262 Game Awards ceremony plans

At the Forbes Headquarters, Jenna Welch has just received news from the higher-ups that Shinro Suzuki, the Japanese individual she was preparing to feature in an article, will now grace the cover of Forbes Magazine.

While this revelation is surprising, Jenna recognizes Shinro Suzuki as a compelling candidate. Despite his affluent family background, given that he hails from the renowned Suzuki family that founded the Suzuki Group, the information gathered so far about Shinro Suzuki is truly astonishing.

Interestingly, Jenna has also uncovered details about Shinro Suzuki's early struggles when establishing his company, KiShin. It appears he faced challenges in his relationship with his family during that period.


Meanwhile, at the KiShin Rules HQ, Shin has just received a report from Forbes expressing interest in interviewing him and featuring him on the cover of their magazine.

"I suppose there's no harm in accepting," Shin muttered.

"Arrange a schedule for the Forbes interview for me," Shin instructed his secretary, Hana.

"Understood," Hana bowed respectfully and proceeded to jot down the interview schedule for Shin.

Inwardly, Hana felt grateful for retaining her position as Shinro Suzuki's secretary. She had feared losing her job when Shinro discovered her role as a spy, thinking that her purpose would end and as even Tora had decided to abandon her.

To her surprise, Shinro Suzuki chose not to terminate her but instead retained her as his secretary. Initially, she had speculated if Shinro had personal feelings for her, but over time, she realized he treated her strictly as a secretary.

Meanwhile, as Shin immersed himself in thought, reminiscing about magazines, his mind drifted to the magazine company he had invested in back in 1993.

The company, 'Electronic Gaming,' specialized in publishing video games magazines. These magazines not only recommended games to readers but also provided ratings for various video games.

A smile crossed Shin's face as he envisioned the team at Electronic Gaming Magazine actively adapting to the plan he had in mind.


In New York, USA, within Manhattan, the headquarters of Electronic Magazine stood prominently.

At the helm of Electronic Magazine was Albert Ford, the CEO and founder of the company. Currently, Albert Ford engaged in discussions with executives regarding the plan proposed by KiShin for them to implement.

As KiShin held the majority stake in the company, it was imperative for Electronic Magazine to approach the plan with utmost seriousness. The proposal from KiShin had the potential to significantly elevate the company beyond its current status as a mere magazine entity.

Adding to the advantageous scenario, KiShin would be funding the plan, alleviating any concerns about budget constraints.

The proposed plan involved Electronic Gaming establishing a Video Game Awards ceremony, akin to the Oscars for the film industry. The Electronic Gaming executives were currently in the process of identifying the intended audience for the awards ceremony. Detailed discussions were underway, focusing on whether it should cater to specific genres, platforms, or regions.

Furthermore, the executives were deliberating on the objectives of the awards. Would it primarily serve to celebrate achievements, promote specific games, or generate media attention for the industry? This aspect was under thorough consideration.

Additionally, decisions were being made regarding the number of award categories and their scope. The discussion leaned towards broader categories, such as "Best Game" and "Best Graphics," recognizing the smaller pool of games compared to the present day.

In addition, forming the jury is crucial; assembling a diverse panel of judges, including gaming journalists, developers, and industry professionals, ensures credibility and impartiality.

Developing the nomination criteria is equally essential; establishing clear guidelines for each award category, taking into account factors such as innovation, gameplay, graphics, sound, and cultural impact.

Furthermore, meticulous planning for a suitable venue ahead of time is essential to accommodate the audience and other logistical considerations.

There's much more to delve into regarding KiShin's plan. KiShin has provided a layout and outline of the plan, entrusting the execution to the Electronic Gaming team.

The establishment of a video game awards ceremony holds the key to determining the specific criteria that define the best video games.

For instance, if a video game excels solely in graphics but falls short in gameplay, it may still receive an award for the best graphics, provided it surpasses others in that aspect. However, graphics alone won't secure the "Best Game" award.

As Electronic Gaming gradually shapes the video game award ceremony, the process may span several months before its establishment. Coincidentally, in a few months, video games for KS1 and TSX Fusion will debut, presenting an opportune time for the game awards ceremony to assess the value of these new releases.


A few days later, Shin's secretary reminded him of the scheduled meeting with the Forbes reporter for the interview.

Shin acknowledged, and the secretary ushered the Forbes reporter into the Chairman's office.

As the female reporter from Forbes, Jenna Welch, entered the chairman's office alongside a man in a formal business suit, Shin observed their arrival. When Jenna was in his line of sight, she formally bowed.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Shinro Suzuki. I am Jenna Welch, a reporter from Forbes Magazine," Jenna greeted. She glanced at the man beside her, ready to translate her words for Shinro Suzuki.

Before the translator could respond, Shin intervened in English, saying, "No need. I can speak English very well."

Both the translator and Jenna were somewhat surprised by the young Chairman's fluent English. While English spoken by others might carry a Japanese accent, Shinro Suzuki's accent resembled a blend of British and American.

"Are you here to interview me?" Shin smiled, addressing the slightly absentminded American woman.

"Yes... Yes," Jenna nodded, looking at the translator who responded with an awkward nod. Jenna then whispered to the translator to wait outside since Shinro Suzuki could communicate in English without assistance.

The translator nodded and left the office within sight of Jenna and Shin.

"Shall we begin?" Shin asked with a faint smile.

"Of course," Jenna nodded a bit awkwardly, realizing Shinro Suzuki was even more handsome in person than she had anticipated.

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