261 Forbes

Jenna Welch, a reporter at Forbes, delved into her investigation of Shinro Suzuki, a Japanese individual. On her desk, she had already compiled files for her upcoming article.

As she delved deeper into the Shinro Suzuki inquiry, Jenna found the situation increasingly absurd. Having recently traveled to Japan to explore Shinro Suzuki's life after founding KiShin, she began her exploration in the Toshima Ward, where KiShin's main headquarters had previously been located before KiShin Rules became the new overarching company for all KiShin subsidiaries.

Reflecting on her visit to Tokyo, Japan, Jenna recalled her interview with KiShin's employees in the Toshima Ward.

After smoothly conducting interviews with the help of the professional translator she had brought along, Jenna Welch was taken aback by the responses from the interviewed individuals. The content surprised her to the point where she couldn't determine whether the people she interviewed were exaggerating.


While interviewing a female employee, Jenna asked, "What is your opinion of Shinro Suzuki?"

The response came as follows: "The Chairman? Shinro Suzuki? He was such a great boss, a humanitarian who cared for his employees, and also the most generous one!"

Upon the translation by the professional she had brought, Jenna couldn't shake the feeling of helplessness. She pondered, 'Of course... It's quite normal for an employee to praise their boss, fearing repercussions if they don't.'

So, she inquired, "Do you know how Mr. Suzuki initiated his business? Did he rely on his family's wealth to reach his current position?"

Upon the professional translator relaying the question to the Japanese woman, she frowned slightly and shook her head, saying, "No! Our Chairman achieved his current status based on his abilities!"

As the translated response reached Jenna Welch, suspicion crept in. She began to wonder if interviewing KiShin employees might not provide the most accurate information, speculating that higher-ups at KiShin might have influenced employees to withhold the truth. With these thoughts, Jenna's interest in interviewing KiShin employees waned.

KiShin employees were initially excited to be interviewed by the so-called Forbes reporter, though they couldn't discern the purpose. However, their enthusiasm dwindled as the reporter only asked a few questions before concluding the interviews.

Post-interview, Jenna Welch decided to visit the purported apartment where KiShin had its beginnings. It turned out to be an inexpensive apartment in Tokyo. After KiShin gained fame in the country, the landlord opportunistically refrained from renting the specific space Shinro Suzuki had occupied. Remarkably, the landlord left the small area untouched, leveraging KiShin's association to attract attention.

With the landlord's talkative nature, she publicized that the founder of KiShin once rented a space in her apartment building for business purposes. Consequently, this led to some Japanese media outlets featuring the apartment.

However, once the Japanese discovered that Shinro Suzuki belonged to the third generation of the Suzuki Family, part of the Suzuki Group, skepticism arose regarding whether he would genuinely rent such a cheap and small apartment.

Despite her own doubts, Jenna Welch continued her investigation just to be thorough. Surprisingly, some individuals even attested to witnessing a young Shinro Suzuki renting the humble space for his newly established company in the past.

Subsequently, Jenna explored the building KiShin had occupied before acquiring its own. Afterward, she reviewed her exhaustive investigation files, a taxing task made manageable with the assistance provided.

Moving forward, Jenna initiated the investigation into the size and estimated net worth of companies under Shinro Suzuki to ascertain his wealth. Recognizing the time-intensive nature of this task, Forbes higher-ups anticipated the need for assistance and assigned a team of reporters to collaborate with Jenna.

*Present Time*

After a considerable amount of time delving into KiShin and Shinro Suzuki, Jenna Welch will now assess the credibility of the information compiled in the files.

To verify the credibility of the information she had gathered, Forbes deemed it essential to conduct an interview with Shinro Suzuki himself.


Inside the Forbes Headquarters, a meeting unfolded with the Editorial Chief, Managing Editors, and Senior Editors, along with representatives from the marketing and sales teams.

During this session, the editorial team brainstormed to select the potential cover candidate for the next Forbes magazine.

"I propose Will Gates as the next cover..."

"Seriously? We've already featured him this year and the one before. Now, another cover on him?"

"Well, we did see significant profits featuring Michael Jordan..."

"Yeah, Michael Jordan did bring in substantial revenue when he was on our cover."

"But featuring the same person repeatedly will quickly lose its charm..."

"I agree. We need to consider another potential candidate for the cover of our next Forbes magazine."

"Hmm... Now that I think about it, the reporters researching that person's information should be wrapping up. I believe the person she's investigating deserves to be featured on the cover of Forbes magazine," the Editorial Chief remarked.

"Oh? I'm curious, who is this person?"

"It seems the chief has come prepared..."

The Editorial Chief's words ignited curiosity among everyone present.

"It's the KiShin founder, Shinro Suzuki," Howard the Editorial Chief of Forbes, declared with a smile.

Upon hearing the name, everyone was a bit astonished.

"KiShin... Wait, I've heard that name before! KiShin Foundation gained attention for assisting those affected by the earthquake in Japan, right?"

"You only know KiShin for that? You're out of touch... KiShin is a major player in the video game industry too!"

"Yeah, it played a crucial role in the video game revival... I've known about them for quite some time now."

"And their video game Resident Evil caused quite a stir a few months ago..."

"Now that I think about it, the KiShin founder is£ a worthy candidate for this year's cover..."

Howard Cole nodded and added, "The reporter who researched KiShin and Shinro Suzuki has already initiated contact with KiShin for a potential interview with Shinro Suzuki."

"What are we waiting for? If we believe Shinro Suzuki is a worthy individual for the Forbes Magazine cover, both the reporter and chief should personally reach out to KiShin."

Howard Cole agreed, saying, "Alright, that should do it. After we evaluate the candidate, we'll follow the necessary procedures to contact KiShin and interview the founder."

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