Tycoon Actor in Hollywood

"Tycoon Actor in Hollywood" unfolds the story of a failed actor from Earth who finds himself transmigrated into the body of a struggling young man in New York, USA, in a parallel world. Join us as we follow Lucas Knight's journey, step by step, as he ascends to stardom in the heart of Hollywood. --- [This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. While certain renowned figures may appear in this narrative, their portrayal is fictionalized and does not intend to represent their actual lives or actions.] If you are interested, you can check the advance chapters in my P@treon.com/NewComer714

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Role Preparation

In Los Angeles, Century City, in a Californian cuisine restaurant.

The restaurant named Spago, shimmered like a desert mirage under the California sun. Sunlight ricocheted off the glass walls, casting playful diamonds onto the crisp white tablecloths.

Inside, a symphony of clinking cutlery and hushed conversations pulsed beneath a vaulted ceiling studded with twinkling lights.

Lucas just ate the dessert, and across from him, Danny Boyle, with his unruly shock of hair and twinkle-eyed grin, looked oddly at home; he ate the lobster pasta.

"I'm not supposed to be the one to handle this contract offer to you, but you can color me impressed. You really performed the scenes exceptionally well in audition." Danny elegantly wiped the corner of his mouth as he brought a paper to Lucas.

Lucas took a closer look, and excitement thumped in his heart.

'This is it! The contract offer!' Lucas thought as he held the contract in his hand.

Danny observed Lucas's face, noting the young man's obvious excitement from his expression alone.

"The contract the producers initially wanted to offer you was $50,000."

Lucas couldn't help but furrow his brows slightly upon hearing that. While not experienced in Hollywood, he knew the offer was low, even for indie films, especially for a role where he would be the sole focus for an hour or so. Particularly for an indie film like "127 Hours."

Danny noticed the frown on Lucas's face, so he explained, "But I helped raise the offer to $350,000. That's the best I could do; the studio didn't budge after that." He sighed and continued, "The producers lack confidence in you, despite your better performance compared to James Franco. However, your resume is obviously not as strong as his." *Chuckles*

Lucas felt a bit disheartened at Danny's last remark but managed a small smile. Indeed, his resume paled in comparison to James Franco's.

Seeing Lucas's reaction, Danny reassured him, "But don't worry. As a co-producer of the film, I have some influence. The contract is still negotiable, and I can assist you in the negotiations with the studio. I suggest asking for better compensation and adjusting some terms."

Lucas nodded in understanding.

"But the decision is yours. Are you satisfied with the contract in your hand, or do you want to negotiate?" Danny asked Lucas seriously, who currently held the initial contract offer.

Lucas was silent for a moment and then said, "I want to counteroffer."

Danny smiled upon hearing that and remarked, "I knew you were smarter than you look."

Lucas grinned wryly at Danny's comment and continued, "First, I'd like box office bonuses."

Surprised, Danny looked at Lucas and asked, "Oh? You want to receive a percentage of the film's box office revenue once it surpasses a predetermined threshold?"

Lucas nodded.

"The film's threshold amount is $30 million. It's already considered quite high, but do you believe the film can surpass that?" Danny asked, looking at Lucas in surprise.

Lucas nodded, asserting, "I want a 3% share of the box office if it surpasses the threshold."

Danny chuckled, remarking, "I think the studio might not agree. There's a chance the film may surpass the threshold, but I'll try to convey your request."

Lucas smiled and added, "I also want an additional 1% box office share if the film surpasses $50 million."

"Woah, $50 million?" Danny was a bit astonished by Lucas's request.

"I don't mind the offer of $200,000, as long as the studio agrees to these box office bonuses," Lucas said.

"Anything else?" Danny asked, curious if Lucas had any more requests. He was quite surprised by how Lucas was handling the negotiations, considering he initially thought of Lucas as an inexperienced young man.

"If I receive major award nominations, I hope there's a bonus," Lucas said with a smile.

Danny chuckled and responded, "I always thought you had little confidence in yourself, but it seems I'm wrong." He paused and added, "If the negotiations are finalized, Lucas, you need to be prepared. Your role is quite challenging, and you'll undergo physical training, rock climbing, and mental preparation. Read Mr. Ralston's book; it may improve your acting for the role. This might take months, but it depends on whether you think you can handle the role."

Lucas nodded and replied, "I understand." Deep inside, he worried about the money he'll spend.

"Don't worry; you won't spend a penny on role preparation. The film's budget covers your role preparation," Danny assured when he saw Lucas's expression.

Lucas sighed in relief, eliciting laughter from Danny.

"Anyway, if you want to better understand your role, consider isolating yourself for a few days. This way, you'll know how Aron feels being alone," Danny advised Lucas earnestly.

Lucas nodded, taking the advice seriously.

In the world of acting, performers go to great lengths to enhance their roles, undergoing months of preparation that can have both physical and mental impacts.

While some may perceive being an actor or actress as a dream job, living solely by their public image, this notion is mostly true for those cast solely for their looks. However, dedicated actors and actresses, whether lesser-known or renowned figures like Leonardo DiCaprio, Cillian Murphy, Joaquin Phoenix, and Daniel Day-Lewis, invest significant time and effort. Survival in the acting world demands dedication beyond mere appearance.

Similar to his previous life, Lucas, though a failed actor, was dedicated and worked hard because of his love for acting.


Lucas's negotiations with the studio, Fox Searchlight, extended for a few days, resulting in a final decision. He would receive a salary of $180,000. If the film surpassed its threshold, specifically reaching $35 million at the box office, Lucas would get 1.8 percent of the box office. Additionally, if the box office hit $50 million, Lucas would receive an extra 1 percent of the box office.

The studio's negotiators didn't bother haggling for the additional 1 percent of the box office that Lucas had requested. They doubted the box office would reach $50 million with an unfamiliar actor like Lucas in the lead role.

Anticipating the film's box office to at least hit $30 million, possibly $35 million, the negotiators focused on the initial 3 percent request from Lucas. They settled at 1.8 percent, meaning that if the box office reached $35 million, Lucas would receive $90,000 of 5 million.

In the best-case scenario, if the film reached $35 million with a 3 percent share, Lucas could potentially earn $150,000 of 5 million.

Regarding the additional 1 percent for reaching $52 million, if the film miraculously achieved this milestone with an unfamiliar actor like Lucas in the lead, Lucas would receive $420,000.

Lucas would also receive compensation and bonuses if nominated for major awards, a gesture accepted by the producers and executive members to encourage him to give his best in the role.

Being chosen for the role of Aron Ralston, Lucas underwent physical training, including rock climbing, to enhance his performance.

With the contract finalized, Lucas, along with the team's assistance, traveled to Utah and, after a few weeks of physical training, ventured into Bluejohn Canyon.

Stepping foot in Bluejohn Canyon, Lucas was surprised to find it exactly as he had envisioned in his Mind Workshop.

Having activated his Mind Workshop over the past month and a week, including his auditioning period and hotel stay, Lucas utilized his cheat named "Mind Workshop" even while undergoing the physical training required for the role.

As he trained his body, Lucas realized that the duration he could stay in his Mind Workshop had extended, allowing him to use his cheat more frequently.

Consequently, during informal interactions with crew members on set, fittings, or discussions about the film, Lucas's engagements provided glimpses of his approach to the character and his acting choices.

Lucas practiced rock climbing in Bluejohn Canyon itself. During breaks in his physical training, he would delve into Aron Ralston's book, with specialists available to guide him in exploring the role.

Occasionally, opportunities for limited screen tests or mock-ups of scenes arose during his training phase, offering more concrete feedback on his acting and portrayal of Ralston under physical duress.

In his free time, Lucas would call Liza or Leonard, both initially happy about his role but saddened when he mentioned that he might not see them for months.

On July 23, 2009, Lucas found himself on the phone with Liza, saying, "I probably won't be able to call for a while."

"I see. I hope I'm not bothering you," Liza replied.

Lucas smiled and reassured her, "It's alright."

"Your television appearance is just around the corner," Liza suddenly remarked.

"It's in September, Liza," Lucas said with a wry smile.

After chatting with Liza for a while, Lucas eventually entered a room. This time, he planned to isolate himself for days or even weeks. Despite the support from the production team, Lucas felt a bit conflicted.

Although, with his Mind Workshop, it seemed unnecessary for Lucas to isolate himself, he chose to do so, using the room as a reason for improving his acting. During his time alone in the room, he could better focus on his Mind Workshop.


Apologies for the oversight. I neglected to include the 1.8 percent of $5 million if the movie reaches $35 million. Additionally, in cases where the movie earns over $50 million, Lucas is entitled to an extra 1% of the box office revenue above the $50 million threshold, in addition to the 1.8% base bonus. For instance, if the movie earns $52 million, the actor would receive 1.8% of $22 million (the amount exceeding the $50 million threshold), which amounts to $420,000, along with any base bonus.