, along with their respective video games. Many were curious about KiShin's new video games, and everyone was in for a delightful surprise as they tried each of KiShin's new titles, starting with 'Sonic the Hedgehog,' while others embarked on adventures in the sequel to 'The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past' or 'Super Mario World.'

Tora and Suzuki could only watch with envy as people purchased KiShin's consoles, handhelds, and video games.

There was no denying that KiShin would be reaping significant profits during this time.


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